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  1. Hi all, I want to preface this by saying that I have no issue with any members of the LSDP or their conduct at this time. And to the officer that spent over 40 minutes talking with Mr Armitage, thank you for the brilliant roleplaying experience. Personally I enjoy acting as somewhat of an adhoc lawyer for people on the server. As there is no specific role for this I tend to simply RP the scenario and I slowly build a client base. It's extremely enjoyable as it is a pure RP role. However, I have come across an issue tonight regarding the letter of the law. Whilst in discussion with an arresting officer I was informed that the law that they were applying was not currently noted on the Fat Duck forums (in character obviously). This causes a bit of a power gaming issue as either the officer agrees to only apply those charges which are present on the forums or they force me to accept the law that they are utilising. I am happy to accept that new laws have been introduced or changes have been added since the laws were posted but can I please request that they be updated to reflect all changes that the LSPD may be working from. I love lawyering and the RP and immersion that it brings to the game. I just don't want to be so jarringly removed from that experience by inconsistent laws. Thanks for reading.
  2. I want to preface this by saying that I understand that this would be a major change and require alot of behind the scenes work by our wonderful coders and community managers. As such though this is a real suggestion, take it with a grain of salt. This is just an idea I had andI wanted to share and discuss. Enjoy... The Black Market Currently illegal objects/substances/funds appear out of thin air. They may require input such as time or money but they don’t require much, if any, RP. The exception is the Whackerz/Chop Shop and the Lunatix/guns. These are good examples of RP based actions. I believe this needs to be widened to most if not all other activities both legal and illegal. My suggestion for the Black Market does this. It ties all these activities into a comprehensive system that increases RP requirements and opportunities. It will also increase the depth of gangs and gang interactions. How it Works The Black Market is focused on increasing depth and RP opportunity within the illegal trades. This will be done by a number of system changes. Allowing all gangs to access all illegal activities Providing progression goals for gangs Swapping out NPC interaction for player interaction Breaking up Monopolies The first necessary change is breaking up the idea of gang monopolies on certain products. Every gang should have basic access to every illegal commodity/service. These should all be available for purchase at the Black Market. This will increase competition between the gangs and force them to build a brand with the non-gang affiliated players on the server. Black Market Reputation Though we need to disallow monopolies, we do want gangs to specialise. As such each commodity category should have a reputation bar similar to that which is used for jobs. This would restrict gangs from accessing every item at once unless they have filled the bar to 75%. At 100% they would get a blanket discount. This would require a large amount of time and money to gain 100%. Gangs should also be unable to build rep in every category. Once one category has reached 100% then the others should be capped at 75% then once the second is at 75% the rest should be capped at 50%. This would promote specialisation and allow gangs to approach monopoly but still allow competition. Reputation should decay over time to promote active, consistent interaction with the BM. Swap NPC Interaction for Player Interaction The best way to illustrate this is through a working example. I’m going to use meth as the example because it takes advantage of a large number of the proposed features of the Black Market. Currently meth as an activity is carried out by taking money to an NPC, typing the number of meth that you want to buy into a box, the meth is then added to your inventory whilst the money is removed. You then take the meth to the sell spot and hit E next to NPC’s to swap the meth for dirty money and hope you don’t get caught. This requires absolutely no RP unless you get caught by the cops. There is always going to have to be some form of NPC/Server interaction. However, with the addition of the Black Market (BM) there would be more steps to this process that add depth and RP opportunity. Here is what I propose laid out step by step from the beginning to the end of the meth ecosystem: A gang leader (GL) opens their phone or goes to a laptop in their gang hideout and requests a meeting with a Black Market Representative. This can also be made available to other high level gang members (GM) at the GL’s discretion The Representative role can be made playable (especially for Government characters) but for this example I am suggesting that it be an NPC 2 in-game hours later the Representative spawns in at one of a few set locations and is available there for 24 in-game hours. A notification is sent to all players with access to the BM, advising that a Rep has arrived and the location of the Representative. Police officers and government officials of a certain clearance will also be alerted but not given the location The timeframes are flexible and able to be removed The location can be made to be a single consistent place though I feel this would reduce the clandestine nature of the BM GL’s & GM’s are then able to go to the BM and speak to the Rep to place an order for a number of illegal goods. These goods will be cheaper per unit than currently available, but only be able to be purchased in bulk (1000+ for drugs, 50+ for weapons, etc.) Please see below for the list of suggested goods The goods must be paid for in cash GL’s & GM’s who did not request the Rep are still able to make purchases Association with the Rep should be a crime, allowing police to set up sting operations/ambushes if they are able to locate the Rep and catch players interacting The Rep interaction will be a menu displaying cost, available quantity, delivery time and delivery location The GL/GM will order an amount of meth ingredients and meth lab equipment to add to their hideout. They will then receive an Invoice in exchange for the money. The invoice will be a useable item that will display the delivery location and time. The delivery time can be removed The delivery location should be marked on the players map when the invoice is used If the invoice is obtained and utilised by another player, they are shown the same details The GL/GM will then go to the location at the allotted time and interact with the delivery point to obtain the items. The interaction can be with a vehicle, a crate, an NPC or the door to a building It can be an interaction similar to the current system or it can be similar to moving fish to and from vehicles The interaction point should not be immediately obvious i.e. no red or yellow circle Any player can interact with the drop point to obtain the goods regardless of if they have an invoice or not Being at the delivery point and even interacting with the delivery point is not illegal. Simply the possession of the goods is illegal though also carries a trafficking charge The GL/GM then takes the ingredients to their gang hideout and distributes it to the rest of the gang to process in their BM sourced meth lab. The ingredients are processed in a similar way to wood when lumberjacking Please see below for more details on the meth lab Once the meth is cooked the gang is then able to sell to players for whatever price they deem and to NPC’s for a raised rate Prices for NPC sale can be monitored and controlled but should be higher to reflect the increased risk and time investment Benefits These changes are aimed at providing many more opportunities for RP such as: Interaction between high tier gang members at the BM More realistic opportunities for sting and raid operations with police at the BM, the delivery point and the hideout More raid opportunities between gangs at the BM (money), the delivery point (goods), the hideout (goods/money) and at any distribution location (goods/money) More suitable opportunities for bodyguard/security style work at the BM and the delivery point More long term goals for gangs and police List of Suggested Commodities/Services Drugs Marijuana Cocaine Opium Methamphetamine LSD Gang Hideout Upgrades Meth Processing Meth Ingredients Cocaine Processing Cocaine Ingredients Weed Farm Opium Processing Opium Ingredients LSD Processing LSD Ingredients Hidden Storage On-Site Money Laundering On-Site Fence On-Site Chop Shop Medical Station Munitions Manufacture Tattoo Equipment Arms Melee Weapons Pistols Shotguns Assault Rifles Sniper Rifles SMG’s Explosives Body Armour Ammunition Services Money Laundering at BM Money Laundering Locations Fence for Stolen Goods at BM Fence locations Chop Shop at BM Chop Shop Locations Medical Services at BM Medical Services Locations Restricted Vehicles Groupe 6 Style Armoured Truck Groupe 6 Style Sedan EMS Style Vehicles Police Style Sedans Police Style 4x4’s Military Style Humvee Military Style Transport Truck Illegal Car Modifications Tuner Chips Bullet Proofing Nos Tinting Body Kits Hidden Compartments Restricted Cosmetics Police EMS Groupe 6 Military Gang Uniforms Gang Tattoo Designs Commodity Categories and Reputation Distribution No Reputation (New gang) Drugs Weed Chop Shop (includes all vehicle related items) Tuner Kits Tinting Body Kits Nos Parts Sale (same as current system) Restricted Services Money Laundering Fence Arms All weapons available in Ammunation without the need for a license Ammunition for all accessible firearms Restricted Cosmetics Gang Uniforms Gang Tattoo Designs 25% Reputation All Previous Items Hideout Upgrades (available at 25% in any other category) Hidden Storage Tattoo Equipment Drugs Cocaine Opium Weed Seeds Weed Farm (hideout upgrade) Chop Shop (includes all vehicle related items) Hidden Compartments Bullet Proofing Selling Stolen Cars for Parts (Same as current system however it breaks the car down into parts and sells for a lesser value) Chop Shop Locations Restricted Services Medical Services Fence Locations Money Laundering Locations Arms Long Bladed Weapons i.e. Machete 25% Body Armour Mid Tier Shotguns Ammunition for all accessible firearms Restricted Uniforms (available at 25% in any other category) Groupe 6 Military 50% Reputation All Previous Items Drugs Meth LSD Cocaine Processing Equipment (hideout upgrade) Cocaine Ingredients Opium Processing Equipment (hideout upgrade) Opium Ingredients Chop Shop Steal and clean cars (Same as above but more money) Access to Purchase Military Vehicles (limited number) Access to Purchase Groupe 6 Vehicles (limited number) Restricted Services On-Site Fence (hideout upgrade) On-Site Money Laundering (hideout upgrade) Medical Services Location Arms 50% Body Armour SMG’s High Tier Shotguns Automatic Pistols Ammunition for all accessible firearms Restricted Uniform (available at 50% in any other category) EMS uniform Low Rank Police 75% Reputation All Previous Items Drugs Meth Processing (hideout upgrade) Meth Ingredients LSD Processing (hideout upgrade) LSD Ingredients Chop Shop Access to Purchase EMS Vehicles Access to Purchase Police Vehicles On-Site Chop Shop (hideout upgrade) Restricted Services Medical Services Locations Arms Assault Rifles Sniper Rifles Explosives 75% Armour Ammunition for all accessible firearms Restricted Uniform (available at 75% in any other category) High Level Police uniforms

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