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  1. Changed In Force to No Changed Superseded to Yes
  2. @StevieG - I have taken your post and put it down to a TLDR of the key points you raised. Below is the response to your queries, I have tried to be as transparent as possible. Police Too many HC = Staff & Too many Staff becoming HC Most of the “72%” were players in the first place, slowly moved up the ranks in the PD, then eventually one day they applied for staff and were accepted. Server RP too repetitive (rinse and repeat) - e.g 10-11 on Garbage truck errrrrry day We give our civs/cops/anyone ALL the tools they would need to RP however they want (within reason). How do you suggest we combat “how” people carry out RP on our server? RP too “centralised around PD” Most hostile RP with PD are player initiated, PD don’t just go out there to start shit without being called to the scene in the first place. And without PD at all we will see everyone just doing meth 24/7 for money. Open to ideas on how to 'decentralise' RP around PD. Cluttering in PD Department, too many new Divisions and Departments Can you elaborate? The only additional role added was Professional Standards which replaced an entire IA department? Lack of Comms and Goal Setting up and down PD CoC From what I've seen so far this iteration of COP/DCOP have been more communicative up and down the ranks than any of our previous ones, please share some specific context. COP/DCOP candidates in the last cop vote were all Staff members To make it as fair as possible, government picked the top 5 candidates which unfortunately the best candidates WERE staff, as the same qualities we look for in staff were also the same qualities we wanted in the next top positions. The entire PD voted on who they would want. The only two non-staff candidates we had to choose from were Boss and Dr Frank, both of which we did not believe were ready for such positions. Why does COP hold a GOV position simultaneously? Too much GOV influence asserted for PD - Drug system too biased for cops. The drug system needed an overhaul to alleviate some pressure off of our development team, the task was given to our CM team to find new locations and make adjustments. PD now get called less often and civs make more from drugs so i don’t understand the context of this statement. As above, the best candidate for the position was selected by an entire PD vote, it was not biased in any way, they had the option to vote for 4 other candidates and selected Chip. The fact he is a CM is irrelevant. PD had great ideas coming from the bottom of the CoC, but are always ignored or not implemented by the higher ups If ideas are not properly listed on the forums the dev team will not see them, furthermore the COP/DCOP may miss them. As i’ve stated 100 times over people need to use the appropriate channels for things to be implemented. Government Community has no input on legislation (law making and amendments) Why haven’t I seen anything in Server suggestions? We have had numerous times when people have suggested laws as well as in game rule changes which have been put through. The law is already written in to allow people to do that, but we are still transitioning from US to AU. It took us forever to consult the players to put in new cop cars, just imagine what happens when we leave the players in charge of things GOV has too much control over businesses, and always controlling how much money they can make, rather than helping them make money We must control businesses and how much they can make to balance the server, it is a difficult task to accomplish, we can’t give one business more than another otherwise it is unfair, an example is the last CEO for car dealership had approx. 90 million in cash/cars, do we not need to balance this and let him buy him and his mates all the best cars our server has to offer? GOV should regulate business, not make laws for them We need rules in place specific for businesses, we’ve been around quite a while now, we’ve seen what can happen if businesses are left to their own devices, we don’t just make shit up on the spot, everything is discussed to ensure we cover all bases when implementing new rules. Businesses are monopolised at the moment with lack of competition Restricted by 32 player limit. Will be adjusted when onesync is implemented Wages are “disgustingly low” Per hour rate? This is FREE money as they don't have to RP as a pool cleaner to get paid. CEOs have access to setting salary from their menu, this is an IC issue not a staff issue? Addon cars too expensive for people, at least the nice cars Like IRL these need to be something to work towards Might be a good point tho for cars to be priced based on speed rather than equivalent price IRL Again this comes back to the big issue of balancing, with all the different jobs we have, we need to balance cars based on looks rareness and performance, it would be pretty shitty to have almost all cars available to everyone, this is taking away progression within our server. And don’t tell me to buy vanilla cars, I play FiveM not GTA O for a reason This is an RP server, yes it has a focus towards making money to unlock ‘better’ cars, but you don’t NEED an addon car to have an enjoyable RP scenario? You guys ruined business RPs because you don’t want people being rich Previous CEOs abused the lack of regulation and made money “no issue” for his small group of friends. It’s not we don’t want people to be rich, we want it to be balanced, in what world does a car salesman make 90 million dollars? Everything had to be balanced and adjusted to ensure it wasn’t unfair to the rest of the population. GOV don’t want people holding influence as much as they do on the server - GOV has no issue with people having influence, just like there was a few periods of time where some gangs had tons of controls in the game. Ofc, provided it’s not going to disadvantage other players. Now you are just grasping at straws, we created this server for people to have fun and RP with each other. You seem to think we are all power hungry nerds trying to dominate others? We implore people to use the tools available to give suggestions, feel free to expand on some additional context. GOV fucked the economy Atm the server is non stop adding money to the circulation, rather than having ways to withdraw them. People are increasingly getting wealthy over time. As I've stated multiple times in this response, it’s a massive balancing act, when we were getting ready to launch V2 our hands were forced due to massive issues with V1. We did the best we could to balance the server before V2 went live, however it’s an on-going process, we make adjustments and then wait to see how it reacts in the server. At the end of the day players have the ability to earn their wealth. If everybody was driving around in lambos they wouldn’t be exclusive would they? Staff The shit that “some staff did for the server” never gets added to the server Taking your vehicles as an example, they were going to be added, just there were other tasks ahead of the vehicles in the queue. We had massive issues with addon cars causing texture issues, and other priorities taking over. We discussed it and agreed that additional addon cars would be removed and no further cars would be added until we fixed the stability issues they were causing. This wasn’t a direct attack at you or anyone that carries out tasks for us. You simply completed something that we couldn’t implement at that time and you got upset by it. Only Dev team ever gets their stuff added to the server Not really, although they do get given specific tasks to be completed and they will be added by each deadline That’s what i got them on board to do? It’s their specific job, your specific job was to moderate, if you wanted to join the dev team officially to do vehicle models why not ask? In fact i believe our lead dev offered you a position and you turned it down? Open new spots in the Dev team you selfish people We did offer you a position in the Dev team, however you have turned down our offer. Trust issue - we had developers in the past, who offered our server files to another community when he got removed for abusing his powers in game. I need more credits for my work done on the server We tried to offer you a development team position as a recognition for your work, again, you turned it down. The development team cop more flack then they do praise, as the ongoing efforts are met with “why wasn’t this worked on instead?” Stop prioritising on OneSync OneSync needs to be at the forefront of everything we’re doing, when it's ready they will drop it and if we are not ready for it our shit will not work. We have already had to re-write more than 80% of our scripts and make huge adjustments and changes to align ourselves with this new build. We are probably the closest community in OCE (maybe even the world) to having a fully functioning fiveM server that runs stable with more than 32 players. This was a goal given to the development team by the community owners. There are many communities out there more successful than LSLA, go out and do some learning. Please give an example of a more successful community, noting their server direction and how the server actually plays. LSLA has always been driven to do better than other communities, hence you will NOT find another OCE community with more custom scripts and things to do than ours. Conclusion Don’t make an open channel of talk to devs if you’re just gonna open it for a few hours We have a life, any offline messages should go onto the forums in different topics just so the chat doesn’t flush the questions away We need more face to face Discord sessions, not just the forums Happy to have giant community meetings to listen to everyone's thoughts and feelings. In fact i will task our head of staff to organise this. Look forward to your response. - Mudcrab

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