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  1. Part A - Your Info: Steam Name: Mileta (https://steamcommunity.com/id/Miletaa/) Discord Name with #Identifier: Mileta#9985 Account ID: 105072 Do you understand that if you're banned temporarily or permanently your Verified Menu will be removed permanently? Yes, I do understand that if I receive a temporarily or permanent ban my Verified Menu will be suspended indefinitely Do you understand that if you exhibit poor RP and are warned or kicked by staff it may be removed? Yes I understand that Poor RP shown by me will lead to a possibility on my Verified Menu to be removed off my account. Part B - Application What do you like about roleplay: For me what I love about Roleplaying in general is that it is something completely different than any other game, rather than having a competitive and win mentality in RP you are there to show off your roleplaying skills and put on a new version of yourself that you may even want to be in real life. What I also love about RPing is that compared to any other game it is extremely interactive and chill to RP in rather than having to always try on any other game to be good at it or to reach a high rank. I love showing off my creativity and my Roleplaying skills in a unique way where others wouldn't which doesn't just make the RP experience good for me, but others around me. How will the verified menu enhance your roleplay: For me personally due to the amount of possible different ways I can Rp with this menu, I would have plenty of ways which it can enhance my roleplay, Ways in which i would be able to add Props in a realistic way to the gang meeting which I do. I would also use the animals, like a Dog for our gang since I feel it would fit perfectly for the style we are going for, and to be able to host events in RP where people may be able to come and gain rewards. I would also love to use it realistically to so for example if it was raining i would bring out a little rain shelter place and say to the people near me "its raining im going to grab a cover from my boot" and I would grab it and set it up How have you been / can you contribute to the community: Personally with me I feel I have a role where i need to be a good role model to the community and I feel i could also show the new comers that come into RP the expectations and display to them what is needed to succeed and have a good reputation in the community. The reason i feel like i have a role now is that since i am the gang leader of the gang "The Jaegers" i need to show the new RPers that i obey with the rules and i am not here to mess around. I also feel i could show new people my previous experiences and that FDG staff does not mess around with people that breach rules, I will show to them my history and what has occured early into my RP life like a 3 month ban i received in march of 2020, But ever since them i straightened up my acts and i will show to them that you can always improve. I will show to them that i use to be a stupid RP player and that i have learnt from that past and since then i have no committed any offences that has been issued by a staff since then. In the community to i am always active on the forums for new types of RP and what could enhance RP i have made suggestions on what i feel the devs should add to the city and i always ask for help in Help and support on discord or Rule Clarifications before i go into any RP that i may not know. In your opinion, what differentiates playing on a roleplay server as to normal gaming: The difference with roleplaying in my eyes rather than normal gaming would relate to in roleplay you have to treat it like you would in real life, rather in gaming you can go around and just kill people like in games like First person shooters or any type of shooters. Also what is different compared to RP and normal gaming would be that in RP you are more there to roleplay and act as a character in game that you would want to poetry rather than in gaming you are basically your own character which is in real life and there is no "making a RP character" involved in it. Also another difference would be that since RP is more of a real experience rather than normal gaming. You are not in RP to have a "Win Mentality" rather then regular gaming where people play competitive or at a high level with a "Win Mentality" displayed in their head, Rather RP is more chill and free to do What are some roleplay ideas that you wish to bring to the future: An RP idea that i would love to bring to FDG in the future would definitely have to be our gang moto "We stalk our prey until they pay" I would love to be able to implement that in a way where us as a gang we are secretive in how we make our money and we are usually hidden and unknown. Rather than us starting Hostile RP I would rather hunt the people that are causing trouble for our gang and assassinate them which is where we got our moto from. Is there any additional information you would like to add: I would like to say thank you to all the staff that takes their time reading our applications and making the community a great place to RP in with fair rules in place to prevent boring RP
  2. --- Gang Name: The Jaegers --- --- Gang Quote: " We Stalk our prey until they pay... " --- --- Gang Leader: Alpha Jaeger - Phone Number #224914 --- --- Gang Leaders Discord: Mileta#7198 --- Gang Members (Up to 6) as per Gang Rules --- Alpha Jaeger --- --- Yumi Jaeger --- --- Ghost Jaeger --- --- Bloo Jaeger --- --- xxxxxxxxxxx --- --- xxxxxxxxxxx --- --- Gang Colours/Uniform --- Our First Outfit displayed in the image above shows our Gang Owner known as Alpha Jaegers Upper Body. Usually To let the community know who we are "specifically" we use different patterned/coloured masks to make our own unique identities, Specifically I am using the Jet Black mask with a hint of gray patterns near the nose and forehead area. Alpha Jaeger best known as the owner, mostly deals with all business situations and sorts out deals with gangs and others, this High Tech Hunter also deals with all the money which is invested into the gang to allow upgrades and profit to not just the gang, but all the other Jaeger Members. Secondly, This is our Top tier, high Class Agent better known as Yumi Jaeger. This Hunter is usually more of the quite member who loves to unravel from the shadows whenever needed for the gang, He is known for his sneaky and anonymous ways that he makes his illegal money without others knowing. He is also known for his unhuman like aim that he has been training for many years in high intensive training. He's Ident specifically is the Digital Colored Patterned mask. Next up, we have Ghost Jaeger another High Class Hunter in the gang. Ghost Jaeger is more known for his confidence and his cocky mentality, Rather than being quite this Hunter would rather show his confidence to the public and show that his is not afraid of anyone who steps in his way and will make sure that he gets what he wants. This Hunter also rathers getting money with his gang members and helping the owner with business deals of any sorts. Lastly, We have Bloo Jaeger which is our newest addition to our gang. Bloo, usually will be on his own, away from the other Gang Members which could range to being miles away or even in sandy shores. Bloo likes staying away and low from Law Enforcement due to the way he makes his money but he would never fail to help the gang out whenever needed, As soon as he hears the call out he will make sure to be there. Besides our masks being different to have unique Identities, Our outfit consists of a Ballistic mask and gray clothing over our clothes. We wear a gray vest that consists of pockets full of ammunition and heavy ammo, with also gun pockets to store our guns in. Our Pants Consist of 2 pockets in each side for anything we may need to store in it and Kneepads, For the shoes we are wearing Highly Protected Leather Boots. --- Gang Backstory: --- "The Jaegers", German for "The Hunters" are high level and highly trained hunters. These hunters, originated in New York City(They Were trained and raised in New York City) Their early life still remains a mystery to this day but their life whilst getting older has been a noticeable one by research. These Hunters were forced to leave NYC after stealing Identities off the most secured agents in the world which the agents they stole the identity off of was in a highly secured and unknown location in NYC. Stealing the Agents Identity was a challenge for the Hunters but once they finally got their way around the struggles, they knew they would be able to gain profit from this dangerous task ahead. Ever since they found the ability to hack the agents by using high strategic plans and using high levels of technology, they would be able to access the agents data and files. This caused the hunters to find the real truth and corruption of how the government would function. This caused all members to reveal to the public anonymously about the governments corruptions. They would proceed to steal the money which the government stole from the public and kept it to fund the gang. To this day it is unknown how much money was taken but they were able to fund their gang with heavily armored weapons and gear for survival. They decided to take their skills elsewhere and with the money they made they decided to fly out of NYC and come to Australia, which they found the current city that they are in today and plan to stay in for the rest of their times. --- Planned Day to Day Operations: --- Ever since they removed themselves out of NYC they knew that they had to make money to survive which would of resulted in them moving to the city they are currently in today. The Day to Day operations for the members in the gang would be doing illegal duties mysteriously without the cops knowing like selling drugs, buying drugs and dealing drugs. Stealing households and selling them to other gangs that we have connections with. we would also make drugs to sell them to others to gain profit, and also we would buy household items from others then sell them to other gangs once we invest enough money into the households. Daily our gang would talk to other gangs that we are friendly with and help them out whenever needed. The Jaegers usually have their heavily armed weapons stored away unless it has to be used which is in rare situations. They usually DONT like resulting verbal fights into a gun fight but if is forced upon them they would use their weapons and make sure they pay but usually it wouldn't resort to this unless they are causing trouble with The Jaegers, like they would say "We Stalk Our Prey Until They Pay..." --- Do you accept the following condition: --- --- In registering this gang, I understand that we are subjected to, and will accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules. --- Me and my Gang have a high understanding of the gang and server rules. Our number one priority is to make sure all the members have a high understanding in RP and the Rules of the server. All of us as a gang before applying and playing on the server have took time to really understand and read the rules. Yes, I understand that any rule breaches made by us as a gang can result into gang permissions revoked and removed. We are here to make everyone in the community have a good and fun RP experience and we are here to roleplay!

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