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  1. +1, I Have worked with Mr. Soloman myself self and he is a great worker, amazing guy, and really hard working. Regards, Gilbert Adams
  2. more references: validation#9954 Cassius#9870
  3. Part A - Your Info: Steam Name: Blyzah Discord Name: blyzah#9180 Account ID: 14411 Part B - Application What can you bring to the whitelisted server: I can bring 2 years of roleplaying experience to the whitelisting server. Always roleplaying no matter what and always making sure I am putting myself in other people's shoes and understanding their situation. I am always giving people fairness and respect no matter who they are. Not having a must-win attitude when roleplaying as well. What skills should a good roleplayer bring to a whitelisted server: Setting up scenarios within the city with mass amounts of people. Always making sure I am roleplaying and setting up scenes for the people because that is what people want when roleplaying. When role-playing always making it seem realistic and even the little touches to role-playing. Some more skills I can bring to the whitelisting server include: Putting my self in other people's shoes at all time Making sure people are getting good experience for there roleplay Creative thinking and being determined to finish tasks/activities Not always trying to get people in trouble Not power gaming at all The server will be a non-actively staffed server, are you willing to record/screenshot gameplay as necessary for the purpose of lodging complaints on the website in accordance with the evidence requirements in the complaint guidelines: Yes How long have you been playing in our community: Roughly 19 months Any additional info about yourself that we should take into consideration: I am also applying for a beta tester/ whitelisting due to me wanting to become a Graphics Developer. Becoming a beta tester will help me out a lot of testing with current developers. Some roleplay I have created within FDG: https://imgur.com/a/LxU81DH https://imgur.com/a/eKmpjTZ https://imgur.com/a/C7TuMAK https://imgur.com/a/kBvs3mW I am applying for my current PD Character, SWAT. Hometown: (Timezone Purposes) Adelaide, South Australia Part C - Additional Info Provide 3 current server rules and your interpretation of each of them: F12 - New Life Rule Using information from the last scene after you died. Respawning and using any information that you found in the lat scenario and reusing it after respawning F4 - Griefing/trolling Ruining people's roleplay, deliberately harasses and irritates other players when roleplaying F1 - Meta Gaming Using information that was found out of character and using it in-game to advantage. Provide a min 1 player reference to support your roleplaying skills: Dosein#1484 Ghosty#8926 Jarrod#0001 Provide a back story for your MAIN character: My main character Benny Lee is known for always being smart. Be is normally on top but has stepped down to let other people be in control. He is a control freak and is always letting people have fair justice. Benny likes to be a know it all person about laws but sometimes struggles under mass amounts of preassure. Part D - History Provide a list of staff interactions you've had, such as your warnings, kicks or bans. 2x Kicks from PD Training city 1x Exploiting ban (pulling ai's out of cars 07/07/2019) 4x notes 4x commends Your application will be considered and when a decision is made, you will be notified of the outcome on your application Failure to organize an interview once your application is in "pending interview" stage for 7 days will result in the application being denied and you will need to reapply
  4. +1, lots of effort on the application and would be something different to the city
  5. +1 like the idea of a bike shop. Love the location and cant wait to see this happen!
  6. +1, I like it, I also like how there could be flights to Grapeseed & Sandy Shores AirStrip.
  7. +1 I like the idea, It will bring something new into the city

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