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  1. Aircraft Sales Agreement Date of Agreement: 19/10/2020 Contact Number: #122521 Discord: Gamma#8670 Under section 15 of the Aviation Security Act 2018, this aircraft is registered to an individual for the following purpose: Personal - For Hire: If you possess, at a minimum a Commercial Pilot Licence (A/H) with an operational rating appropriate to the aircraft being purchased, with the intention to use it for financial gains. I, Bill Freights (hereinafter referred to as Buyer), hereby agree to the following terms and conditions for the purchase of Quokka Group's (hereinafter referred to as Seller) aircraft: 1. Aircraft Make/Model Aircraft 1: Volotus 2. Purchase Price The purchase price shall be $7,500,000 dollars. 3. Deposit The Buyer will place a deposit of 25% of the total cost of aircraft sale, to be billed: in person The deposit is non-refundable and shall be credited against the final purchase price. The Buyer must possess a valid flight crew licence and all the appropriate ratings to operate the aircraft at the time of reservation. All sales are final. Refunds of any additional pre-payments will incur a separate 25% penalty. 4. Inspection The offer is subject to the Buyer's satisfaction of a technical inspection of the aircraft at the Quokka Group hangar in the Los Santos International Airport, to determine the aircraft is in compliance with paragraph 6 below. 5. Acceptance The Buyer shall accept or reject the aircraft within two (2) business days following the inspection. Upon acceptance, the Buyer must pay the remaining balance of the purchase price before the delivery of the aircraft. 6. Inspection Conditions Aircraft shall be delivered as per the following conditions at the Seller's expense: a. Delivered in accordance with the Aircraft Maintenance Checklist. b. Aircraft is to have the "VH" Australian registry and the registration is recorded in the Quokka Spreadsheet. 7. Delivery Delivery of the aircraft will take place at the inspection site unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, subject to the balance of the purchase price paid to the Seller. 8. Indemnity-Force Majeure The Buyer hereby agrees to release, indemnify and hold the Seller harmless from and against any and all liabilities, damages, business interruptions, delays, losses, claims, judgements of any kind whatsoever, including all costs, legal fees and expenses incidental thereto, which may be suffered by, or charged to the Seller by reason of any loss or damage to any property, or injury to or death of any person subsequent to and as a result of the sale, delivery, registration or ownership of the Aircraft by the Buyer. 9. Warranties Except as provided otherwise in this agreement, upon the transfer of title the aircraft sold in this agreement is sold "as is". There are no warranties, either express or implied with respect to the aircraft, or any equipment applicable thereto. 9. Maintenance The Buyer is responsible for arranging a monthly aircraft maintenance and inspection through an aircraft maintenance service. 10. Seizure The Buyer acknowledges that upon the transfer of title, the Buyer is responsible for ensuring that the aircraft will not be used unlawfully, and that the Secretary of Justice may order an indefinite seizure of the aircraft if found to be operated in breach of state laws. 11. Repainting Aircraft may be painted at half price of the Quokka Services' maintenance cost at the time of reservation. Subsequent repainting will be charged at full price. The schedule of paint fees is as follows: a. Single-Engine Aeroplane - $3,750 b. Multi-Engine Prop Aeroplane - $5,000 c. Multi-Engine Jet Aeroplane - $7,500 d. Single-Engine Helicopter - $3,750 e. Single-Engine Luxury/Cargo Helicopter - $7,500 Aircraft 1 Colour Primary: Metallic Maple Brown Colour Secondary: Metallic Maple Brown Colour Pearl: Metallic Maple Brown 12. AOC Requirements If the Buyer is entering into this agreement as an agent of a business entity or an organisation, the Buyer must first obtain an AOC from the Department of Justice before signing this agreement. It is against the law to purchase aircraft as an individual if the aircraft will be operated in the name of a business or an organisation. 13. Validity In the absence of any other agreements, this agreement shall be considered a binding contract. 14. Certification The Buyer certifies that the above information is correct. The Buyer understands that the Seller is relying on this information to sell aircraft to the Buyer. The Buyer agrees to the terms and conditions set forth therein. Date: 19/10/2020 Pilot/Customer Printed Name: Bill Freights
  2. Introduction We appreciate your interest in applying for access to Verified Menu. Individuals who have acquired the Verified Menu will receive: Forcing Individuals into Boot Ability to spawn objects Change Peds Part A - Your Info: Steam Name: AIR Discord Name with #Identifier: Gamma#0069 Account ID: 109347 Do you understand that if you're banned temporarily or permanently your Verified Menu will be removed permanently? (Y/N)Y Do you understand that if you exhibit poor RP and are warned or kicked by staff it may be removed (Y/N)Y Part B - Application What do you like about roleplay: i love how in role play you have the option to escape your on life and diversify into your characters life and basically have a fresh life that you can do a lot without have a in real life punishment How will the verified menu enhance your roleplay: The verified menu will help me create better RP scenes and scenarios by using the props and the PED provided by this menu. It will also extend and broaden my my scenes and not always have to be the same thing over and over again. How have you been / can you contribute to the community: i can contribute by helping people in the Community Discord in the help and support tab by guiding them in the correct direction of there solution's. In your opinion, what differentiates playing on a roleplay server as to normal gaming: Roleplay is soo much different compared to other games because not many other games has the endless opportunity's RP has to offer What are some roleplay ideas that you wish to bring to the future: Using the dog PED you could probably do dog fights and gangs and people can gamble there money or mechanics could use props for RP scene when they are fixing cars they could get a door prond and bring it over next to the car then use the repair kit Is there any additional information you would like to add: No

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