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  1. It's a vehicle extra, sometimes it will spawn with or without it.
  2. +1 Knuckle Head would make a great CEO of the Car Dealership as he has be COO for the past month, he knows the ins and outs of the business & what is required/needed to operate it. He enforces the rules upon employees & ensures that the customer always leaves with the best deal & a memorable interaction. Kind Regards -Giovanni Di'Pinto
  3. All businesses follow the 40% rule not just the dealership. People seem to forget that when a price is given it's not a fixed price, you can negotiate which 95% of people don't and furthermore we don't set vehicle prices. The Devs & CMs do.
  4. IG Name: Giovanni Di'Pinto Discord Name (with #xxxx): ImaginaryAus#1090 Title of The Bug: Purchasing Vehicles @ County Dealership How do we reproduce the bug: Select and purchase a vehicle @ the county dealership, assign it to someone then head to the city dealership & look at our warehouse stock What outcomes does it reproduce? (List each in new line) When you purchase a vehicle it won't kick you out the menu to confirm the purchase, this sometimes causes us to purchase the same vehicle more then once. Once a vehicle is purchased and than assigned to a player (In County) the vehicle will still be in our warehouse until it's sold/assigned to another player in the city. Any videos or images to help us visualise it? (List each link in new line) N/A Any additional information to provide? N/A
  5. IG Name: Giovanni Di'Pinto Discord Name (with #xxxx): ImaginaryAus#1090 Title of The Bug: HUD Issue How do we reproduce the bug: Loot a players body What outcomes does it reproduce? (List each in new line) Street names will disappear Time, date and day will disappear Direction (N S W E) will disappear from the compass AOP will disappear Vehicle plate number & speed will disappear Any videos or images to help us visualise it? (List each link in new line) http://prntscr.com/ldnp0k
  6. IG Name: Giovanni Di'Pinto Discord Name (with #xxxx): ImaginaryAus#1090 Title of The Bug: Vehicle Boot Notifications How do we reproduce the bug: Place something into a boot of a Vehicle What outcomes does it reproduce? (List each in new line) Notifications that indicate boot space (weight) does not appear. Any videos or images to help us visualise it? (List each link in new line) N/A Any additional information to provide? When you would deposit/withdraw an object to your boot a notification would appear with the updated weight that's available however, this notification doesn't appear anymore.
  7. If anyone has any Vehicles suggestions for the next Import date please List below Next Import Date - 08/11/2018
  8. The Di'pinto Family :: What is :: The Di'pinto Family is a small group of individuals that are either Family or Classed as Family to the Boss. :: Background :: The year was 1986 a man of the age of 18 named Giovanni was working as a Human exterminator as well as a Information Extractor for the Italian Mafia out of Liberty City, even though he was young the Mafia classed him as one of the best and was their go to man with any issues that needed to be taken care of. Fast forward 3 years and with a body count well over 113 , Giovanni is on a job when he gets a call from his then Wife apologizing for what's about to happen. After 1 Minute continuously asking "what's about to happen?!" Giovanni hears Police sirens, he hangs up the phone and starts the car. After 23 intense minutes Giovanni successfully evades the police and decides to find his Wife. Naturally the first place he drives to is his home, as he walks into the bedroom he finds his Wife packing a suitcase. She looks at him in sheer disbelief, He lifts his right arm up and in his hand? A Revolver, he places the end of the barrel on her forehead *BANG* He walks outside and sits on the gutter awaiting the Police. Giovanni is arrested and charged with Second-degree murder and sentenced to 24 years in prison, while in prison Giovanni asserts his dominance quickly as he maliciously attacks several in-mates. While in prison Giovanni meets a man by the name of Dominic, the two men grow close and form a bond like Brothers. During multiple riots and fights the two always had each-others back, but it wasn't until the last 4 years of Giovanni's sentence that he is told by Dominic about his past. He comes to learn that Dominic was also an Information Extractor, as well as a Bare knuckles Fighting Champion and a Pyromaniac. He goes into detail about how he ended up in prison, he explains that he lost his Championship to a newbie on the scene which caused him to go into a rage. Later that night Dominic acquired a Jerrycan, filled it with fuel and then made his way to the newbies house. As he knocks on the door the man answers, Dominic then KO punches the man and drags him in the middle of the front lawn. The man wakes up to be already doused in fuel, Dominic smiles at the man then flicks his cigarette onto the fuel, the man screams in pain as Dominic just stands there smelling the air and smiling. 2013 comes around and both the men are finally released, they noticed quickly that everything has changed, the Mafia reaches out to Giovanni once again for some work, Giovanni accepts the works as long as Dominic is included the Mafia happily welcomes the new hands giving his past achievements. As 2018 comes around Giovanni and Dominic decide that they want to branch out on there own and into the drug side of things as well, The Mafia agrees to them going their separate ways only if the pair leave Liberty City. Both men agree to the terms as well as pay a large sum of money as a peace offering. :: Before :: Giovanni and Dominic only arrived in Los Santos no less then 4 days ago and have already made agreements/deals with other organisations within the city as well as done Business with them. :: Recap :: Not long after arriving in LS The Di'pintos caught everyone's eye. Whether it was good or bad everyone came to know The Di'Pinto Family. As other 'Gangs" within the City came crumbling down The Di'Pintos were always there to watch & clean the aftermath up. Becoming the most Dominate 'Gang' was never in the plans of the Family but as time went on & the Family grew, it was just a matter of time before faith took hold & forced our hand. As the SWAT Department became aware of our intentions and actions it was only a matter of time before we were targeted and investigated by the city, which lead to raids on a number of members within the Family this was also followed with the arrest and deportation of one Giovanni. Once Giovanni came back to the city of LS things took a different turn that no body in The Family intended. The Police Department became quite unpleasant towards The Family, this lead to a number of shootings, hostage situations and straight negativity from both The Family & PD. :: Now :: After all the negativity The Di'Pintos have decided to make a clean slate and forget all previous outcomes and situations. The Family plain to have a more positive attitude and contribute within the community once again (like in the beginning) :: Roster :: • Boss - [ImaginaryAus] • Underboss - N/A • Caporegime - [Mulee] • Soldier - [Natsuki] • Soldier - [Newzy] • Soldier - [Rajarnott] • Soldier - N/A • Trial Soldier - N/A :: Jobs :: • Contract Assassins • Information Extraction • Extortion • Blackmail • Drug Making/Processing :: Place of Business :: • Need to know :: Rules :: • Need to Know :: Requested Items :: • Dagger - http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Antique_Cavalry_Dagger • Vintage Pistol - http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Vintage_Pistol • SMG - http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/MP5 Roster Updated 20/11/2018

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