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  1. Contact Details First Name: Gustav Last Name: Bauer Contact Number: 9379553 Discord: GermanFox#7333 Contact Reason: Licencing of Military Porpouse for a foreign National. Filed on behalve of the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) Your Message: Your Honors, as you might know the German Armed Forces have established Fort Zancudo togheter whit the US Air Force in 2002. The Joint QRF in defence and Monetoring of Chinese activitiy and aggression in the Pacific Ocean. Since then all sides have greatly benifitted from this and enjoyed a highten sense of Security. Whit the nature of such a longterm peacful Military Deployment comes certain challanges. To name a few is intergration into the local Population aswell as showing presence and the feeling of Soldiers wishing to return Home. We found Solution for the first two Problems wich is to Permit Soldiers off the Base and into your vast and beautiful City. However we want People to know who we are and that there is nothing to be worried about. Further Soldiers employed by us but especially given the Context of our presence are requiert to Carry theyre Service Rifle on Person even during Base leave. This presents us whit unique Challanges that we would like to adress here. We are herbey officially requesting a Trail Period to solidify our believs that this is the right step to take. For the following Person we would like to request a H Weapons LIcence, to carry Work requiert Rifles. In this Case the: Special Carbine Special Carbine MK II Heavy Rifle Further we would like to request Goverment exempt Plates and/or an Offical Permission to acquire and use the following Vehicles: Patriot Mil Spec: KMW ATF Dingo Bundeswehr: https://gta5mod.net/gta-5-mods/vehicles/trucks/kmw-atf-dingo-bundeswehr-1-0/ Mercedes Zetros Bundeswehr: https://gta5mod.net/gta-5-mods/vehicles/trucks/mercedes-zetros-bundeswehr-add-on-1-0/ These would be going into the possesion of Ober Feldwebel Gustav Bauer and used to show our Presence aswell as Networking whit the local Population. We know this is a big ask but it would go a long way to ensure further longlasting Cooperation between our Countries and the well being of our Soldiers. Of course these Weapons are NOT to be used outside of Base facilities not even in self Defence but just to keep Soldiers that are off Base Combat ready in Case of an Emergency. OOC: The reason i request these things is that i do RP as an German Armed Forces Officer. However there are no fitting Vehicles or Weapons in the City to further let me live this out. Having acces to this would make my CHaracter more believable and give me more Options to expand and RP as this Character. Of course im willing to compromise, for example being able to Carry a Rifle but whitout Ammunition or only being allowed to in the Country Side. A bit about my trustworthyness, im a long Member of this Server, i have no Staff actions against me and i also already have Acces to the verified Menu. I really hope that togheter whit the Staff Team you are able to make this happen and help me make my Character known for his uniqueness and good RP. Sincerly Ober Feldwebel Gustav Bauer
  2. "This is not an RP Server,this is a Life Server" -Staff Dosnt matter how hard you try or how good your RP is,you will always face punishments if your RP goes against the law. Sad to say but many people on this Server have no interest to do any actual RP. Especially not the Cops as they are understaffed and overwhelemd by the amount of BS the Players give them so they just try to get each call over whit asap but on the outher side the current generation is also poorly trained and many arent serious enought about it. Also you have to see that they try to walk a thin line of realism and fun in the game,wich is why SWAT also does normal Duties,also in the current state of the Server they need every officer they can get. Then you need to check your facts.. First being in Police isnt nearly the highest paying job the pay is actually pretty bad. Besides that the amount of Active Officers has ben pretty low lately.. "Asspulling" isnt a thing anymore everyone can have 1 two handed weapon slinged to his back,this also counts for Civilians further the Rules that favor the Police is not because they want an unfair advantage but its due to how the Players on this server act. Specificly the Rule to comply whit police for misendamors. It was lifted a Month back and the entire Server became a Pursuit Simulator as literally no one would pull over anymore and instead imidiatly run. The Police and the Staff simply respond to how the Civs play. As an example from me whenever i try to Detain someone while holding a Tazer at them they imidiatly attack me or pull a gun due to that next time i will use a Lethal Weapon instead. Cops arent OP they can be easily outgunned and outplayed but people just go yollo it if they actually put togheter a plan they can easaly succed. Also i know its a huge issue whit Corrupt Cops, that is a thing that can only be dealt whit IC wich complicates it imensly. And i agree and even expect Staff to slowly start dealing whit it themselves as it completly destroyes the server and is a downwards spiral as when civs see the cops not following laws they wont either. Whit the Drugs i totally aggree. The new server was supposed to discurage illigal activities and hostile RP instead it did pretty much the Oposite. But i have started taht topic plenty of times but Staff does not want to change anything.
  3. Hey im all for a second Dealer to get competition going. Just one question. Do you know what your Local Cardealer buys his Cars for? No you only have the Price he wants for it. Same here,as i see it they can charge you 140% everything below you have to barigan for and it basicly nothing else then them being nice to you/rewarding oyu for good RP. Why is the Price they buy it for so important? Realisticly you wouldnt know besides its not like you could get one second hand or at anouther source... Can even believe im defending Imaginary atm
  4. I understand what youre on about and i support it and brought this up before. But sadly it will not be changed. You have to see that the car dealers set threyre prices the way they are because they have to buy and pay the car themselves before reselling it wich means the only Profit they get are those 40% theyre allowed to overcharge. If they would make prices public that will only lead to problems since why would you buy a car for 250k if you know they only payed 200? It sucks but thats sadly the reality. And yes you can very well negotiate you just need to try. Last time i bought a Car i brought the Price down a full 100k! But as he said most people dont even try it. Just try it the most they can say is no. Also you can very well determin how much a car is worth to you. Take it for a test Drive,ask for outher similar Vehicles and what they would sell them for. Nobody said you have to go in and be done in 5 Min. Its an RP heavy Job so you can RP and make sure the Car is what you want. I mean would you just got to a Car salesman and buy a Car whitout considering outher Vehicles and the Price?
  5. Not a new Rule a old one that got removed and showed Staff that the Players cant be trusted whit that freedom. It means speeding,running a red light all that kind of stuff. MINOR things that wont get you imidiatly arrested. If you have a warrant out for you or drive a stolen Car i highly suggest for you to still pull over. Often Cops dont check your Info properly and wont even notice. Therefor pull over and give it a try if they should notice you can still run. Things like illigal goods on Person or in the vehicle DO NOT give you reason to run from Police. Remember they need to have a legitimate suspicion and reason to search you or your vehicle. If you comply you will be getting a ticket and thats mostly it. Staff will decide in those Cases. Generally use common sense and you will be able to tell when to run and when to comply.
  6. Chippo i dont want to disagree whit you but im pretty certian that Marty Cumberbacht was our Major back then. He even had his public speech whit Secret service guys. But after that nobody ever heard something again
  7. -1 Would makes things even more complicated and would end up in total corruption. Beside we had an Major and nobody ever cared about it
  8. I like the idea though i would say to make it easier set up clear rules when and where youre allowed to use a Sniper Rifle. Then you dont have to ask for permissions anymore.
  9. Enner, zwoon,dräi Bruder Lolls! The Lollsfair is an Tradition of my Home City,wich is celebrate since 852 a.C. Every Year the holy Saint Lullus will be honored by Germanys oldest carnival. Of course living in Los Santos made me unable to attend this Event,therefor, Its Time it comes to this City. My plan is to open up a Fair,not only to the honors of Saint Lullus but also to bring some relaxing free time to the People of LS. At the Moment were obviously still in the Planning Stage as alot has to be Build but were confident that once we have all Goverment issued Permits,we will be able to open up fairly quick. No pun intended. What we offer: Shooting Range Were planning on opening up a little Shooting Range on Scene were you can train your Skills and possibly win some Prizes! Ferris Wheel/Rolercoaster We will be reopennign both of them! You will be able to see over the beautiful Ocean of LS or get your Adrenalin Kick from the fast Coaster! Go Karts Of course this can be missed out on! We will be building a small Go Kart Track on the beach so you can test your Skills against your Friends! Paintball We all know,you love to shoot.. and now you can shoot your best Friend! Whit out Less then Lethal Bean Bags! Have little Wars whitout anybody gettting hurt! Events We are planning on having an event each Month,ranging from Rallys over Raffles up to Tornamets! We Plan to Purchase the old Fair Pier and the surrounding Beach in order to make this Happen. Entrance is of course FREE!! Not olny will we give people a place to have fun and relax but we also will create new Jobs Our Team: CEO : GermanFox Event Manager : Security Officer : Ride Assistante : Rajarnott Ride Assistante : Ride Assistante : We really hope that this Idea will convince you not only to list us as Offical COmpany but also to give us the Building Permits requiered. We wish for a good and close Teamwork whit the LS Goverment to make our little Dream come true! For any question please come into contact whit us as this is only the First Stage of this Project. You may reach us under: GermanFox#7333 Thank you for your Time In best regards GermanFox CEO
  10. Hey Guys,so im looking to open up a Company wich will be focused on Peacfull RP and giving Players something to do outher then working or being douches. Personally i think its a great Idea but it need some preparation. Mainly i need to Build the Company Grounds but sadly i have no idea how to use the Map Editor and especially no idea how to make stuff work whit FiveM. Ffs i didnt even get it to run... ANYWAYS, im looking for someone,possibly even one of the Devs,who could help me whit this and show me how ot actually work it. So if anybody knows his way around there please Message me!
  11. Ballern nach Maß Who are we? We from Ballern nach Maß are trying to build an Enviorment in wich everyone can get the a Gun just perfectly for him! We are a German Company trying to expand our Buissinues after great succes and even greater ambition! We bring everything Military closer to our Citicence,not only for them to have fun but to make sure if Communism strikes we are ready! What do we offer? Lawful Gun Licening in cooperation whit the LSPD A wide variety of Guns from Grannys 9mm to Big Boy Guns like a 50 Caliber Rifle Modifications to further Customise your Weapons and make sure they exactly suite your Task Buying on Location aswell as a Delivery Service Advanture Trips in Military Grade Vehicles Shooting of Heavy Weponery under Supervision On scene Gun Range Shooting In the Future we have Plans to Build a Paint Ball Arena Gun Licences Of course we wont just sell Guns to everyone. In Order to ensure only Responsible Persons will carry Firearms we want to cooperate whit the LSPD. If you want to get your Liscence you will have to Pass a Basic Gun Saftey Test,once passed we will conduct a background check. This means we will be comming into touch whit the LSPD if there are no Major Crimes or GUn Related Offences on your Record over the Period of the last week you will be eligeble for your Liscence and recieved it after you have Paid a small Fee. (Once CAD gets Intoduced) Weapons and Attachments We will make sure that every Costumer will leave Satisfied and be helped in all of his questions and concerns to the point that he will find the perfect Firearm for him. We will Guide him throught the Process and name Pros and Cons of Guns in question. We also Feature a huge variety of attachments and Customisation Options. Such as Modern Sights,Tac Lights or maybe you just want everyone to envy your new Gold Gun! Delievery Service Your Rifle broke down middle in the Woods whilst Hunting? No problem! We deliver! You can contact us and Order your Goods and a Delievery Man will imidiatly Jump into the Van and be on his way. Of course though we will never Carry Multiple Orders at once as the Risk it to great. Also we will only Deliver Small Arms aka. 9mm. Vehicle Rental Always wanted to see what an MRAP is able to do in the Field? Wondered how it would feel Flying a F22? We got you covered! We have a huge Arsenal of Decomissioned Military and Police Vehicles. Driven under Supervision: 10 Min. Half Track - 3000$ 10 Min. BF Ramp Buggy - 5000$ 20 Min. Military Cargobob - 15000$ 20 Min. Besra - 20000$ Whitout Supervision: 1HR Crusader - 5000$ 1HR Merryweather Mesa - 5000$ 1HR Thrusters - 100000$ Of course all our Vehicles are GPS tracked Heavy Weapons You will be able to rent and come to our Open Shooting Range at wich you can let your anger out to your hearthe content. 5 Min. Mounted Cal. 50 - 15000$ 5 Min. Mounted Vulcan - 20000$ 5 Min. AA Emplacement - 20000$ 10 Min. Valkery - 50000$ 5 Min. Rhino - 30000$ 5 Min. TM-02 Khanjali 37000$ Additionally you will be able to get yourself some Test Vehicles on scene. We will conduct ID and Registration Checks on them! Or you can get us to bring you some Vehicles on to shoot up on scene for a Additional 5000$ each. Vehicles are not permitted to leave the Shooting side. On Exit Vehicles will be Terminated!!! Gun Range To ensure you will be happy whit your Purcahse we have an on scene Gun Range where you will be able to test each Gun. In Order to use the Shooting Range you need to either have a Valid Gun Liscence for the respective Category or have passed the Gun Saftey Test. As we are still in setting foot here our Gunrange dosnt feature any Targets YET. You will be able to shoot a full Magazine at 10% Listing Price of the GUn youre firing. Logistics Dosnt need to be said that we dont have our whole Inventory on Scene. We will have a Warehouse on the Docks in wich our Imports will arrive and be stored. From there an Amored Truck will be Transporting the Guns to our Location on Adams Apple. Franchises Everyone starts small but whit growth comes expansion. And so we are eager to Employ more People and Build a Big Company. We will also allow Individuals whit the right kind of Money to Open theyre own SHops under our Company. They will have full control over theyre Prices,Promotions and so on.. of course whitin Firm Policies. If this should Proof a succes we are already having Plans for a Second Location in Sandy Shores. Also we are planning on Opening a Paintball Arena in wich lthe little whiners will also be able to be real man for once and take lifes. Metaforical speaking of course. Thank you for your Time and we hope we could win you for our Buissinues Plan. If there are any open Questions please dont hesitate in contacting us for clarifications. Best Regards Gustav Warrior

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