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  1. Would also like to add, it'd allow me to RP as a K9 dog again.
  2. Part A - Your Info: Steam Name:Pixie Discord Name with #Identifier: Crtr#9953 Account ID: 106020 Do you understand that if you're banned temporarily or permanently your Verified Menu will be removed permanently? (Y/N) Y Do you understand that if you exhibit poor RP and are warned or kicked by staff it may be removed (Y/N) Y Part B - Application What do you like about roleplay: Roleplay allows you to be someone you're not in real life across different characters, within Fat Duck Gaming you have the ability to be so different within your other characters. I'm a old Police Officer, a Security Guard, a Gang Member, and a Firefighter with all different personalities. How will the verified menu enhance your roleplay: I've previously had Verified Menu and have had several commends with my use of RP. For an example I was with Sammt on our Police Characters, we had a K9 dog and we visited the K9 shop at Little Seoul, I switched into a Ped and acted like a Veteranian. As for objects there's many unique objects you're able to spawn in with the use of it, when I was in LOST I used to spawn in meth tables because a certain member played a meth character, etc. How have you been / can you contribute to the community: I've previously contributed with decent roleplay leading to 13 commends as well as commonly helping out in help & support. In your opinion, what differentiates playing on a roleplay server as to normal gaming: You're allowed to be whoever you want to be without the toxicity, especially when you're in character. What are some roleplay ideas that you wish to bring to the future: I've exhibited certain RP with a verified menu PD, ( the mariachi ped ) where I went around all businesses and made the mood a little brighter. I don't have any ideas currently but would love to dedicate myself to that character once again. Is there any additional information you would like to add: I had my verified menu stripped off of me when I was banned, I've applied once previously and Pierre told me to re-apply at a later date. Thank you!
  3. Part A - Your Info:Steam Name: PixieDiscord Name with #Identifier: Crtr#0001Account ID:106020 Part B - Application What can you bring to the whitelisted server: A positive, eager, and unique Roleplayer. I am a very open minded roleplayer that doesn't mind losing, I am on for several hours a day and willing to set a standard for the whitelisted server. I am constantly involving myself in various types of RP. What skills should a good roleplayer bring to a whitelisted server: A player that doesn't mind losing, whether the outcome of the situation is in their favor or not. Willingness and adaptation to take RP scenarios and go with the flow. Constantly obedient to the FDG rules, never breaking character no matter the situation. Unique ideas and standard setting points of good roleplay. The server will be a non-actively staffed server, are you willing to record/screenshot gameplay as necessary for the purpose of lodging complaints on the website in accordance with the evidence requirements in the complaint guidelines: 100%, I always have my shadowplay recording. How long have you been playing in our community: 2 Months - 730 Hours Any additional info about yourself that we should take into consideration: Lost MC Prospect, Luxury Autos Manager. A very indepth and unique roleplayer with a character unlike any other. Always willing to learn and adapt. Hometown: NZST Part C - Additional Info Provide 3 current server rules and your interpretation on each of them: C1 - Be respectful of other players and do not force inappropriate roleplay onto players you aren't familiar with. Keep in mind this community is twitch streamer friendly. Never forcing anyone on roleplay they've suggested they're uncomfortable with or that they deem inappropriate for several reasons. F1 - Using out of character (OOC) information in character (IC) is strictly prohibited. If your character wouldn't realistically know something it cannot be used in game, including from other characters. Your character only knows the knowledge they've learnt in city as that character, not as your others, also including streams and other ways of learning about in game knowledge (discord etc) F5 - Logging out during any active roleplay is not allowed. Otherwise known as 'Combat Logging' Leaving the server, being it turning off your PC, F8 quitting or force quitting. Forcing yourself out of a RP scenario through quitting is prohibited as not only do you disrupt active Roleplay, you ruin other people's Roleplay whether it be in PD Custody, While you're being treated by EMS or about to be held hostage. Provide a minimum of 1 player or staff reference to support your roleplaying skills: RichyJay, Sammt, Vysn, Dokoboe/Fireforx, One Salty Dev, Bogan, Pyrix, Wipa, Xavier, Crossy, Alec. Provide a back story for your MAIN character: Jacques Mansoor, a bilingual native Arab French born to Abdulsalam & Amelie Mansoor in a Palace in Dubai, United Arab Emirates grew up humbled and disciplined. Belonging to two of the most respected locals in the UAE, the boy was spoiled in money, cars, clothing and much more. However to the public he was portrayed as one that was extremely smart and non rebellious, little to anyone's knowledge Jacques started developing a love for Motorcycles obsessing over the Hells Angels. Once Jacques turned 18 he flew to the Maldives with his friends to enjoy his birthday weekend. Upon arrival J & his friends got wasted, made a few stupid mistakes one of them being getting a full sleeve of ink on his left arm and leg including his girlfriends initials, a harley davidson imprint, and more. When Jacques woke up in the middle of a beach vomiting in pain to the left side of his body, he looked over and realized how badly he messed up realizing what he's done, he knew his parents were going to slaughter him for the frowned upon act he committed while he was drunk. Jacques began to panic and isolated himself at his hotel for the remainder of the weekend, instead of returning to the UAE with his friends Jacques took it upon himself to educate himself on the proper Biker lifestyle, flying to San Bernardino, California, USA. After weeks of exploring, Jacques stumbled into the President Sonny Barger at a bar along with a few prospects. Jacques explained his backstory and how scared he was to return to his parents after what he had done to himself. They laughed and had a long night drinking till the sun came up. The night after, Sonny told Jacques to come on a ride with his boys and himself, Jacques jumping at the opportunity bought a second hand Harley Fatboy off craigslist and was ready to ride into the night. The boys took Jacques around San Bernardino, past the clubhouse and back to his hotel. Sonny then asked Jacques for a chat, advising him that he should seriously think of returning to his parents as they'd be extremely worried. Jacques then took the next flight back to Dubai. As Jacques entered the gates of his house in the Emirates Hills, his mother greeted him with hugs and tears. J explained his actions and what happened, even showing his mother her side of the families initials tattooed on his neck, Amelie in return showed what remained of her old tattos on her collarbone area to Jacques, they had a long chat and Amelie assured Jacques that his father would forgive him. When Abdulsalam returned back from Saudi Arabia, he was shocked. He beat Jacques to a pulp and immediately sent him packing telling him to never think of coming back, to the Airport with his guards and driver. On the ride to the airport Jacques tried calling his father to try sort out what happened. J then got a little notification on his top left of his iPhone saying insert sim. Jacques knew what this meant, his father cut his simcard off. As he got to the airport he connected to the airport WiFi and logged into his mobile banking app, noticing he had no access to his family account, only his daily spending account which barred $971.50. Instead of Jacques trying to find his way back home, he decided he had enough of his overly judgemental and control freak father. He tried booking tickets to California but didn't have enough, then looked through the list of flights he could afford. -Bali, Indonesia. - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. - Delhi, India. Then a strange name catches his eye 'Los Santos,' Jacques said fuck it and bought the ticket for $785.00, and that's where the chapter of Jacques Mansoor, Los Santos started. Jacques found himself applying at Luxury Autos where he was taken under the wings of Anita Bath. On his way back to his motel after a good day's work, Jacques was taken hostage for a bank robbery. After the bank robbery was finished and police questioned him, Jacques returned to the Pink Cage motel and sat at the roof staring, was he really going to go from a life of being his dad's pet to being a little goldfish in a city of Sharks? No, he wasn't going to take it. Jacques started building up a contact list, meeting people from all over that he envied. A few days later Jacques ran into Baz Power, the president of the Lunatix MC. The two had a chat and kept in contact, a few days later Baz sent a google maps link of where he was in Vinewood having a smoke inviting him along for a smoke. The two had a chat and shared a few cigarettes and stories over a sunset, all of a sudden a Mercedes CLS came flying by, must've seen Baz and turned around & started taunting him hurling insults. A person hopped out of the car with a fake Lunatix Vest on, as soon as Baz saw the vest he started firing shots off, Jacques being unarmed after giving his pistol to Baz, started charging towards the individual driving a swiss knife through his heart. The Mercedes drove off, Jacques & Baz continued their chat before Baz had to shoot off urgently. Jacques then started hanging around the Lunatix, becoming familiar with how the city works. He was given a Syko by Bobby Billman as he was driving a Sanctus for free, the bike he still rides daily till this day. Unfortunately after a few weeks, Jacques had a falling out with a Lunatix Member and was sent out of tequilala with a broken jaw and a black eye. It was only then Jacques took it upon himself to start working on himself, getting the fastest promotion to Manager at Luxury Autos the company had ever seen, in the meaning while becoming a Lost MC prospect after a good friend of his Neo Rider suggested he started hanging around as they also had a love for bikes and were a great bunch of people. Jacques became a hangaround and within weeks became a prospect for the Lost MC after developing a strong bond with the Vice President Mickey Mo and the Enforcer Riley Crowe. Jacques now resides on South Mo Milton drive, in the Lost Brotherhood as a prospect, a Manager and best selling salesperson at Luxury Autos. Part D - History Provide a list of staff interactions you've had, such as your warnings, kicks or bans. - Not sure if I should include but (4x?) Notes. - 1 x 12 hour Ban - 7 commends. Failure to organize an interview once your application is in "pending interview" stage for 7 days will result in the application being denied and you will need to reapply

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