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  1. The forum application process is no longer utilised. Applications posted here will not be processed. Please apply in-game at any job centre.
  2. TUTORIAL: WHEN AND HOW TO FILE A PLAYER COMPLAINT [1] WHEN A PLAYER COMPLAINT IS NECESSARY There are certain situations where a player complaint ('complaint') is necessary in order to deal with poorly behaving individuals. Some of these situations are listed below, however this is not an exhaustive list: The player reported against ('the accused') has shown continued disregard for server rules. It is important to note this DOES NOT include LSLA in-character legislation, department or job Standard Operating Procedures ('SOPs') or department or job rules and guidelines. The accused has abused a position of power held on the server or in the community (for staff complaints, go here). The accused has breached, at any point, continuously or not, our policy on harassment, insults, threats and community respect (see sections 5 and 7 of the rules). IF THE ACCUSED HAS COMMITTED AN OFFENCE UNDER AUSTRALIAN ACTS OF LAW, AGAINST YOU OR SOMEONE ELSE IN THE COMMUNITY, YOU ARE URGED TO CONTACT STAFF IMMEDIATELY. IF YOU FEEL UNSAFE, YOU SHOULD SPEAK TO A TRUSTED ADULT OR CONTACT LOCAL POLICE. FAT DUCK GAMING ('FDG') WILL PASS ON INFORMATION TO LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT IF NECESSARY. [Note: When in-game, you should request staff via '/report' in chat for on-the-spot assistance. Despite every effort being made to ensure player complaints are dealt with in a timely manner, this may not always be the case in certain circumstances ] [2] HOW TO FILE A PLAYER COMPLAINT To file a player complaint, adhere to the following procedure, You will need a Fat Duck Gaming Forums account to proceed. Need a forums account? Go to www.fatduckgaming.com and 'Sign Up'. Head over to the player complaints form on the forums, located under 'Application Forms' in the navigation bar. Hit 'Add New Complaint', located in the top right of the page . Title your complaint as follows "[The Accused] - [Rule(s) breached]" (see examples below). "Peach - RDM" "Joe - Powergaming and Suicide to avoid RP" Select category "LSLA". In the content field, you must use the following layout, failure to comply with the Complaint Guidelines may result in your complaint being automatically rejected (see below) (see this player complaint). Offender Name: Offender Discord#xxxx (If applicable): Accused of rules: (List each rule in a new line) Description of event: Witnesses: Evidence*: *NOTE: If video evidence is submitted, which is highly preferable, at least 2 minutes worth of game play prior to the accused act(s) or omission(s) must be provided. Once complete, hit 'Save'. Your complaint will be posted and staff will begin their investigation. [3] HOW STAFF TREAT COMPLAINTS LSLA Administrators, Community Managers and Leaders treat every complaint equally and fairly. Staff members attending to these complaints play the role of an unbiased decision maker, applying server rules to the facts presented to them, and holding those who fall below the threshold of acceptable conduct expected by the community accountable. If the facts of a case lack clarity, or are subject to conflicting evidence, staff will take an active role in attempting to find the true facts of the case, however staff do not have unlimited resources at their disposals and are subject to many difficulties during this process, sometimes leading to delayed responses or even no verdict. Staff take these complaints very seriously, and hence we expect the same level of seriousness and effort in the complaints we receive. Need more information? Contact staff on Discord for further clarification. That's it Written by Snakey. Last updated 28 March 2019 at 14:15 AEDST.
  3. Dear Elizabeth Summers, your application for a position in the LSES Ambulance Division has been accepted! Welcome to the team, you've been designated the following call sign: Cadet [4C-39]  Contact a Paramedic+ to organise basic training, remembering a member of High Command will need to finalise your training. However, feel free to head on duty if no one is available to train. Our Handbook has helpful information to get you started, and don't be afraid to ask for help in the #LSFD_Staff chat. Regards,  D.Director Barone, on behalf of LSES High Command  [OOC Notice: You will need to have your rank assigned in game before being able to play, ask for assistance in game by using /report in chat. If an admin requires proof, direct them to the EMS Training Roster, or politely ask them to contact @Snakey, @Plasma43, @PumparN, @DrDre or @Moogle] Locked and Archived
  4. Sanderson Carter Law - Organisation Application ***The following information is preliminary, hence subject to change and governed by our 'Terms of Service' (TOS). ^^^This project was initiated by Kn0pee and Snakey [1] Who We Are Here at Sanderson Carter Law, we are all about making the city fair. Too long has the city of Los Santos been without a proper legal system. As it stands currently, the LSPD are the writers, enforcers and interpreters of the law, without any separation of power. We intend on working with government agencies and the broader community to minimise the unjust concentration of power the LSPD holds, by separating the responsibilities within Los Santos’ justice system. Sanderson Carter Law was founded by Harvey Sanderson and Samuel Carter. Harvey Sanderson works on the business, keeping it in the green by cutting deals, getting clients and managing the firm as a whole. Born in 1979, he has more than 15 years of running a business under his belt. Before founding Sanderson Carter, he worked for an big firm in New Jersey, but felt his skills of management were underappreciated, so moved to Los Santos to start up his own firm. He is a ruthless businessman, who will stop at nothing for his clients Samuel Carter is the genius behind all of our cases. He specialises in getting people out of every situation, big or small. He is regarded as the best lawyer in the country, and has an unprecedented comprehension of Los Santos’ justice system. His experience began at 18 years of age, when he successfully sued his mother for slandering him on FaceBook. Soon after, he secured a position at R&B Lawyers. Ten years later, he transferred to the judiciary, becoming a judge specialising in property and family law. In 2011, he left the judiciary and co-founded Sanderson Cater Law. [2] Our Intentions [2.1] Our team of dedicated solicitors, barristers and lawyers will be able to assist you in defending yourself, by ensuring your rights are upheld and justice is being achieved. We will represent you for any case big or small, from jaywalking to espionage (Subject to our TOS). [2.2] We intend to draft and submit for consideration, legislation which will outline the rights and responsibilities of individuals when dealing with law enforcement officers. This will help both civilians and the LSPD, by creating an enforceable threshold of acceptable conduct from both parties. [2.3] We will enable and provide the legal framework for resolving disputes of the corporate/private law nature, including contract, tort and property. We work off a three step dispute resolution process, where we attempt to resolve disputes in a cost effective, time efficient and just manner: Negotiation → Conciliation → Arbitration (Court). [3] Founding Sanderson Cater Law was established in 2011, where we operated out of a small rundown house in Davis, Los Santos. We started out working small misdemeanor cases like red light offences and speeding tickets, until our big break when we were approached by Shannon Noll to represent him after he was found going 153 km/h in a 60 zone. After getting him off with a verbal warning our credibility and fame skyrocketed. Now we are based in Downtown Los Santos, and handle all cases big and small. We have got murder charges reduced to foul language, felony evasion down to jaywalking. We represent hundreds of clients, all over Los Santos. [4] Famous Past Cases Kane West v The City of Los Santos (2012) [SC] {Sanderson Carter Law represented Mr West.} After tripping and falling on an unmarked uneven footpath, Mr West broke his jaw and nose. Mr West then sued for damages as he could no longer use his voice in a manner that would generate him income, as he had been doing for years prior to the incident. The judge found that The City of Los Santos failed in their duty of care to either fix and adequately mark the uneven surface, resulting in Mr West’s personal injuries, loss of earnings due to cancelled or altered trips, and loss of future income. The City of Los Santos was ordered to pay Mr West 10.9 million dollars in compensation. R v Lawson Blake (2013) [DC] {Sanderson Carter Law represented Mr Blake} Mr Blake was charged with possession and intent to sell after BCSO officers pulled him over on Los Santos Freeway. The reason for pulling Mr Blake over was officially recorded as a random breath test (RBT), however when the accused exercised his rights and requested the officers identify themselves, the officers ordered Mr Blake out of the vehicle, threatening arrest. Mr Blake exited the vehicle without conflict and the officers proceeded to search the vehicle, finding 90g of weed tucked under the back seat. During trial, the officers claimed Mr Blake’s request for identification gave them reasonable cause to search the vehicle, however the judge decided the search was conducted without probable cause and hence, illegally. Mr Blake was acquitted of all charges. Slovlak Mafia v Vanilla Unicorn (2016) [SC] {Sanderson Carter Law represented the Slovlak Mafia} After a long night at the Vanilla Unicorn, members of the Slovak Mafia began receiving phone calls 8 months later from employees of the Unicorn claiming “their child is due within the next month”. After negotiation between parties, it was discovered that the members of the mafia did not use protection, however an employee of the Unicorn told them on the night in question that “all employees are protected, it isn’t necessary for you to be (smiles seductively)”. The mafia also raised the issue, how is it known that the mafia were the fathers considering the nature of work conducted by the employees in question. During trial, the judge found that the employees of the Unicorn delivered false and misleading information, and illegally conducted DNA tests. Nik Roe’s organisation was awarding 15 million in damages and the names of the mafia members were removed from the birth certificates of the children. [5] Important Locations Main Office Our main office is where we will do most of our work. This includes meeting clients, storing important documents and conducting depositions. Conveniently it also has a parking garage next door, for staff and visitor parking, as well a Bean Machine branch on the ground floor for some coffee. It is located on Vespucci Blvd and Alta St, Pillbox Hill, Los Santos. Courthouse The city courthouse is located on Occupation Ave and Elgin Ave, Alta, Los Santos. This will be used for big cases, such as murder trials and corruption cases. [6] Additional Information Additional information can be found on our Discord portal: https://discord.gg/NqeUGJR Please note the Discord portal is not entirely complete Additional Information includes but is not limited to: Roster and Roles (We're hiring!) Employee Information Sanderson Carter Law values the community, please leave us any feedback or opinions you have so we can better our service. Our 'Terms of Service' (TOS) and 'Standard Operating Procedure' (SOP) are not yet complete and hence, are not yet available to the public. This project has the potential for expansion into more corporate/civil services, for example insurance, loans and debt collection.

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