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  1. Hi all, For you that don't know me, I'm StevieG. Ex-Moderator for the LSLA staff team. Through my time of playing on LSLA - Might I add I've been playing LSLA for around 5 months (Roughly). I've experienced both versions, V1 (was not full time) and V2 and during those times have experienced a lot of structural changes come towards the community. Structural changes that have benefited the server, but also changes that damaged the server. This message isn't intended to 'attack' those who have contributed towards the server..by either in-game roleplay means or via the forums suggesting ideas towards the developers. This message is simply to express my current views on the server, although this message may also express those who feel the same way as I do - and if that's you, I'd appreciate if you contributed towards this thread by either commenting your views, suggesting features/ideas that may resolve/combat these current issues we face within the community or providing constructive criticism, whether that means you're disagreeing with my perspective and providing your perspective on that idea. However, this is not a thread to comment negativity and/or bully members of the community. With that said, there are a few topics I wish to talk about; Policing, Government influence, and Staff. However, if you feel as if I've missed any..Feel free to leave your views down below. The only reason I type this message is that I care about this community, and don't wish for it to crash and burn. We're all unique and I want this community to benefit. Policing Being an ex-cop, one that was in high command I might add. I believe I've gathered a good understanding of how this specific organization functions. Although the structure of the PD isn't my huge concern, it's the member comprised within that structure that is of my concern. 72% of high command is comprised of staff. All command level positions were all appointed to staff members. Members below the command being also comprised of staff. Both major departments consist of this type of structure. An exception to SWAT, which is comprised of 2/3 members in high command being staff. However, the command position being appointed to a non-staff member. Another exception is towards AFP - However, this is an exclusive division comprising of Snr Admin+ staff members. I'm not entirely sure why 72% of high command is comprised of staff, yes. It could just be a coincidence..however, I highly doubt that...as members of high command are hand pick..so are police commanders just prioritizing staff members since they have interactions with them outside of the game? or are they choosing them since they like them more? I didn't think it worked like that. I thought in order to be promoted..you had to show a high level of work, and according to that statistics, it seems only staff members are showing that high level of work. Another concern I have with the whole policing side of the server is the influence they have over the entire server. Why is the whole roleplay centralized around the police department? Why is it..the only time EMS are receiving calls is when officers are killing suspects? Why is it that major RP's only occur when enough cops are on? I just don't understand. Why is it the only time work is available for the majority of business is when cops are on? I don't believe that the police should have this much influence over the server. It's ridiculous how empty the server is without them. This brings me to the second point, it's the same shit different day approach to the server. The same people doing the same thing over and over again. You wonder why no one ever jumps on cops because all they do is traffic stops on garbage truck drivers who are constantly running red lights. Something needs to change within the police department. Stop opening these new branches, all they do is clutter up the structure of the police department and create nonsense. Honestly, what was the point of removing detectives? They were doing their work? Typing up reports and requesting warrants on particular people. Now a special branch? Why is that? The new SWAT or something? It's honestly a joke where the PD is heading towards, there's no communication between the COP/DCoP and High command, there's nothing new as I previously mentioned and it's a rinse and repeat every day. I know personally, a lot of you guys reading this within the PD feel the same way. This was one of the major reasons for me leaving. The lack of communication and goal setting within the police department. Another situation that ticked me off was the whole vote for COP/DCoP - it's a bit funny that the whole list was consisting of staff members? and It's a shame because 72% of high command is staff. Nothing innovative there. Lastly, why does COP hold a government position as well as a commander position within the PD? Yeah, it's great that he gave up his CEO position..but seriously, what type of influence do airlines have?. The power that this man holds is unbelievable and is probably why the whole server is police influenced. As government..whatever he wants as COP basically gets approved. A prime example would be the new drug system? Who does it make it easier for..you guessed right! The police. This shouldn't be allowed. The requirements should follow..that you're allowed to continue your CEO position, however, it's recommended that you give it up due to time constraints. However, you either choose to stay as government and give up your COP position or vise versa. An alternative is to have two separate characters, one for the government position. The other for your COP position. but by no means, should this affect how you go about conducting COP business. However, it's apparent in this circumstance. Just to sum this up, having a COP that holds a government position is just allowing a user to have too much influence over the server. Hence why I personally think that the server has become more inactive with cops but also the dominance of the police department has just been rising. It's a real shame because the majority of PD just get disregarded and it sucks honestly - During my time as an officer on the server I heard many great ideas come from the lower end of the PD but nothing gets added as they're basically they're at the bottom. I hope that you open your eyes and come to the realization that these guys at the 'bottom' are what comprise your whole PD? I think you should hear their concerns, but not only theirs. The general public as well...Yeah, you're the head of police..but you shouldn't be in this war with the public. Government influence This is the next point I wish to talk about. Government influence. For those who don't know..to be apart of government, you must hold a position within the staff team, more specifically a CM+ position. I have no issues with that, it makes sense that they're the government since they're there to enforce server rules, server RULES. Not LAWS - The community should have a say in which laws are effective. However, it's doesn't make sense when the community gets no input on anything. Why is that the government plays a huge, like a huge influence over the business'. The government should be assisting the business make money, not determine how much money they make. It's ridiculous how much control you guys have over the business. the government, you should be regulating these businesses..not making the laws for them. I thought Australia was a democracy, ironically the servers theme is based on Australia. The CEO's should have a right to vote for which laws they want. Not get trampled on because they want to have fun or make money as the CEO. Allow for a business to do whatever they want with their profits. If you think it's getting out of control, open up a new business. BY NO MEANS SHOULD ANY BUSINESS ON THE SERVER BE A MONOPOLY (the only business of its kind on the server) It's apparent within other servers...they have multiple businesses of the same industry. It creates competition, more consumer choice. As a result of all business' being a monopoly, you've just screwed over the economy. Wages are just disgustingly low. $1000 every hour? What's the supposed to afford? Half of the cars on the server cost $300,000 - well the nice ones at least. No, don't tell me to buy a vanilla car, because honestly...If I wanted to drive a vanilla car around, I'd just play GTAO. One of the major reasons people join these fiveM servers is because of the modded cars that are enabled on fiveM. There's so much great potential with business roleplay within the server, but it's just ruined since...You guys don't want anyone being rich. I blame you guys, the government for this petty move because you don't want people holding an influence equivalent to yours on the server. Quite frankly, money is a big influence on the server - with money you're able to do a lot, I just personally think you guys don't like that..so you just shut down the most effective way to make money. No, I don't blame the community for resulting to that, I blame you because you've fucked up the economy. There are so many creative ways to get people to make money, but it seems it's never going to be a thing and it frustrates me - because if you don't hold a high enough position, you honestly will never be able to afford anything nice on the server Staff Having the privilege of being an ex-moderator I got to see the work that the staff does behind closed doors - and it's truly amazing what a great bunch they are. I'd say I got to see two of the major sides of the server. The development side & the player management side I do applaud everyone on that team, they're working for free. They don't get paid to do what they do - so props to them on that. However, that's, to say the least. I left the staff team on behalf of the moderator team. being on their level...I had more interactions with them compared to the higher leveled staff and the work they did was tremendous. We had members from all aspects come together. We had texture artists, modelers..we have every corner covered with someone. That was an amazing characteristic of the staff team. Two concerns that I wish to bring up with you guys. The credibility a member receives for their work. Now, I understand I'm ruminating a past subject. However, I just want to make this clear to the community. I have nothing to hide, and I'm willing to expose those who do you dirty as a community - I want to bring that transparency and connect that bridge between the staff and community. No, I will not be leaking confidential information about users - That's not my goal of his message. Anyways, I digress. I got to see the type of work that moderators did, and for it never to be added just sucks. Why is it that development work can be added? But any other member of a staff teams work not be added? Why is everything regarding the server need to be exclusive to the developer team? If you guys are falling behind, just open new spots within the developer team. Have those developers that specialize within different aspects of the server. Eg, Have a developer that does script writing for the server. Have a developer which specializes in vehicles/ modeling builds or just have a developer that specializes in the over the lifestyle of the server, making it easier for the community to have fun. These teams would work interdependently, If one side of the developer team was to fall behind, all work would cease of current projects to assist the project that's falling behind? You guys aren't superheroes...I don't understand why you have this level of ignorance and arrogance. You're not invincible and we can accept that as a server? You're more than welcome to pass the load off to someone else. Having the developer tag shouldn't be something that's so restricted. My work personally is just as hard as yours, and for me not to receive the amount of credit you guys received just hurts. Just because I'm a moderator..my work was never credited. I was never asking for special treatment, but just a 'thank you' or a special tribute in a staff meeting would've met a lot to me. I can speak on behalf of a lot of moderators that do work for you guys, but it's just never seen the light of day because It was never made by you guys and just collects dust now. My next point is why are you guys prioritizing one sync? You guys know how buggy the server is..yet you continue to work on one sync. No one cares about 64 players yet, what fun would that be if the server was just buggy? No fun. I do congratulate you though, recently you have been focusing on ease of life recently. However, it still seems as if you guys are still prioritizing one-sync as your only project. No one wants a buggy 64 player server. I don't wish to create this drama between the server and you guys..but please, get off your high horse and listen to the community concerns. I've seen the amount of bugs reports that come in, and it's a lot. Though, this is why I mentioned the idea of having dev teams that specialize in particular areas. It would lift the load off you guys a lot. Just consider that as an idea. - I'm sure it will be very helpful in the future. I can't stress enough, no one cares about 64 players if you've got a buggy server. I know this was more towards the developers, however, they're the reasons we have most of our unique features of the server so I do congratulate them on maintaining the server through the lows and highs. Just I advise you go check out other servers, see how their staff team functions are adapt your staff team - there are many communities out there more successful than LSLA and I personally think we can take a learning from them Conclusion What I've said may have no real impact on the community. I just thought it was time we all come together collectively regardless of what tag/role we hold and discuss what's wrong with the server and how we can improve on it as a whole. Don't have an open channel called "talk to devs" when you're only going to have it opened for a few hours. Yeah, we have the bug reports forum, the suggestions forum however that can only get you so far. We just need to all jump into a discord channel and express our concerns. Listen to what the community has to say, and I know a few of you do - It's just that minority that ruins it for everyone else. I appreciate that you've taken our roughly 9 mins. 24 seconds of your day to read this message and provide feedback if you feel as if it's necessary. For the love of god, please nerf those fucking police cars. It's ridiculous a 3.5 Litre V6 can keep up with some of the V10's or V12's in the game. By no means, if this message meant to hate on people work. Once again, I appreciate your time. I would also ask kindly for you remove my moderator tag too - Thank you.
  2. +1 I've had nemerous encounters with this gentleman. This is the man you want to have, very compasinate, conducts himself in a very professional way and know hows to make the family happy - He's a famiy guy. This guy knows what he's doing - he has had his feet wet in all industries throughout Los Santoss. Car dealing is second nature to him, managing a business? It's like watching him play football, makes it looks easily..but years of dedication has passed behind closed doors perfecting his skills. As I previously said, this is the man you want to have. Bonus +1 - The suit looks cute on him.
  3. is that what you reckon!?!? My burger was COLD! However +1 I've had a few good moments inside yellow jack - as well allows for some more hotspots to RP in County.

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