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  1. FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY STAFF-IN-CONFIDENCE LSPD RECRUIT APPLICATION Section 1 - Requirements 1.1) Do you understand Firearms and Explosives Control Act,Road Safety Act & Law Enforcement (Powers & Responsibilities) Act (You will be tested) 1.2) Are you proficient in speaking in RTO and street names? Yes i am 1.3) Do you have a criminal back ground? if yes please write each crime committed. No 1.4) Do you have a drivers licence? Yes 1.5) Do you understand if you are caught abusing your police privileges you will be removed from the police force. Of Course 1.6) Discord name:name#0001 EYEZ___#0832 1.7) Do you have the correct RTO program downloaded? ( Teamspeak) Yes i do Section 2 - Personality Profile 2.1) What could you bring to the team? Place answer here. i have been a cop in other islands and i will bring a sense of comedy happiness and use that to encourage people to be more lawful and bring a lighter side to the force 2.2) Can you work and function alone and as part of a team? Place answer here. yes i can run tasks myself and also by myself if need be 2.3) Are you precise and accurate when completing tasks? Place answer here. every task i do if morally correct i do to the apssalute T 2.4) Can you uphold the Code of Conduct behind the uniform?Place answer here. i will not only uphold the code but bring the code to an even higher standard then thought before 2.5) Do you have others that can vouch for your professionalism? Ie a ride along officer or friend? Yes i have a friend who is able to vouch for me Section 3 - In-Character Information 3.1) Full Name (IGN): Place answer here. Gus GoldMan Snr. 3.2) Age: Place answer here. 58 3.3) Prior Training : Place answer here. have been senior constable on other islands 3.4) Prior Employment/Experience (Company/Duties/Positions): Place answer here. Novice Fueler had to deliver the city with refined oil to make fuel to power the cars including cop cars. and a Fisher in order to bring only the finest fish to the cities stomachs 3.5) What makes you a better officer then other candidates?: Place answer here. becuase not only do i have experience in age but i understand why people do certain things and how to relate to them not as a cop if necessary but as just another human. 3.6) Why do you want to join the LSPD ? (minimum of 60 words) Place answer here. i want to join the LSPD because i have had many other jobs and see this as a great way of finishing my next 10 years in something that will appsalutly make a difference for the better not only for the people but for my son Gus GoldMan Jnr. along with bringing i better name for the PD when people think to themselves about the PD not people that hate the cops but think about all the awesome woman and men in the force and the good they do for people 3.7) What makes you a good candidate to join Los Santos Police Department ? (minimum of 60 words) Place answer here. Because my job is not only to protect but serve and serve the people the need help or a foot up and i am more then willing to put them first if they really need it or if there just having a bum day and feeling like shit then to just talk and be there because being a cop not only is about protecting but helping those by doing your job to the best of your abilities 3.8) Additional information about yourself: (minimum of 60 words) Place answer here. i do suffer from autism dyslexia and asperges among other things though i have good control over these abilitys and love to help people without thinking myself better then them FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

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