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  1. +1 I love the thought behind this business proposal, its something new and innovative. Would love to see it get implemented.
  2. OOC info: steam username: Jesus Steam ID:76561198180057771 Discord Jesus#5706 IC info: Zyzz Shavershian Occupation: Fisherman Applying for: CEO of Los Santos Motorcycles Reason for application: The community of Los Santos have a great passion for bikes especially the multiple MC's who own the best bikes in town, but due to the previous CEO not providing the city the bikes they want and letting down the community with bad choices of imports that came in once every few weeks. If i get given the opportunity to get the CEO position, I will make sure that we get all types of imports, the fast the slow and the collector bikes as I know the people of this city work hard and will love to work towards a fresh looking bike. Business plan: every week i will raffle bikes that will have full performance upgrades. Host drag races down at the airfield Host dirt bike races Host hill climb races Import a few bikes every week and have a vote with the community on 1 bike they want to get imported How can you be of help to our Investment Group: The profit i make from the business, i want to invest that money to invest in more bikes to import in the city, Host events that the community will love at least once a week. If my business is booming I will love to help the other business with the money I have and make sure I have all services provided from other businesses. Employment History: Car dealer Head of security, Fisherman Criminal Record: I have been caught speeding around the city and have a couple encounters in Gaol for my mistakes.
  3. Pegasus Airways OOC INFO: Name: Jesus Steam ID: 76561198180057771 Discord: Jesus#5706 IC INFO: Name: Zyzz Shavershian Occupation: Cardealer Salesperson Applying for CEO of Pegasus Airways Business Plan: What we offer to the people of Los Santos and airline employers is much more than just another than the current service. It is a joint effort between pilots and hiring great staff forced to create the perfect balance between the Staff and service. As all pilots know it is a great satisfaction to finally land a long flight from point A to B. Our services will provide Flights from LS to Sandy airfield and all the way to Grapeseed. We Would also offer touring services in helicopters around Los Santos, Sandy Shores And Paleto with drinks and great pilots with a great price. Job Positions: Ceo: Zyzz Shavershian Manager: Vacant @ $2000 Senior Pilot: Vacant @ $1500 Pilot: Vacant: Vacant@ $1000 Traniee: Vacant @ $500 Activities: - Stunts with Aircrafts - Drag races at the LS Airfields - Money Transport Prices P/P: LS to Sandy Shores = $3000 LS to Grapseed = $4500 Touring Prices P/P: Los Santos = $4000 Sandy Shores = $3000 Paleto = $5000 Insurance Policy: Gold: For $100,000 per month, we will deliver any desired Goods that you like to any location Via Helicopter, With full boot space provided. We will also provide private jets at anytime to customer demand. Silver: For $75,000 per month, we will deliver any desired Goods that you like to any location Via Helicopter, With 50% boot space provided. Bronze: For $75,000 per month, we will deliver any desired Goods that you like to any location Via Helicopter, With 25% boot space provided. Reason For Applying: I have always wanted to become the CEO of airlines, i have the intelligence to fly aircrafts and have great communications with the people of los santos, i want to fly people across the island whislt they relax have a giggle and dine away. Los Santos Airfield: Office: Sandy Air Field: Grapeseed Airfield: l How can you be of help to our Investment Group: I will strive with my staff to make sure we are providing exellent business to produce growth in our bank account. We will produce fun activites two or more times a week to bring in revunue for the business that we can use to expand the business and give to other business. Employment History: Car dealer Head Of Security, Car dealer Salesperson Criminal Record: I have been to Gaol a few times with large fines, Speeding tickets.
  4. +1 Frank has the knowledge and experience to become the CEO, really hope he gets it.
  5. Butler's Customs OOC Info In-Game/Steam Username: Jesus SteamID64: 76561198180057771 Discord#5706 Jesus IC Info David Butler Occupation: Qualified Mechanic Applying for: Butler's Customs CEO Job Positions CEO - David Butler Manager City @$2500 - Vacant Manager County @$2500 - Vacant Master Mechanic @$2000 Qualified Mechanic @$1500 Apprentice @$1000 About me: My Name is Dave Butler, Im 22 years old. since a young age ive been working on cars, i loved repairing cars, painting cars and installing alarms in cars. At the age of 18 i started working at Hans Customs as an apprentice, I worked there for 4 years. Han Loved my worked and qualified me as an offical Qualified Mechanic. Business Plan: The Plan for Butler"s Customs is to employ a bunch of mechanics from the city providing excellent service for all citizens. I also want to give an oppurtunity to all people in the community to become a mechanic with high pay checks and train them up from an apprentice to master mechanics. I also would like to work with the government to introduce more modifications to cars the that the people in Los Santos will love How can you be of help to our Investment Group: As the Ceo of Butler's Customs i want to pay my employees well for them working hard for the business, I will also be giving away custom cars once a week to the community as well as doing raffles every couple days for free modification worth up to 100k. Employment cars: *Flatbed *Tow truck Employment History: *Apprentice Mechanic *Qualified Mechanic Criminal Record: I only work in the mechanic shop and never intend to do illegal things.

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