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  1. Glad to see the business going somewhere! - Max Brenner (Former COO)
  2. Steam Name: BladeFromOz Account ID: 10490 (account ID with all the characters on it), 100271 (new account ID with no characters) Character Name: James Disario, Max Brenner, Johnnie Walker Discord Name (with #xxxx): Blade #2286 Title of The Claim: Characters have gone missing. Description of the claim: Came on the server after a period of inactivity to find my characters are missing. All 3 character spaces are empty. Details of Claim: Seeking for my characters and assets to be returned. Any videos or images to help us visualise it? Self explanatory. Any additional information you wish to provide? I have a pretty good idea why it's occurred, rather not post it on the forum.
  3. Breaking News: Man attempts to jump off Vinewood rooftop Man attempts to jump off Vinewood Studio roof. All was caught on camera. Author: James Disario @James_Disario Published: MAY 12, 2019 2:00AM Image source: Weazel Media Group This morning, around 12AM, Weazel News was alerted via twitter, that a man was attempting suicide on a Vinewood Studio rooftop. Weazel News Head Report, James Disario, responded to the call from Blaine County. "As I arrived on scene I was confronted with a older looking gentleman standing on the edge of a building. I grabbed my camera out of the boot of my vehicle, and scaled up near 3 stories to get a better view on the man. During this time, the man was communicating with Weazel News via Twitter, mentioning that he had just recently been fired from a job of 20 years. I called to Police via Twitter, asking for an officer to respond to the situation. In about 3 minutes, Corporal Konrad Jones, and a Recruit, showed up on scene and took over negotiations. After a short while of negotiations, I was asked by the man to come up further and speak with him. He then proceeded to make a speech, putting the blame for his thoughts on Directors of Los Santos" said Head Reporter James Disario. The situation folded with the man being pulled down from the building, by hero police officer, Corporal Konrad Jones. The male was then detained and taken to Dorset Drive Medical Hospital for psychiatric assessment. Image source: Weazel Media Group The following video gives a real time account to what occurred. Please note, viewer discretion is advised. It contains mild coarse language, and adult themes. Promotional Contents Los Santos Customs - Tune up your car to outrun the cops Vanilla Unicorn - Let your right hand take a break for once

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