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  1. (( OOC Info: Steam Username: jjassiee (Jasmine) Account ID: 109098 Discord#9999: Jasmine#0739 )) IC Info Personal details: Full Name: Addilyn Holland Occupation: Recruit Police Officer Employment History: Recruit Police Officer Criminal Record: Clean. How long have you lived in Los Santos?: 3 months Current Business Plan: Please see my complete plan here. Confirmation: I understand that I will need to roleplay my business and prove the potential in my registration in order for my business to ever be taken into consideration for incorporation. Y I acknowledge that the Government's receival of this registration does not automatically grant me a business to run. Y I acknowledge that falsifying details in this application may render a permanent blacklisting from future registrations. Y I acknowledge that this is a multi-step process in order to start a business, and I am currently on step 1. Y I acknowledge that the incorporation cost of my business may be expensive (Millions) if I am ever considered. Y I acknowledge that I will be subjected to the Corporations, Contracts and Labour Act and corporate provisions of the Crime and Corruption Act upon registration of my business, and I will comply with such laws. Y I will not nudge, bump or message a Government official to enquire on the status of this application. Y If my proposed business is part of the Aviation or Private Security industry, I will supply my Air Operator's Certificate or Private Security Business pre-approval within 14 days of this application. Otherwise, my application will be rejected unless DoJ grants an exemption. Y

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