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  1. This use to be a thing where it would only knock you out like being punched out but it dissapeared once we went to one sync.. Would be good to have back
  2. You might be lagging mate. My suggestion to you is that you close any other app while your loading into game
  3. +1 He has good worksman skills and knows how to run a buisness.. Would love to see him own his own dealership
  4. About: Los Santos Boating Company is a business which originated in Liberty city around 5 years ago by John Clark and has become really successful, so we have decided to branch out to Los Santos. We are a hard working company that offers a range of deals on boats and jet skis and also host some water events. An example of a water event would be a race around Los Santos or a race through the river of Los Santos ETC. Organisational Requirements Los Santos Boating Companies location of sales will be at the Puerta Del sol which is located on Tackle street (179). This will be the location of where we sell the boats. We will need a place to store our boats for us and the civs so we don't lose them out to sea or if they disappear and will also require a blip to get into uniform as we will be wearing a black and white suit which will be shown at the bottom of this application. We would also require a /orgtweet so we could announce sales or events that would be happening down the track. Entrance to the business Business location Where you would purchase Boats/jet skis Map view of the location Organisational Offers 1.Purchasing of vehicles 2.Fishing licenses 3.Boat licenses 4.Events such as boat races 5. Boat services/repairs Vehicles Required All boats including DLC for selling purposes Some add-on boats maybe for the future Ranks 1. Business CEO (BOSS)– Mason_NLW 2. Deputy CEO – POSITION AVAILABLE $1,250 3. Business Manager – POSITION AVAILABLE - $900 4. Senior Salesman - POSITIONS AVAILABLE - $800 5 . Salesman - POSITIONS AVAILABLE - $400 Uniform T-shirt 1 - 31 T-shirt 2 - 0 Arms - 1 Pants 1 - 52 Pants 2 - 2 Shoes 1 - 10 Glasses 1 - 5 Glasses 2 - 5 To apply for a position at the company. Click below In Conclusion to this application, I think this addition to LSLA will create more roleplay and more jobs available and could lead to some fun events being created, and would love to be giving a chance to show what we can do. Regards CEO John clark