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  1. Part A - Your Info: Steam Name: GOOD GUY Discord Name with #Identifier: BenHarison#7638 Account ID: 2873 Do you understand that if you're banned temporarily or permanently your Verified Menu will be removed permanently? YES Do you understand that if you exhibit poor RP and are warned or kicked by staff it may be removed. YES Part B - Application What do you like about roleplay: i think it's a platform to have fun, make friends, and much more. overall it's something that you will love and enjoy to your fullest if being done correctly. it's also a place for people to do multiple stuff they can't do irl like ems,cops,mechanics with different chars How will the verified menu enhance your roleplay: i think having verified menu will open new possibilities for me for role play scenarios. i cannot do a lot of stuff without it but with it a number of things are possible. lately i have been trying to RP as a postal guy but there is no matching clothing for it. i am pretty sure the menu can let me change my ped itself to postal services guy and let me achieve that RP, similarly there is multiple other things i can do with it as a cop like using breathe tester, speed monitor for RP purposes which i cannot use without verified. also i am pretty sure as an ems there must be other things too that can enhance RP scenarios. How have you been / can you contribute to the community: i am a cop for 6+months and i have been contributing that way to community by keeping streets safe(ic), besides that i was recently selected as a trial mod and i am doing my best to keep community clean and make sure no rules are broken(ooc). In your opinion, what differentiates playing on a roleplay server as to normal gaming: now if we compare GTA online to role-play we all know how different those two things are. in role playing we can have multiple scenarios being played like hostile RP, funny interactions, socializing, doing cop work, ems, mechanic etc. we can develop our character physically and mentally however we wish to but normal GTA online doesn't give us that freedom of roleplaying multiple things. it's more of shooting and making money that's all. What are some roleplay ideas that you wish to bring to the future: i am thinking to explore multiple RP scenarios that have been crossing my mind recently but i am being held back due to lack of verified menu. i as a cop(which i am right now) want to get involved in CIB(have applied for it too) work and perform multiple detective investigation work on evidences like drugs,blood samples etc. i am also going to do multiple other RP scenarios on my other chars as i have stated above. i would also like to get involved in other RP scenarios like being a mechanic and spawning in stuff to complement my RP. obviously you do create a lot of things/RP on the go and verified menu does help us in that. Is there any additional information you would like to add: n/a

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