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  1. The Mangano Family Gang Leader: Jason Mangano (#508966) Gang Lead Discord: BigDogJason#2968 Gang Members Boss: Jason Mangano (BigDogJason) ID: 619 Underboss: Valerie Mangano (Angel) ID: 105074 Consigliere: Vincent Mangano (Auzy) ID: 11071 Caporegime: Mike Collins (Vampey) ID: 1124 Caporegime: Tony Mangano (Checkable) ID: 3 Caporegime: Yuri Slavokavich (Sly-Syringe) ID: 618 Gang Colours/Uniform: We will not have an exact attire for everyone to use but it will mainly be a classy type with a hint of purple. Will be easy to separate us from any other gang. Gang Backstory: With an extensive and respected history the Mangano Family are the pinnacle of quality and good conduct in Los Santos. Through generations of leadership and management the family has evolved through time in order to stay relevant in this ever changing world. The family name has transcended generations of tradition, bloodshed and labour. The Mangano family is led by Jason Mangano and Valerie Mangano. They revamped and modernised the code whilst keeping the honour of the family alive. Modern technology, weapons and information has changed the way we operate and as a family we work together but we never bring dishonour to the family name. The previous boss of the family, Hope Mangano was a respected member but unfortunately was never around to lead and lost interest overtime. Now that she has moved away from Los Santos for good, Jason and Valerie have taken over and will be continuing the family's legacy. The Mangano Family has been away for quite some time now but will be making a return and we will be ready to take back our position in Los Santos and stamp our authority. Planned Day to Day Operations: - Social events - Loan sharking - Running family businesses - Selling imported Italian products - Earning respect and notoriety Do you accept the following condition: In registering this gang, I understand that we are subjected to, and will accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules. Yes, we accept.
  2. @Uncles Chode Are you able to provide a number plate of the vehicle at all?
  3. Rejected due to player not making contact.
  4. Rejected due to player not making any contact.
  5. Changed Report Status to Resolved