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  1. +1 great bunch of guys to RP with. A welcome addition.
  2. +1 enjoyed by many and is very different.
  3. +1 an interesting spin on 2nd hand sales/purchasing. Definitely entices people to negotiate harder and may incite good RP.
  4. Hi Chippo, More than happy to discuss this. We don't believe we have breached any rules, and are more than happy to get people who attended the event to vouch for that. Location was never discussed as a HQ, it was stated that the location is where we hang, and that is where we can be found. If you wish to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact me on the Discord app. Thanks.
  5. Apologies, will update shortly. Edit: All updated
  6. What we do and what we can offer as a collective: Run events weekly, events such as Comedy shows/talent shows/fashion shows, underground gambling, giveaways, BBQ's at clubhouse to allow new civilians to mingle with everyone else attending and some extra special secret ideas we cant reveal as of yet. Security (G6 or BearCat) will be hired for the events to ensure the safety of all attendees, as well as ride-sharing/taxi services at the ready. Protective (Bodyguard) Services / Mercenaries Book-keeping for transactions we are hired to protect Helping new civilians in the city with contracted jobs, both legal and illegal, to help them earn a few bucks (will be able to explain in more detail if requested) Helping Police & Citizens with any hostile or out of control situations Finding and securing fugitives (can be bounty hunting mechanic) Loans (to new players with variable interest, maximum loan of $15000 to help them get started and all records kept by treasurer) Sell and Buy used cars (idea was prior to 2nd hand dealership) Interrogation services Sell drugs / launder money / sell arms (not main focus, but will do this if more competition is needed) What we believe in: Our organisation always leaves hostility as a LAST RESORT. We pride ourselves on our integrity, honesty and professionalism. We always ensure that our members understand that if they break our code of conduct, they will be punished with an immediate termination out of the organisation. We are not an organisation where we wish to cause trouble with other gangs/organisations, we are our own entity, looking to create a more efficient city to live in together. Think of us as a more 'people' organisation, rather than intimidating. We have already helped numerous new citizens by donating our unused vehicles and helping to pay for their licenses etc. We would happily continue to do this, we want to become a household name. (Immersive RP is one of our main focuses we wish to bring to the city) RANKS & ROLES Heads The face of our organisation. Handle all major aspects of the business, as well as handling the main PR situations and dealing with potential shareholders. Also responsible for creating and ensuring that all strategies and marketing campaigns are dealt with correctly. Oversee's entire organisation. Management 2nd to the Heads. Providing assistance and guidance to all ranks. Acting as an internal adviser, and ensuring that all procedures and policies are updated and working as intended. Also responsible for ensuring code of conduct is followed. Responsible for complete running of organisation when Heads are not available. Senior Associates Responsible for ensuring that all code of conduct is followed by all members below this rank. Present during major deals. Responsible for creating reports to hand-over to Heads detailing all critical events and utilising the organisation book-keeping to keep a record of all transactions. Essentially, day-to-day running of the organisation. Also present at events for the community. Treasurer Responsible for ensuring all business transactions balance out. Responsible for overlooking the book-keeping of the business and ensuring everything is recorded efficiently whilst updating the spreadsheet constantly. Monitors expenditure. Intelligence Responsible for being discreet and sourcing information that will protect us. Responsible to get an ear out there to ensure no one is planning hostile attacks against us and our business transactions. Also responsible for risk management and keeping the organisation safe. Recruitment Responsible for all recruitment going in and out of the organisation. Looking out for potential prospects is a major component of this role. Background checks and performing the recruitment process is the key responsibility of this role. Public Relations and Event Management Media and community image is major for our organisation. Our PR is responsible for making sure all events run smoothly, are organised well and get good promotion to the media etc. Associates Day-to-day runners of the organisation. Responsible for ensuring they follow the code of conduct and reinforcing a positive image for our organisation. Also responsible for sourcing clients for our different services. General duties. Prospects Trial runners in our organisation. Not a member but needs to prove themselves that they are loyal, honest and trustworthy. Once we see dedication, we will make them a core team member. OUR IMAGE Our main colours are champagne/black. Our cars are champagne/cream with black rims. OUR HANGOUT LOCATION Our main location/hangout would be the Parson's Rehabilitation Center. Address is Marlowe Drive / Richman Glen - 671 ALBUMS FROM OUR EVENTS BBQ: Comedy and Talent Show: Fashion Show at Vanilla Unicorn: Beach Off-Road Bike Race: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ If there are any suggestions or feedback that is believed to help us achieve this goal, please feel free to let me know If any of the above potential members have been punished for serious misconduct or have been kicked or warned in the past which may hinder this application, please email me on the discord app @sandr#5491 and i will sort it out.
  7. +1 will really help make the car sales industry competitive!