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  1. until
    Event Details Meet at Los Santos Customs for Registration 24th of November 7:00pm AEST City 1. Show your support towards Movember All repairs will be $2500 for the event and Tow Trucks will be around if you need Repairs or Cleans for your vehicles. Prizes 1st: 150 free Repair with insurance (Bike and Car show) 2st: Performance Mod (Bike and Car show) 3rd: 15 free Repairs (Bike and Car show) Raffle Aventador Fully Modded 60k per ticket (Cash) Treasure Hunt HSV Fully Modded 20% Armour Rules / Regulations There will be 6 checkpoints you will receive a different clue at Every Checkpoint you go to. There will be Tow truck at every Checkpoint for you if you need a repair on your vehicle if you have crashed on the way. No shooting or tazing each other when at the Main Event and when doing the Treasure Hunt. Hope to see you there! Los Santos Customs Management Team
  2. until
    EVENT DETAILS DATE: 20/11/2019 TIME: REGISTRATION 6:45PM AEDT RACING AT 7:30PM AEDT Los Santos Most Wanted are back with another night of racing THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT! This time, however, we’re going to cut the police some slack and head on out to County for some good ol’ fashioned Off-Road racing! Pull out your off-road beasts (4x4 only) and come on down to Hookies roadhouse along great ocean road (Just before widows corner) for a great night off-road racing. Registration for the race opens at 6:45pm aedt and racing will kick off at 7.30pm aedt (Vic time). RULES/REGULATIONS 1. Buy-ins back up to 100k 2. 4x4 cars only. 3. One racer on the track at a time (This is due to the tightness of the track). 4. You have 3 chances to post your best time. 5. Enter at your own risk. There is a chance you will lose your car in the river (if you lose your car to the river, your car will be unable to continue). 6. There will be a Benny's tow truck to pick up the wrecks and apply any repairs needed free of charge for the racers. 7. Fastest Time takes the prize! PRIZES We are going for our biggest prize pool yet with sponsorship from Antonio and Benny's customs (God bless his deep pockets and generosity). 1st place: Brand spanking new CARACASE 2nd place: 50% of the prize pool 3rd place: 20% of prize pool Sponsored by: Rebel Raiderz The Collective Benny's customs Lost Santos Most Wanted
  3. Sachhi

    Blood In The Mud

    Pale Riders MC Presents FIGHT RULES. -No weapons, if we see any fighters pull out weapons they will be disqualified - If anyone jumps into the ring to aid a fighter that fighter will be disqualified - These fights are friendly and any bullying or harassment will not be tolerated and will result in being escorted from the event with no warning. EVENT DETAILS. - Before the tournament, there will be a series of single 1v1 fights where each fighter pays $2500 to fight another and the winner taking $4000 and the other $1000 going towards the next BITM prize pool - Then there will be a tournament where each fighter who would l to participate pays $10000 winner of each round advances to the next round until there are only 2 fighters left the winner out of them 2 will take the glory and all the money. - If time allows, there will be a free for all fist fight just for fun :slight_smile: EVENT RULES. - No fighting outside of the ring, if you want to hit someone do it in the ring - Please follow instructions on where to park vehicles as we want the keep Traffic away from the crowds for safety - When the referee is calling fighters in and announcing winners please try to keep chatter to a minimum as its hard to talk over a noisy crowd