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  1. This claim has been settled outside of court with both parties agreeing on a desired outcome. I thank the tribunal and administration for their time. Kind regards, Charles Soloman
  2. Good Afternoon Secretary Of Justice, As per the discussion via email here is the formal recorded submission of evidence i wish to expose during discovery. Witness Statement from Dazza Michaels Witness Statement from Moey Sa’eid Witness Statement from Charles Soloman(If Accepted) To call upon each officer present in the detainment area during this situation CCTV footage of the situation provided by LSPD(pending subpoena) Kind Regards, Charles Soloman
  3. Good Afternoon, Please see attached the following; SUBPOENA TO PRODUCE BETWEEN APPLICANTS Mr Michaels, Mr Hussein, Mr Michaels & Mr Sa’eid AND RESPONDENT Los Santos Police Department Date of document: 26/06/20 Filed on behalf of: Mr Michaels, Mr Hussein, Mr Michaels & Mr Sa’eid Prepared by: Charles Soloman Tel: 999-230 Supervised by: Simon Richter Tel: 417-861 To Los Santos Police Department of Mission Row, Los Santos, S.A: YOU ARE HEREBY ORDERED to attend to produce the documents or items specified in the Schedule of Documents. Failure to comply with this subpoena without lawful excuse will be treated as contempt of court and may result in your arrest. You should read all of this subpoena’s contents. The last day for service of this subpoena is the 1st of July, 2020. DETAILS OF SUBPOENA You must comply with this subpoena: By producing the specific documents listed under the Schedule of Documents below by the specified date. These documents must be emailed to either of the email addresses listed below. All documents requested under this subpoena may be sent the following email address: Mr. Charles Soloman - Crossy#2207; or Mr. Simon Richter - Jimmy#0251 SCHEDULE OF DOCUMENTS A copy of the CCTV footage from Vespucci Police Station on the 20th of June 2020, between the hours of 10 PM and 11:30 PM. NOTES Contempt of Court Failure to comply with a subpoena without lawful excuse is considered being in contempt of court and may be dealt with accordingly.
  4. Contact Details - Applicant First Name: Charles Last Name: Soloman Mobile: 999-230 Discord: crossy#2207 Contact Details - Client(s) First Name: Dazza Last Name: Michaels Mobile: 110-546 Discord: First Name: Assad Last Name: Hussein Mobile: 579-388 Discord: aezke First Name: Blake Last Name: Michaels Mobile: 548-022 Discord: Blake.eggins First Name: Moey Last Name: Sa'eid Mobile: 768-022 Discord: 'Sneaky For Claims Respondent Name: Max Harper Respondent Organisation: LSPD Respondent Callsign (if known): X-1 Respondent Discord (if known): olliesful#7657 Respondent Name: LSPD present during detainment and prosecution Respondent Organisation: LSPD Respondent Callsign (if known): N/A Respondent Discord (if known): N/A Statement of Claims: I was called by one of my clients, Dazza Michaels, who requested my legal representation for him and 3 friends. Upon reaching the holding cells within Vespucci Police Department I greeted the 10 to 15 officers who were present outside the cells. I was instantly greeted by Max Harper who announced himself as X-1 and the person in charge for this operation and prosecution against my clients. My first request was to speak with my clients in confidence, which was instantly denied by Max Harper. I advised him that by law, I can speak to my clients in confidence which he again refused and stated “Tell me what law says that”. My clients were denied their right to communicate in confidence with their chosen lawyer, and have 15 minutes to prepare their defence (s10(e)(4) Civil Rights Act 2018). At no point in time did my clients waive this right. Subsequently, non-compliance with section 10(e) of this act and its subsections triggers section 10(e)(10), requiring my clients to be released without charge. I then requested the evidence which is being used to prosecute my clients. Max Harper stated “I witnessed a crime and they will be charged accordingly, K Thanks Bye”. I proceeded to question the evidence and he advised me that all he had to do was tell me that he obtained 10 points of prosecution which is enough for the prosecution of my clients. I asked for the arrest report which should have been filed in the MDT detailing the evidence which he had witnessed and was refused and again met with a smug arrogance and incompetence from a commanding officer of the LSPD. It was then that one officer spoke up and informed me of the following. “I was the first officer to enter the building. When we breached we found 3 men aiming guns and 1 holding a knife. The person with the knife then stabbed the officer killing him.” I then requested the charges which were being filed against my clients which Max Harper informed me of; For the Knife wielder X1 Murder of a Government Agent X3 Kidnapping For the other 3 X1 Criminal Accessory X3 Kidnapping I questioned the criminal accessory charge which Max Harper went silent for a moment, Then advised me he would be changing the Criminal Accessory charge to Aiding and Abetting. Max Harper then advised me that, due to the fact I attended the detainment facilities he was upgrading the sentence by 50% because they plead not guilty. However, my clients were never granted the opportunity to enter a plea, as such a plea of not guilty had not been entered at that time and Civil Rights Act (s12(b)) - A penalty must not be imposed on any person for a criminal offence that is greater than the penalty that applied to the offence when it was committed. Further, irrespective of my clients plea, it should be noted that Mr Harper does not have the legal authority to impose a harsher sentence. This decision was seemingly made in accordance with the superseded Law Enforcement (Powers & Responsibilities) Act 2018 section 8(b). The current law indicates that, if a person pleads not guilty and is subsequently found guilty, the full sentence must be imposed (Law Enforcement (Powers & Responsibilities) Act 2018 s10(i)). I then attempted to speak in confidence with my second client. I was again met with the same hostility, arrogance and incompetence that left me unable to render my legal services in a manner consistent with that prescribed of me by law. After speaking with my clients once their time was served. They advised me that they all received the following charges; X1 Murder X3 Kidnapping Max Harper changed and upgraded the charges after informing me legally of their charges once I had exited the building. This is deeply concerning that a commanding officer has such a thirst for prosecution that he believes he is above the Los Santos Laws and Regulations. Crimes Act 2018 Div III (s18(a))) - Murder “A person who intentionally causes the death of another person, regardless of whether the act was attempted or has been committed, shall be liable to a sentence of $20,000 fine and 15 minutes imprisonment.” It is my recommendation that Max Harper be investigated for the following; Crimes Act Div III (s20) x4 - Unlawful Imprisonments Crimes and Corruptions Act Div II (s4(c)(1)) - Refused to supply evidence when requested by a legal Practitioner. Crimes and Corruptions Act Div II (s4(c)(2)) - Fraudulent Conduct Law Enforcement Powers and Responsibilities Act Div II (s10) LSPD Handbook For Prosecution Civil Rights Act (s12(b)) - A penalty must not be imposed on any person for a criminal offence that is greater than the penalty that applied to the offence when it was committed. Now, The Claim for compensation against all four clients are in accordance with; Civil Torts Act Div II (s7(3)) - Civil Rights Breached Civil Torts Act Div II (s7(6)) - Unlawful Imprisonment Civil Torts Act Div II (s7(7)) - Unlawful Prosecution With the above being clear and truthful, I argue; Max Harper prosecuted my clients for charges which are not permitted, breached their civil rights on numerous counts and showed an extreme level of incompetence when a legal practitioner attended. My recommendation is that the Secretary of Justice exercises the power vested in him, (s4(d) Crime and Corruptions Act) to dishonourably discharge Max Harper for his flagrant disregard of the law and civil rights as an LSPD commander, prejudicing, and bringing discredit upon, the Government. I request all four clients to have their criminal charges & fines removed in accordance with the Civil Rights Act, section 10(e)(10). All properties confiscated by LSPD will be returned to my clients. Compensation for time served in relation to the criminal charges which my clients were illegally prosecuted for. Compensation for multitude of Civil Rights breached. Witnesses: Charles Soloman Dazza Michaels Blake Michaels Assad Hussein Moey Sa’eid Max Harper 10-15 LSPD Officers present in the detainment facilities at Vespucci Police Department. Acknowledgement: Failure to acknowledge the following will result in penalties 1. I acknowledge that under section 22 of the Crimes Act 2018 and section 8 of the Judicial Procedures Act 2019 that it is an offence to provide falsified statements or evidence and may result in harsh penalty if convicted. (Y) 2. I acknowledge that under section 15 of the Judicial Procedures Act 2019 that there will be a fee associated with the proceedings of this case, per person in each party. (Y) 3. I authorise the Government of Los Santos to deduct any fees set out in point 2 above from my bank account automatically. (Attach evidence of consent from additional applicants to this case). (Y) Signed, Charles Soloman Provisional Legal Practitioner Signed, Simon Richter Legal Practitioner
  5. +1, Richy shows dedication day in day out for Bennys. Deserves the chance to make it his own and i'm excited to see where it goes with him.
  6. OOC Info Steam Username: Crossyau Account ID: 12987 Discord#9999: crossy#2207 IC Info Personal details: Full Name: Charles Soloman Occupation: Provision Lawyer Employment History: Studied Law at Los Santos University, Currently Practising Law under the supervision of nominated Legal Supervisors. Criminal Record: Clean How long have you lived in Los Santos?: 2+ Years Current Business Plan: Reason for Registration: My formal registration for the ownership of Los Santos Custom's is to primarily promote new player role play and enjoyment through employment and building friendships through work. Another reason i wish to own this particular business is its location in both City and County being prime areas for centre role play. With legal representation not fulfilling my schedule i'm hoping this application is successful so i can dig deep and hopefully create a positive outcome from my management. Business Plan: Planned Activities would be creating as many server events as possible that are enjoyable for the community as a whole, Bringing more role play into events. Looking to create an in depth friendship and alliance of some description between the other Mechanic company's in Los Santos so that we all work together for the same common goals. Los Santos Customs under my management would aim to increase staff capacity to allow for enjoyment, A more constant role play interaction within the community through activity and respect. The Business would run off a pay system which rewards activity, dedication and role play over anything else. Operational costs would be made to reflect this and having the legal knowledge i have obtained Employees would be paid in accordance with the Act and receive all entitlements allocated. For the business to be successful it requires customers, For this we would be offering services to Organisations, Groups and Government Departments. Regular server events to bring in business. Proposed Organisation Structure: I will be hoping to keep the valued staff already working and dedicating time to this business. Employee's history will be honoured and i will not look to be removing any current employee's as they have earned their spots and proven to the previous owner of their abilities. CEO - x1 Responsible for Fund management, COO directives, Mentor & all of the below. COO - x1 Although with increasing Staff operations it may venture into 2. Responsible for Management, Implementing Events, Creating Staff enjoyment, Activeness, Direction of the company & all of the below. Management/HR - x5 Responsible for day to day operations, Promotions, Bonus's/Rewards for mechanics, Enforcing role play and enjoyment over payday & all of the Below. Qualified Mechanic - No Cap - Dependant on role play & activeness Responsible for Modifications of vehicles, Helping new players and staff & all of the below. Service Mechanic - No Cap - Dependant on role play & activeness Servicing/Repairs of vehicles, attending tow requests, mobile call outs & all of the below. Apprentice Mechanic - No Cap - Dependant on role play & activeness Servicing/repairs of vehicles, attending tow requests, mobile call outs. The locations already owned by Los Santos Custom in accordance with Department of Commerce is more then sufficient for the businesses success. Future Business Needs: Government logistic support requests (IF INCORPORATED): The current vehicles, Uniforms are in working order. The premises are working as intended and shouldn't require renovations. This is subject to change at any time as the business expands and grows. The use of area's within the map to hold legal events, competitions and role play interactions. Confirmation: I understand that I will need to roleplay my business and prove the potential in my registration in order for my business to ever be taken into consideration for incorporation. (Y) I acknowledge that the Government's receival of this registration does not automatically grant me a business to run. (Y) I acknowledge that falsifying details in this application may render a permanent blacklisting from future registrations. (Y) I acknowledge that this is a multi-step process in order to start a business, and I am currently on step 1. (Y) I acknowledge that the incorporation cost of my business may be expensive (Millions) if I am ever considered. (Y) I acknowledge that I will be subjected to the Corporations, Contracts and Labour Act and corporate provisions of the Crime and Corruption Act upon registration of my business, and I will comply with such laws. (Y) I will not nudge, bump or message a Government official to enquire on the status of this application. (Y) If my proposed business is part of the Aviation or Private Security industry, I have/will be readily able to obtain the relevant clearances and qualifications required to operate the business in that sector. (Y)
  7. +1 these lads would do well.
  8. +1 Would like to see how these guys will impact the community

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