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Jethro Turner

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  1. Hi my name is Jethro Turner. I am somewhat new to the server (about two weeks.). I tend to play in the off hours as I live in the US. We really need some sort of option to repair our cars when no mechanics are around the city. This actually happens pretty much every time I play. I hit a few to many signs or a car will appear out of nowhere and then bam broke down. I have even applied to be a mechanic for off hours and have been told by many people that applications for these different companies are not really pushing apps through. We need a way for me to fix my car/bike/truck. I do my best to follow the law in game (besides speeding.) but when my car breaks down and no one is around to fix it then I have to steal a car to continue doing what I was doing. Please for the love of god. Also if there is already some way to do this please let me know, but I have talked to many people in the city who have said that its not possible to fix the car yourself. Now im not saying we should keep it in when mechanics are on duty just for when they arent. Even if its a more expensive option or maybe something that doesn't fix the car all the way. Please help us late night players. Thank you.

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