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  1. Hi @One Salty Boi I would like to hire a Supervolito Carbon Leli SK.
  2. Aircraft Leasing Agreement I, <Leli SK> (hereinafter referred to as Pilot/Customer), hereby agree to the following terms and conditions for the use/rental of Quokka Airways Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Operator) aircraft: 1. Rental Period The rental period shall be between (8pm) (23/12/21) and (8pm) (23/1/22). 2. Check-Out The aircraft may only be operated by Pilot/Customer who holds the relevant qualification to operate, or a check out with an Operator flying instructor. The completion of this Check-Out will be entered into the Operator's records. 3. Rental Charges The following rental charges apply: A deposit of 25% must be paid and is non refundable. 4. Rebooking Aircraft and/or Instructors are subject to rebooking if the Pilot/Customer is more than thirty (30) minutes late for a scheduled check-out. The deposit will not be refunded by the Operator as a penalty payment. 5. Payment Conditions All sales are final. Refunds of pre-payments will incur a 25% penalty. 6. Maintenance Pilot/Customer shall personally conduct a preflight inspection of the Aircraft before each flight. All maintenance must be handled by the Operator at the Devin Weston Hangar, with maintenance charges independent of the leasing agreement unless this is a leasing agreement for flight instructions. 7. Accidents/Incidents Pilot/Customer agrees to report to Operator any accident, incident, mishap, physical damage or injury to person(s) or to aircraft as soon as practicable. 8. Clearance Pilot/Customer must hold a valid and current medical clearance by the SAES and have passed a semi-annual flight review. 9. Seizure/Forfeiture of Aircraft In the event of seizure, forfeiture or damage to the aircraft as a result of the Pilot/Customer's negligence or recklessness, the Pilot/Customer agrees to pay the Operator an amount equal to the daily rate of rental of the Aircraft for each day the Aircraft is held out of service. 10. Legal Compliance Pilot/Customer shall observe all State laws, especially the Aviation Security Act. 11. Indemnity-Force Majeure Pilot/Customer agrees to release, indemnify and hold Operator and its employees harmless from and against any and all liabilities, damages, business interruptions, delays, losses, claims, judgements of any kind whatsoever, including all costs, legal fees and expenses incidental thereto, which may be suffered by, or charged to Operator by reason of any loss or damage to any property, or injury to or death of any person arising out of or by reason of any breach, violation or non-performance by Pilot/Customer of any covenant of condition of the Agreement or by an act or failure to act of Pilot/Customer. 12. Validity This agreement shall be continuing and shall control each use of Aircraft by Pilot/Customer, unless modified, expired or terminated by both Pilot/Customer and Operator in writing. 13. Disclaimer of Liability The parties hereby agree that under no circumstances shall Operator be liable for indirect, consequenal, special or exemplary damages, whether in contract or tort including strict liability and negligence, such as, but not limited to, loss of revenue or anticipated profits or other damage related to the renting of Aircraft under this Agreement. 14. Certification Pilot/Customer certifies that the above information is correct. Pilot/Customer understands that Operator is relying on this information to rent Aircraft to Pilot/Customer. Pilot/Customer agrees to the terms and conditions set forth therein. Date: 22/12/21 Pilot/Customer Printed Name: Leli SK
  3. Armin Selig Awsome NRMA Mechanic Spent 15 Minutes Working On Car Jumpstarting Battery Sparkplugs Etc need More People like Him

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