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  1. If this does gain traction, I will need people to help support this business. Thank you guys for the support. If only we could get the right eyes to see this. I don't want to set too much in stone, as a panel of executives would initially design the company and shape it over time.
  2. Airline Proposal and New Business Ideas There seems to be a severe lack of aircraft and aircraft enthusiasm in the community. There are no air races, sightseeing tours, human or cargo transportation at all in the ENTIRE state! To me, a lifelong aviation enthusiast, this is absurd. So being the fan of aviation I am, I thought I could try to start some interest back up by securing a pilot's license and aircraft to demonstrate the use. Of course that desire quickly turned to frustration when I found out that there really wasn’t any way to get that certification let alone an actual aircraft. So my proposal is this: A reopening of the aviation industry, but not focused on transportation. Instead, a much different direction. I intend to use my start-up, Red Line Adrenaline Sports, to start hosting events like air races, skydiving, water sports, diving, downhill mountain biking, dirt track events like rallies and dirt bikes, and legally condoned pavement events. Even fund ideas like crazy stunts and tricks! The business will consist of myself as CEO, and have 3 other board member positions available for general planning. Our executives will be supported by a staff of 5 event coordinators, and below them will be primary event staff. We will also enlist the assistance of volunteers during events for a single pay-out for their time and services. Executives will be responsible for: -Securing funding and sponsorship -Government sanctions -Planning of events. Event coordinators will be responsible for: -Event staff coordination -Hosting -Entry fee gathering -Champion and runner-up pay-outs Event staff will assist with assist coordinators at events -Help direct participants to the proper location -Gather entry fees from spectators -Help plan police and medical readiness -Gather a limited number of volunteers to assist -Help event sponsors set up in event grounds Please, if you have any concerns, questions, or input, DM me on Discord @ RIver#2410 Thank you so much for your consideration and I hope to hear back from y'all soon!

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