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  1. Steam Name: taxx Account ID: 100803 Character Name: Dave Loid Discord Name (with #xxxx): taxx#7626 Title of The Claim: Put all my items in an NPC car for 5 seconds and they all disappeared the cars license plate is 82PNC234 Description of the claim: I was selling car parts to someone and when they asked to put it into the boot I placed everything into an NPC car because my bike disappeared earlier, the items were in there for 5 seconds and they all disappeared cars plate number was 82PNC234 Details of Claim: I'm seeking however much they are worth to that person which would've been around 50-60k Any videos or images to help us visualize it? I have no videos to show, all I have is the number plate 82PNC234 Any additional information you wish to provide? N/A