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  1. Script Changes Fixed Valhalla not being able to withdraw money from the account Improved pull from vehicle functionality. This is now accessible through the vehicle context menu (E menu) and allows you to select which seat Changed chatbox location to prevent overlapping with other UI (still in testing) Added ability to call and text the person who placed the call for businesses. This should allow responders to communicate they are on their way, and ask for more details. Added support for radios using 2 different frequencies simultaneously. Each channel can be configured in F4 (or /fx2) and has different radio FX Added traffic control for PD / EMS, to allow them to stop or slow AI / local traffic when working on roads. Fixed vehicles attaching to the flatbed incorrectly Fixed having access to boot whilst on a bike Fixed job paychecks not coming out of business funds (oh dear this is going to cause quite a heated debate in #general) Added the ability to store cash in apartment storage Fixed bug causing Bearcat Cars to teleport across the map Fixed not being able to withdraw money and dirty cash from apartments / houses Potential Fix for the jail Added jail clothing Fixed bug allowing police to call wanted without a phone Changed house robberies to show the scale of how loud you are Changed house robberies to be available through all time period Changed house robberies maximum speed Lowered cooldown for house robberies Map Changes Fixed being able to jump through walls at Prison Removed Explosive Tanks from Grapeseed Garage Stream Changes Added Trucks purchasable from the car dealer Added Female LTX Vests Added Bearcat female clothing Added Bennys Clothing Changed bearcat liveries Changed G6 liveries Fixed G6 Command Vehicle seating Fixed G6/Bearcat Male Polo shirt Added masks for the Whackers Other Fixed voice for players while travelling in a fast vehicle. This should now work even when on whisper. Changed spike strips to be an item, and deploy 2 at a time Fixed Training Server Added EMS Spawn points at Central and Paleto bay Moogle’s Request Speed limit has been increased from 60km/h to 80km/h
  2. Hi All. Here are today's patch notes Script Changes Increased character slot count from 3 to 5. This is to allow everyone to try new elements of the server they haven't before, without deleting characters you've put a lot of effort in. We encourage players to go through the grind, and try to roleplay something unique. Players misusing this will have their character limit reduced Changed the phone to require having a phone on you (this can be bought at the iFruit store, shown in the screenshot) Added ability to take photos using the camera app on the phone and moved to home screen Changed camera app to appear on home screen Added a boat dealer job Fixed some more issues with federal prison Fixed issues with poolcleaner job Fixed global clicking noise caused by polair Fixed issues with license plate changing and car ownership Fixed the tablet and phone being accessible even while dead Fixed issue with business not receiving correct money when depositing equipment Testing a traffic control script for PD / EMS to avoid crazy locals Map Changes Added iFruit Electronics Store Added "Jose's Garage / Mod Shop" More Collision and Texture Fixes around the Map Fixes to Houses on Del Perro Fwy Vehicles Added Carbonizzare Custom Added 2004 BMW 760iL Added Dinka Ventoso Mini Bike Added a "truck trailer" Fixed G6 livery issues Changed airport worker liveries in preparation for secret things Consolidation and Upgrades to Security vehicles Other Added Items for Phone Variants & Accessories Added Map Blips for Electronics & Hotdog Store Updated Radio with Compatibility with our new RadioJar Platform.
  3. Hi everyone, here are the release notes for this weeks update! Quick note, we will be trying a new release schedule to help get things from our developers to the live server. Therefore, we will be having updates every Wednesday at 5pm. Other updates will only be for critical bugs following an update. Additions Added fences and gate to AFP wing of prison Added notification to tell the player if your tweet gets blocked Added UI for aircraft, togglable in pageup UI settings Changed cardealers to support different vehicle classes Bug Fixes Fixed houses not telling you your rent was running out before evicting Fixed Fuel Vanishing from cars Fixed Valhalla Invoice Logs Fixed megamall not giving the correct amount of items bought Fixed people being able to use tablet evade police Fixed main job overwriting sub job inventories Fixed keeping inventory after respawning Fixed Issues with fuel not saving when storing vehicles Fixed EMS Injury Log not logging injuries after being hit by vehicle Fixed exploit with briefcase Fixed bug of declining a phonecall stops hacking a bank Fixed Bearcat and Gruppe6 not being able to withdraw from West Hawick Fixed Bearcat and Gruppe6 not being able to deposit at Pac Standard Fixed the lights on the pdraptor Fixed Driving Test text overlapping hotbar Fixed Exploit with wrench Fixed fuel costing no money Fixed exploit to lower the cost to tow back a vehicle Fixed being able to revoke licenses Stream Changes Added T-Shirt contest clothing to the game Added Chihuahua Hotdog Shop Added Items to support Chihuahua Hotdogs Added Items to support White Widow Cannabis Added Lanyards for Weazel News Reporters & Staff Added Number Plate extras to Syko, Dyna Wolfsbane, Road Cholo & Soul Killer Added LSPD Highway VF SS Added LTX Vest Variants Adjustments to LSPD Handling and added additional Liveries Fixed and optimized additions to Sandy Shores & Grapeseed Fixed and optimized numerous areas in City
  4. Hi All! Here are the release notes for today's update. This release is a culmination of the changes which have happened over a few weeks, primarily focusing on bug reports, stability and optimization. DDOS Attacks In case you missed my announcement, the announcement will be found below. However, in short, we have recently fallen victim to some extremely large attacks, which we are working with our provider to resolve as quickly as possible. In addition, we are looking into other services which can help in mitigating the affects. Full Announcement Here: https://discordapp.com/channels/343265479302971402/354128200714027020/716552359039336549 Important Changes Added ATM missions for G6 and Bearcat Fixes to the offroad script, which we will continue working on Changed location of Valhalla Motors Fixed server timeouts caused by new additions to the tablet Fixed server timeouts caused by 10-99s / other call requests Fixed parking markers around the map, fixing duplicates and missing cars Changes Added UBER app to the phone Fixed weapon license purchasing Fixed chop shop missions working while riding a motorbike Fixed bugreport submit button Fixed driver theory test when you did not have enough money Fixed not being able to purchase weapons from stores at times Fixed bearcat / G6 money runs not working as expected Fixed benson clipping at LOST compound garage Fixed garage at 3 Del Perro Fwy Vehicle / Map Changes Added the option for a plate to the FxxK Added new variants for the SURFER CCC Added custom Slovak trenchcoats Added a new interior for the comedy club Added UBER advertisements to the city Added gates to Minx (Vanilla Unicorn) Added the Casino Interior (Main and management floor only Added an arcade bar interior Added abandoned laundromat interior Added photos to LOST compound Added a Jotunn interior Fixed female Lunatix vests Fixed map issues with Del Perro Seafood Restraunt Licensing center Paleto 24/7 Wong's Noodle shop White Widow Families Autoshop Central Hospital G6 building All the police departments Fixed the Sandy PD (maybe?) Overhaul of the Slovak Mafia ranch Overhaul to the Minx (Vanilla Unicorn) interior Overhaul to Benny's Interior (cleaned up)
  5. Hi All here are the patch notes for today's hotfix! Changes /e sit and /e sitedge which plays the sitting animation behind and underneath you respectively Drugs have been completely disabled pending a full rework Added equipment and clothing to the E menu on job vehicles Broke pillbox hill medical. Blame @METRITIS Added a second wing to the prison! Removed Vinewood PD (it was really bad) Added a gate to the bearcat building Added a prison caddy Fixes Fixed an issue which would delete money when picking up a small amount from the ground Fixed G6 and EMS backup requests and added callsigns Fixed zipties Fixed unknown injuries appearing in the menu, and the menu breaking with too much data Fixed issues with reloading when driving a car Fixed issues with guns not saving ammo when reloading Fixed issues with job applications Fixed renting / purchasing houses being overwritten when 2 people purchase the same house Fixed females not having feet when removing shoes Fixed gender on the character selection screen Fixed the scrollbar on the character selection screen Fixed job vehicles not being lockable Fixed an exploit with BnE when you owned the house Fixed handcuffs on women applying a chain rather than handcuffs Fixed clothes not saving from the clothes store (These are still free for now!)
  6. Hi All, here are the patch notes for today's hotfix! Fixes Fixed a bug which caused ammo to not save in weapons Fixed a bug causing significant memory usage, leading to instability and server crashes Fixed an exploit causing jerry cans to have infinite fuel Fixed makeup colour defaulting to red (it is now black) Fixed various issues with holsters, they should work a lot better now Fixed bank runs for G6 / Bearcat Fixed an issue which would cause audio to break when joining the server for some players Fixed an issue which would cause certain injuries to appear as unknown, such as double action revolvers Fixed PD being able to rob houses Fixed issues with door locks not working in crowded areas, and automatically relocking Fixed the DMV bike test spawning an unroadworthy bike (lol) Fixed the tattoo removal menu Fixed issues with the impound menu Fixed Vinewood PD garage locations Fixed infinite storage on certain bikes Fixed house storage issues Changes Added support for standalone house garages (these will be appearing over coming weeks every restart) Added blush into the cosmetics menu Restricted skin command and added price back to all clothing / cosmetic stores now the initial wave of skin changes is over Increased car repair time from 10 seconds to 20 seconds Major re-balance to petty theft, a general nerf across the board to prices, more realistic item rarity and weight changes Updated the staff list on the loadscreen Lowered the weight of repair kits as they hindered NRMA Stream Changes Rebranded RC motors to Valhalla Motors Added Mirror Park Tavern interior Added La Puerta Office interior Added Rebel Raiders female vest Added Bearcat interior to La Mesa (Outpost) PD Fixed issues with the high tier house which would cause players to respawn inside their house
  7. Hey guys, here are the release notes for today's (26/03/20) hotfix! We are investigating long term stability issues, caused by a rogue memory leak somewhere in the server files which causes instability after a few hours of runtime. This patch should potentially fix that, however other server components may not work correctly such as the player list. Additions LSES 10-99's now go to bearcat and G6 Prisoner transport requests for police which go to bearcat and G6 iFruit, Perals, Tongva Hills shop map addons added Vinewood PD interior added! Tequi-la-la upgrades Added some missing vehicles to the car dealer Changes Adjusted item weights for chopshop Added benny's and LSC offices Fixed Fixed an issue with queue which would prevent priority queue from working when discord API down Fixed an issue with the pawn shop allowing infinite selling of items (again) Fixed an exploit where changing skin would reset your health to full Fixed keyboard triggering hotbar and E menu in the phone message screen Fixed controller support for helicopters Fixed door locks not syncing for new players Fixed an exploit with dragging multiple of the same item from inventories Fixed issue with the heavy pistol
  8. Hi guys, here are the patch notes for today's (26/3/19) official hotfix release! Additions - Added bank balance to inventory - Added the briefcase as a buyable item from amunation and removed briefcase command (/briefcase 1 removed) - Added bank to homescreen on phone - Added Bearcat 10-32 request - Added Togglable Voice circle in UI settings, located in the page up menu. - Added armour as usuable item and command /ra to remove armour. - Added single beep for calls Fixes - FIXED VEHICLES DESPAWNING (MAYBE™) - Fixed being able to see other players while making your character (kind of) - Fixed dropped items floating in the air - Fixed not being able to pick up dropped items - Fixed duplication exploit with dropped items - Fixed wardrobe and added them back to stores - Fixed K9 model not sitting in vehicle - Fixed K9 model exiting vehicle - Fixed carwash - Fixed being able to drink while driving causing them to get flung out - Fixed various peds in the list which shouldn't be there D:< - Fixed infinity player lists in car dealer / pink slip - Fixed Chopshop item sell - Fixed Chopshop item missions - Fixed transferring money - Fixed door locks - Fixed Carwash - Fixed Exploit with banks - Fixed Various server errors - Fixed dispatch error - Fixed Jail error - Fixed other smaller bugs - Fixed resident list for properties. - Fixed /k - Fixed Jail - Fixed parts of the prison being inaccessible due to the range of the auto teleport - Fixed Jail clothing - Fixed G6 and Bearcat bank runs - Fixed shooting range - Fixed /race - Fixed room mates not being accessible until after you reselect your character - Fixed boat renting - Fixed job counter - Fixed AFK kick not kicking players who didn't select a character - Fixed drag crashing players - Remove /hotkeys command (was not supposed to be released) - Fixed so many inventory duping exploits, but they probably still exist - Fixed viewing employee list and changing ranks - Fixed business storage missing either items or guns - Fixed vehicle location being half implemented - Fixed cursor disappearing from skin menu - Fixed certain vehicle boots being inaccesible - Fixed spawning in as Michael - Fixed pistol whipping (maybe?) - Fixed gun holsters and weapon draw animations - Fixed rego check on all vehicles - Fixed job boots being inaccesible (example: fishing) - Fixed fuel having no cost - Fixed admin panel not loading correctly - Fixed patreon plate change - Fixed proximity hire - Fixed keeping items after respawn and added logs - Fixed being able to drop items when cuffed - Fixed bags and decals not being editable in the clothing menu - Fixed vehicle clothing logs - Fixed being stuck in animation when accessing boots, equipment and uniforms - Fixed gang clubhouse doors - Fixed gang clubhouse storage - Fixed gangs not being able to access vests in clothing stores Stream Changes New / Updated clothing items. - Lost vest changed from Torso to Vest - Go Pro motorcycle helmet update texture Adding in inventory icons - Every item has an icon - Every job has an icon Business Area updates - PDM - Adding fences and gates - Tequi-la-la - Adding fences and gates Cleaning Areas (Removing Objects) - Occupation Ave - Premium Deluxe Motorsports - Meteor St Garage - Removed static gates that blocked house entries Added in new cars - Cobalt SS - Bronco 1980 - 81 - 82 - Brioso Classic - Race - Offroad - Lexus SC 430 - Lamborghini Diablo New Interiors - Dock Warehouse - Hat Shop - Gang Storages - Umbrella Corp Building Misc - Added 200+ rentable houses - Updated female faces - Updated gun metas - changing recoil patterns - Updated load screen - Added in 4 massive billboards around PDM and put custom advertisements on them
  9. Rules O1 - Organisations with the intent to carry on illegal activities, must have a name and gang uniform, with a maximum crew size of 6 (registered) and 17 members (syndicated) including the owner and any "hangarounds" or equivalent. Syndicated gangs are also allowed 3 additional slots for hangarounds ONLY. Syndicated gangs may reach the aforementioned limit with the use of other syndicated gangs; however, registered gangs may only use members listed in their application O2 - Organisation members must operate in their gang uniform while interacting with other organisations, and at all times during wars, unless executed O3 - Organisations must keep syndicate items in their clubhouse or personal properties. O4 - While organisations are carrying on illegal activities, they must be in official FDG voice channels What happens when I join a gang Upon joining a gang, and whilst on a gang character, players are expected to RP to a higher standard, at a more "serious RP level". Given that there is a lot of money and rich potential for gangs, there is also a higher level of risk. This includes The ability for your character to be soft wiped, where you forget all memories of the "gang life". You maintain all character assets, and still have memories that happened before joining the gang. Examples of when this will be used during gang wars, or if a player is caught trying to rat on a gang and they are executed by their own gang. Longer and harsher punishment from police when doing major crime with the gang, such as extended jail time. This would entail PD doing a proper investigation and either court or warrant approval. How do I create a gang, and how do I get it to full status (syndicated)? To create a gang you will need to first register on the forums, once registered you are able to conduct gang activities under your registered gang. Being granted Syndication is not a guarantee nor a right and a registered gang is not to message Syndicate members about their potential Syndication. Syndication is granted under the following conditions: - A registered gang has shown a consistently high standard of roleplay. - A registered gang has displayed a history of following server rules. - The Syndicate deems full status appropriate for the registered gang. How do gang wars work? After a reasonable period of sustained hostile roleplay between two gangs, a gang war may be authorized by the Syndicate. This does not mean that both gangs will be aware before a gang war is about to take place. There is still the potential for a surprise attack, however syndicate must be notified for the rules to be in effect. Once a gang war has been authorized there are many risks at stake: Gang A can take out members of Gang B however you may only remove one gang member from the war per day, which resets at server restart When removing a member of the opposing gang, it cannot be KOS. You must RP it out. Example: Kidnapping a member, taking him to a location, executing him with a close range headshot then dumping his body in a ditch. Drive by shootings are not classed as executions If you have been removed from the gang war, your character is not to wear gang colours or interact with any gang members until the war is completed The gang war will be concluded once one of listed conditions have been met: The opposing Gang Leader(s) have been removed from the war. One side surrenders. Both sides come to an agreement to end the war. What happens if I break the rules, and what punishments exist? Punishments may differ and become lenient, and can be issued for breaches of either gang or normal rules. It is dependent on - Depending on the severity of the situation - How the situation was handled - What your history looks like. What happens if you yourself is in breach of gang rules and not your gang? Your character being locked for a x amount of time. Being removed from the gang completely Losing gang access such as blips,storage,armory access that you would usually have access to What happens if your gang is in breach of gang rules. Losing Gang Abilities (F6 Menu) Losing Syndicate Abilities you may have obtained using coins such as (10% Wash) Losing Syndicate Coins Losing Syndicate Access for xx amount of time Gang strikes Becoming Non Syndicated
  10. Hi All! Here are the patch note's for this mornings hotfix! Added police dog to the verified ped menu (ONLY TO BE USED ON COP) Added NRMA to phone (coming soon) Changed the Job uniforms menu to sort alphabetically Changed global chat colouring to match discord Changed some blip colours Changed the styling of the interaction menu (formely known as the radial menu). It is now vertical, dark coloured and generally fits the theme more Fixed a bug with breaking out of zipties while dead Fixed car locking sounds playing globally Fixed certain peds in the trusted menu appearing invisible, such as dogs
  11. Applicable on FDG Website & Communication Platforms W1 - You may not comment on any staff applications. If you believe a certain individual had broken a rule, file a player complaint via the Hotlinks section on the website. W2 - Ensure your server suggestions and comments on other users' posts are constructive, including when giving downvotes. Justify your +/-1s with reasoning instead of outright rejecting an idea simply because you didn’t like it. W3 - You may only post on player complaints or appeals if you’re the author, a member of the staff team, or you have supporting evidence to contribute to the post. W4 - You may only have 1 active application of each type at any given time (i.e Player Complaints, Appeals, Staff Applications etc) W5 - You may only connect to the FiveM Teamspeak server when you are on active PD/LSES/Private Security duty.
  12. O1 - Organisations with the intent to carry on illegal activities, must have a name and gang uniform, with a maximum crew size of 6 (un-syndicated) and 16 members (syndicated) including the owner. Organisation members must operate in their gang uniform while carrying on any criminal activities. O2 - Each criminal organisation (hereafter as gangs) may have no more than 12 members of the same gang actively participating in gang related RP. Legal organisations will be subjected to the same restriction if they intend on carrying out any criminal activities as a legal organisation. O2.1 - Gang-related activities are defined as street crimes & organised crimes carried out solely by members of the same gang, and any other approved activities as defined by the Syndicate. O2.2 - Regular organised crimes are non-gang activities unless the crew comprises of solely members of the same gang. Crew size restrictions imposed by Rule F10 must be observed at all times. O2.3 - No more than 6 members of the same gang may engage in drug related activities (buying/selling). O2.4 - Syndicate may waive crew size restrictions on a case-by-case basis. O3 - All gang wars and attacks must be supervised by a Moderator or above O3.1 - Gang wars may only be approved by the Syndicate after discussion. Gang attacks will not be approved for the same reason twice. O3.2 - Gang attacks may only be carried out by one gang onto another - an attack is considered one gang vs another with extensive prior roleplay resulting in the attack being deemed necessary O3.3 - A gang’s headquarters may only be opened after an attack should they have provided adequate “Syndicate Coins” as set currently by Syndicate members. O4 - In order for a gang to be "syndicated", the group must demonstrate good RP and their roleplay must benefit the entire community as a whole. The Syndicate reserves the right to grant or revoke full gang privileges such as import/export of illegal goods or property privileges. O4.1 - The Syndicate may revoke an organisation's right to operate as a gang for breach of rules, through issuing of gang strikes. Individuals may receive additional administrative sanctions in addition to gang strikes. O4.2 - Gang staff/the Syndicate must not be contacted directly by any unsyndicated gangs in an attempt to obtain syndication, unless otherwise approached by the Syndicate.
  13. Can you please confirm your current account ID. The only account we have registered to you right now is account: 6731 Is this correct, as that is a fairly old account.
  14. Hi All! Here are the patch notes for today's yesterday's (07/08/2019) content update! Additions Interaction radial menu / cross-hair for more intuitive and easy access to common functionality. When something is able to be interacted with, a small white circle will appear in the center of your screen. Pressing E while this circle is visible will open a radial menu, with options similar to the F6 menu for your job. Currently you can target players, vehicles and seats. Added a message when someone conducts a search for ID or items on you. Added a second security company to compete with G6, along with a few vehicles Added the /limit command to exactly set speed limiter in a car. (Example: /limit 60) Cars on the street name have a randomized name, and are not flagged stolen every time 2 new female dresses and hairstyles Changes Removed trucks and other large vehicles from spawning in an attempt to alleviate the AI "crashing" on the highway and other roads Moved location of the plate changer to the town hall (Patreon) /me no longer appears in chat with character name Removed unemployed job chat Update the loadscreen graphics and text Bug Fixes Fixed object spawner not clearing objects for some people (You should now be able to place objects on roads without issues) Fixed G6 not getting bank alarms Fixed restart messages Many vehicle bug fixes The Phone (it needs its own category) The phone has been completely redone. Using a base called gcphone, it had much of it's system rewritten so it will work on LSLA. It is designed to replace many features, which for now are: Text messages will now be sent even if the recipient is offline, and text messages save, even after the server restarts You can now dial numbers without adding them as a contact Twitter is now located within the phone. You must make an account using the gear wheel before sending tweets. You can also change your profile picture etc Many setting regarding the phone can be modified using the settings option on the phone such as size, ringer volume It will also allow us to expand it easier in the future, so stay tuned!

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