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  1. Players haven't logged in since January, leader hasn't logged in since November.
  2. Only one member still plays, the rest have not logged in since November 2020, needs to be deregistered.
  3. They have submitted an entirely new gang registration here - https://www.fatduckgaming.com/index.php?/forums/topic/5144-registration-for-jamestown-ryders/
  4. Hi @wae If you haven't already, please submit a compensation claim in the appropriate section of the forums as linked below.https://www.fatduckgaming.com/index.php?/claims/comps/
  5. Hi @JohnnyM8 If you haven't already, please submit a compensation claim in the appropriate section of the forums as linked below.https://www.fatduckgaming.com/index.php?/claims/comps/
  6. +1 Have seen Richy's passion when he is managing this business already, would love to see him take the business further.
  7. +1 Something fresh, being run by people who have demonstrated time and time again that they know what they are doing.
  8. Part A - Your Info: Steam Name: b!tchface Discord Name with #Identifier: b!tchface#0001 Account ID: 104440 Part B - Application What can you bring to the whitelisted server: Variety and a bit of fun. What skills should a good roleplayer bring to a whitelisted server: Willingness to participate in situations on the fly, regardless of the outcome. Open to adapt to scenarios as they come and also bringing pre-planned, thought out RP situations into the city. Good understanding of rules, knowing when to participate and when to not etc. The server will be a non-actively staffed server, are you willing to record/screenshot gameplay as necessary for the purpose of lodging complaints on the website in accordance with the evidence requirements in the complaint guidelines: (Y/N) Yes, always have Shadowplay on. How long have you been playing in our community: 4 months. Any additional info about yourself that we should take into consideration: This server is my first time roleplaying and I am constantly learning and finding it very enjoyable. I look forward to growing within a community of experienced RPers Hometown: (Timezone Purposes) Melbourne Part C - Additional Info Provide 3 current server rules and your interpretation on each of them: F8 - Scamming is not permitted unless the item is considered illegal by either collection or possession. Intentionally ripping another person off for legally obtained items (ie. cars, money, fish etc.) is not allowed, for example; selling someone a car, taking the cash payment and not handing over the keys to the car. However, scamming somebody for illegally obtained items such as drugs, dirty money etc. is allowed. F9 - Hostile actions or loitering is not to take place at or near legal job locations, however they can't be used to avoid roleplay. Starting fights, ramming cars, assault, shooting etc. is not to take place at or within a vicinity around legal job locations such as mechanics, car dealerships, AI job blip locations, hospitals etc. Also, if you are outside of a legal job location and in a hostile situation, you are not to retreat to the job location in order to avoid RP such as avoiding being killed. F14 - When using third party voice such as discord and teamspeak, you must talk in game at the same time. Do not say any IC information in discord etc. without saying it in city at the same time. For example, if you are being robbed and want to tell your friends in discord, you MUST say it out loud in game also. It is obviously not realistic to speak in your earpiece and not out loud. Provide a min 1 player reference to support your roleplaying skills: Jason Smith (luke) Jacob ghosty amdy Kripted ren (Sam Ibrahim) loud noises sQx Dok Oboe Marish Provide a back story for your MAIN character: Steph grew up in the rough suburb of Davis. She witnessed a lot of blood shed growing up, particularly between the East Side Vagos and the Ballas over territory disputes. Plenty of these people could not be saved, however the EMS strikes over low wages and bad conditions continued. She moved to Vice City for a better life, where she met her husband and had 2 children together. One night, she learnt her husband had been caught up with the Cortez Crew, who he had secretly been hustling for to make ends meet. He was unable to repay a debt to them and in true Cortez fashion, late one night, they broke through the front door of Steph's apartment and hacked her family to death before her eyes. Now broken and cold hearted, she moved back to Los Santos in an attempt to regain some sort of normal life again. She noticed that nothing had really changed, innocent civilians were still being gunned down in the streets, and LSES were still on strike too often. People were dying all around her, unable to get the help they so desperately needed. She decided that the only way she could fix her soul and get justice for her husband and children would be to help the citizens of Los Santos herself. Although she is still hard as a rock, she vowed to help everyone needing medical attention that she possibly could. Part D - History Provide a list of staff interactions you've had, such as your warnings, kicks or bans. Warning for breaking character - saying "i'm going to metagame that I've been in the city for 2 minutes" in my early weeks of being in the city. Note for fail fear - only the other persons perspective was shown, however I have since provided my perspective which shows otherwise. Your application will be considered and when a decision is made, you will be notified of the outcome on your application Failure to organize an interview once your application is in "pending interview" stage for 7 days will result in the application being denied and you will need to reapply
  9. Love this idea. I helped with Rolex at the beginning of their endeavours and it was very enjoyable. Although my time is taken up elsewhere now, I can't wait to see how this goes and can only wish you guys the best. Good luck and hope to be at the official Rolex business soon! Love Sophie xo

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