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  1. Apologies, In regards to what I wrote in F3 for the rules, I made a mistake and forgot to write F3 as remaining in character, F3 means you must not break character at any point, this includes saying OOC information such as admins, keyboard keys whilst RPing in the server. Included in F3 you must also fear for your life as in you must pretend that you have only one life and if you die you will lose everything.
  2. Mint Green = Section Header Turquoise = Question Blue = Answer Karl Whitelist Application Part A - Your Info: Steam Name: Logical Man Discord Name with #Identifier: Karl#7747 Account ID: 20520 Part B - Application What can you bring to the whitelisted server: - I myself will bring not only dedication to whatever I am doing but also the creation of fun and enjoyable experiences for individuals playing on the server. Through my lengthy time on the server currently, I have experienced a wide variety of instances that continues to allow me to play today. I would love to translate my experience into this new and improved play style as there will be the elimination of players who simply come on here to either make money without any RP what so ever or to be a nuisance and practically annoy the serious players in the server. I am understanding and through experience gained throughout my life have been taught myself to be patient and be able to psychologically understand different types of individuals going through either hard times or who want to achieve something. I don't think I would have achieved what I have currently on the main server if it weren't for these skills and would love to continue and share this to a more reserved and appreciative audience. What skills should a good roleplayer bring to a whitelisted server: - A good roleplayer must employ multiple skills and traits in order to offer enjoyable and non-repetitive roleplay for everyone on the server. Mainly, in my opinion, the skill to adapt is crucial to creating these types of experiences as you must be able to think quickly on the spot in certain situations in order to reduce stale and repetitive RP and instead create RP that would want to make people keep coming back to the server. Throughout my time on the server, I have seen multiple cease to play due to stale and repetitive RP and in that situation, you have to ask yourself if what you are doing on the server currently is fun and enjoyable and not just to 'grind' to get money or a car for example. Another important skill to possess is patience. In the normal world, nothing is truly perfect and at times, you often see yourself waiting for the right opportunity to achieve a goal. Even though you have put in the effort to achieve that goal, you have to wait for the time to execute that which requires patience. Impatient people will struggle to make good RP and often get frustrated easier, which leads to things going wrong and rules broken as seen multiple times on the live server. The server will be a non-actively staffed server, are you willing to record/screenshot gameplay as necessary for the purpose of lodging complaints on the website in accordance with the evidence requirements in the complaint guidelines: (Y/N) - Of course, I use a program that allows me to record 10 minutes prior from 'record that' as well as 4 consecutive hours of normal recording once I press record. I always use this program in the normal city to capture the inconveniences caused by those who break the rules. How long have you been playing in our community: - I have been playing on the server for 7 months from this point and don't see myself quitting any time soon. Any additional info about yourself that we should take into consideration: - I myself am personally addicted to aviation and am on track to become a commercial airline pilot. I hope that due to the nature of this more behaved server, there will be the introduction of more airline associated roles. I have seen the introduction to Quokka Airlines and on the first day of creation, started inquiring about how I could get a position within that company as I am very determined to fly whether in city or out. Hometown: (Timezone Purposes) - Sydney, Australia. Part C - Additional Info Provide 3 current server rules and your interpretation of each of them: F1 / Metagaming - Metagaming is the use of information that is collected in non-IC methods. These methods can include the use of streams, pictures, clips or even words collected from other discord etc which can be used to obtain an unfair advantage for yourself in a situation. This can include utilising a stream of a criminal selling drugs to prosecute him with your police character. This rule is an important rule as if broken will cause players to, unfortunately, leave the server. F2 - F2 or RDM simply prohibits players from starting fights or killing other players for little to no reasons. Little reasons may include: "he/she said I look like an idiot" or "because he/she was talking shit". Essentially roleplay needs to occur between both parties to make sure each party is on the same page and will be able to clearly understand when a situation is being turned hostile and why it is being turned hostile. F3 - F3 is the rule of fair play which means that you must conduct yourself fairly to avoid overpowering of individuals ultimately causing them to quit the server. F3 can include scamming, police corruption, combat logging and much more. To breach this rule would be devastating and would result in either a very long ban or a permanent one which is why it must not be broken at all. Provide a minimum of 1 player or staff reference to support your roleplaying skills: - .Vysn#1194 - vanvan#0976 Provide a back story for your MAIN character: - Drake Tempest was born in Zagreb in Croatia, this town at the time wasn't a rich one and often at times, Drake had to scavenge the roots of iceberg lettuce scattered in private farms which did not provide any nutrients necessary for survival but simply just to fill up his empty stomach constantly to avoid starvation. His parents at the time were working endlessly in sewing factories to make string and cloth in order to make a measly $3 a day to support themselves. They suggested that they must get their son a proper education in order for their family to succeed and survive poverty. The parents saved enough money to get their son into a public school which there he learnt English, mathematics and generally how the world operates. It would not take long for Drake to get a decent job in Zagreb accounting for some of Croatia's largest companies. After simply 3 years he was able to afford enough money to move his family to the Island of Los Santos where he purchased a small house on Amarillo Vista in East Los Santos. However, in this new land, he struggles to find an accounting job that would suit him and instead decided to change his career path and apply for the LSPD. Through hard work and dedication, spanning over years, Drake was able to prove to his superiors that he was an individual to keep an eye out for and once he put in his application, was accepted in the role of high command within his department which over more years would result in him achieving the rank of senior sergeant. Drake is still actively showing his dedication today within the LSPD and will continue to until he retires. Part D - History Provide a list of staff interactions you've had, such as your warnings, kicks or bans.
  3. Steam Name: [QF] Qantas Account ID: 20520 Character Name: Clinton Chandler Discord Name (with #xxxx): Karl#7747 Title of The Claim: "Summarise the issue": Vehicle Impound spawned too many cars and took all my money. Description of the claim: "What happened" Ok so it all started when I left my vehicle on the side of the road and obviously it got impounded. I only found out the next day so I drove to the impound to pay for my vehicle and get it returned. I saw it in the menu and I simply pressed it to have it returned to me, but when I attempted to press it there was no response. So being me I pressed it a bunch of times to get it to work and still nothing happened, but literally 10 seconds later I finally spawned in my car (BLUE AUDI R8) whilst accidentally spawning around 20 copies of my car which in turn made me lose 100k worth of my money. I immediately reported the issue and a staff member @Purr responded and witnessed the issue and told me that I can use her for confirmation. Details of Claim: "What compensation(s) are you seeking" $100,000 Any videos or images to help us visualise it? "Proof of your claims" I have a video of all the cars spawned in, but its on my other computer as I am writing this response on my work laptop and not my gaming computer. @Purr can clarify any questions regarding the incident. Any additional information you wish to provide? If you feel that you ultimately require the video footage, just send me a dm on discord and I will try and get on my gaming pc as I am studying for HSC EDIT: Heres the footage > https://vimeo.com/user104199144/review/367653432/8851a4d2d2 My ping was average 18ms which contradicts purrs statement that high ping caused the issue

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