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  1. Drillers Members & Ranks President - Tupac Shakur (Nelko#6477) Vice President - Michael Jackson (vCody_AU#4392) Treasurer - Phillip Burger (Vexy#2185) Sergeant at Arms - Speedy Gonzaullas (Kanga#6707) Road Captain - Cletus McCletus (bruh#5487) Member - Joseph Howard (Aspect#6760) Club Colours Black & Blue Gang Intentions/ Activities -Bank Robberies -RP Events -Drug Trafficking -Contract Killing -Car Shows -Convoys -Hired Kidnapping/Hostage situations -Car Rental -Arm Dealing Gang Backstory Many Believe Mr Shakur was executed on the fatal day, 13 of September, but he still to this very day roams the streets of LS slowly recruiting member since his death in 1996. This has aloud his past life and troubles to fade away opening him up to his true life of crime and smuggling contraband. His vice Michael Jackson was also believed to have died but the two decided to band together and move to LS to start a complete life of crime. For many years Tupac had been alone doing little things making small money but when Michael Jackson approached him about his illegal business and threatening to reveal his secret he agreed to work together. The both during the past decade have found an elite team of criminals ranging from stock market manipulators to elite thief's. The newly found gang has massive plans to make millions in the city of LS. Gang Vehicles The Drillers gang vehicles will consist of Dodge Demon, Rumpo Custom, Porsche all in Matte Black and blue under lights. Events Events will for now be held at random locations depending on event until the casino is available. (Disclaimer some photos are not mine and are from google.) "In registering this gang, i understand and accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules." "I understand that running as a gang does not excluded us from basic server rules such as RDM and griefing" "I understand that i do NOT own/operate any territory and i cant claim sections of the city as "gang area" "I understand that i am limited to 6 Gang members unless I am "syndicated" by gang staff"
  2. WRIT IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF LOS SANTOS AT ALTA Case Ref: 2020 LSDC # (#th case of the year) Plaintiff and Defendant Date of document: Solicitors Tel.: Filed on behalf of: Discord: Prepared by: TO THE DEFENDANT TAKE NOTICE that this proceeding has been brought against you by the plaintiff for the claim set out in this writ. IF YOU INTEND TO DEFEND the proceeding, or if you have a claim against the plaintiff which you wish to have taken into account at the trial, YOU MUST GIVE NOTICE of your intention by filing an appearance within the proper time for appearance stated below. YOU OR YOUR SOLICITOR may file the appearance. An appearance is filed by a Notice of Appearance in response to this writ IF YOU FAIL to file an appearance within the proper time, the plaintiff may OBTAIN JUDGMENT AGAINST YOU on the claim without further notice. *THE PROPER TIME TO FILE AN APPEARANCE is within 14 days after this writ is served IF the plaintiff claims a debt only and you pay that debt, namely, $COST CLAIMED and $LEGAL FEE for legal costs to the plaintiff or his solicitor within the proper time for appearance, this proceeding will come to an end. Notwithstanding the payment you may have the costs taxed by the Court. FILED [Insert Date] Registrar THIS WRIT is to be served within one month from the date it is filed or within such further period as the Court orders. Page 1 Plantiff's statement of claim, detailing the nature of the claim and the cause thereof, and of the relief or remedy the plaintiff sought in this proceeding; [Me and my gang where robbing a bank with a hostage and was trying to make passive demands and ensure safety for everyone but the police decided the best idea was to charge in and shoot and kill one of my team and tazer the rest of my team. Not only did this put us in danger it put the hostage in immediate danger and does not comply with Division IV section 15 of the Law Enforcement Powers and Responsibilities Act which clearly states that the officer must choose the action with lesser harm to others. The fact that they charged in put everyone in the worst position and in harms way and is the complete opposite of what this act states and we believe that we should not be prosecuted due to the fact that we didn't have a proper chance to get away without them using un lawful lethal force.] Tupac Shakur Solicitor for the plaintiff This writ was filed- (a) by the plaintiff in person; or (b) for the plaintiff by [name or firm of solicitor], solicitor, of [business address of solicitor]; The address of the plaintiff is - None The contact details of the plaintiff is - 254989 (OOC) Discord: Nelko#6477 The address and contact details of the solicitor (if applicable) - None Page 2