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  1. (( OOC Info Steam Username: Shooter McGee Account ID: 19651 Discord#9999: Austin Powers#0505 )) IC Info Personal details: Full Name: Doc Evil Occupation: Mechanic at LSC Employment History: Senior Constable PD , CEO of AMG , Mechanic at LSC Criminal Record: few murder charges from when i was an officer with PD , few drug charges from when i was first fired from PD ever since then i have been clean Applying for: Ownership of new company Los Santos Train Service. Business Plan: Proposed Business Plan: Have you ever driven from Los Santos to paleto and thought there must be a less stressful way to travel without worrying about crashing or being pulled over? Los Santos Train Service is here to provide services that allow you to relax but also travel quickly in style. Introduction : Hi there I am Doc Evil, I am currently a mechanic of LSC but also Ex CEO of AMG Dealership. After being in the city for months i have noticed the only form of transport in town is either your own car , or expensive taxis/ Helicopter rides. I am hoping to change that by bringing out Los Santos Train Services. If you want a relaxing way to travel between Los Santos and Paleto with scenic views and no police issues or running the risk of crashing your vehicle or even running out of fuel. We will take care of all your needs while also giving you a quick run from Point A to point B. Headquaters : If a more suitable HQ location is found I will update this thread Station Locations : Los Santos : The station will be located behind OSA in a gated off fencing area for security. Boarding platforms will be on the left and right Sides depending on direction of travel. Second Los Santos Location : Here would be the main long distance train station near the airport for new arrivals to join their friends in either the other side of los santos , paleto bay or sandy shores. Paleto Bay : The main hub to Paleto bay directly accross from the Police Station , this would be the ideal location to start exploring Paleto Bay no matter the time of day. Close to the beach but also close to all businesses. Sandy Shores : This will be the one stop in sandy Shores , Close to town but also close to the bike track/mine area so you can just hop off the train , go to the garage, get your bike out and go riding nice and refreshed with no issues from police. PROPOSED LINES : METRO LINE MAP : Employee Ranks And Pays : CEO/Owner - $0 Manager - 15% commission of ticket sales / contracts Train Driver 10% commission of ticket sales Billing System - While on the platform the driver Bills everyone looking to travel ( $500 for a ticket to sandy shores , $1,000 for a ticket to paleto ) We will also be offering an inner city Tram loop where a full loop of the city costs $500 , Once the bills have been paid the train driver can unlock the doors for passengers to hop on the train and depart on their travels. If no payment is made but they sneak onto the train the driver can contact the police for fare evasion. Or if possible we can set up so the passengers have to pay like $500 to unlock the doors and hop on If possible it can be made so only the drivers can hop into the driver area of the trains to prevent any trains being stolen and used for crimes / joy rides. If the invoicing part of the system does not sound like it will work we can bring out the ticket machines where customers on the passenger trains go to the machine , buy the ticket for their destination where the funds will go directly into the business account and then they can use the ticket to unlock the door etc. If the 2nd option gets approved we will set wages at a reasonable rate. I am willing to work with the DoC to work out the fine tunings of the payment system etc We will also be looking to bring out cargo trains so organisations / government can hire my company out to freight cargo between Paleto, Sandy and the city Safely and efficiently via Guarded ( either by G6 or bearcat ) to make sure load stays secure and safe. Example - Contract to transport Cargo from Paleto to the City would cost between $100,000 - $1,000,000 depending on cargo. Security : We can also create a contract with Gruppe 6 or Bearcat to have Security Guards on each train to make sure no Issues come to pass by either someone causing Issues or Trying to rob other passengers NB : i know the trains are virtually unstoppable so i will bringing out a rule/guideline that if we see any vehicle / person on the lines we stop the train and contact authorities. If any driver is reported to have hit any vehicles or persons on the train lines and investigations have proven this to be true, they will be immediately fired and information forwarded onto the proper authorities for prosecution. Reason for Application: The reason i am applying for this business as i have noticed the construction of the train lines have been completed but no activity on them as of yet. This would being a more relaxed form of travel in the city as well as more employment opportunites How will your proposed business help the economy of the State: I believe it would help the economy by creating more jobs , as we as more transport opportunities ( either people or cargo ). We will also be having talks with either security company to enquire about their services on a monthly basis. We will also be proposing contracts with LS Advertising for billboard space to advertise our company and bring in more customers/revenue Feasibility Analysis: Paychecks will be reduced until the business gets up and running but in the future we will be able to pay staff via the money we earn from either private or government contracts as well as commission from tickets sold to Civillians Residency Period: How long have you lived in Los Santos for? I have been living in Los Santos 5 months now Government logistic support requests: Train spawning blips at multiple locations which can be talked about regarding the specific locations. ( bristols coke storage area for freight trains , airport metro area for metro trams , behind Old OSA building for Long distance Passenger trains ) The ability to add things into the cargo train trailers ( like the boot menu ) so we can properly transport items for people ( including PD for events etc ) Boss menu , Cloakroom blips at HQ and train spawn locations as well as a blip to enter/leave the HQ building the ability to invoice people would also be requested Confirmation: I acknowledge that falsifying details in this application may render a permanent blacklisting from future applications. Y I acknowledge that the Government's acceptance of this application does not automatically grant me a business to run. Y I acknowledge that this is a multi-step process in order to start a business, and I am currently on step 1. Y I will not nudge, bump or message a Government official to enquire on the status of this application. Y I acknowledge that the registration cost of my business will be expensive (Millions). Y I acknowledge that I will be subjected to the Corporations, Contracts and Labour Act and corporate provisions of the Crime and Corruption Act upon registration of my business, and I will comply with such laws. Y
  2. +1 ran the business well in his old city , reported some great news. I believe he would do great in his new town too :)