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  1. Steam Name: RunicShadow Character Name: Felix Volkher Discord Name (with #xxxx): RunicShadow#7007 Title of The Claim: "$80k worth of fish was stolen from me." Description of the claim: "I finished my fishing trip when 3 guys started lurking around me. They must have seen that I had 2000 fish so they followed me out along the road and ambushed me on the highway stealing all 2000 Fish in my car and murdering me." Details of Claim: "My 80k in cash that the fish was worth." Any videos or images to help us visualise it? "No picture or Vids (Recording software isn't operational due to bugs with GTA) but the time that it happened was around 6:00pm-6:30pm (12/06/19) on server 3." Any additional information you wish to provide?

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