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  1. Being in this community I have had alot of fun providing transportation for others and learning the ropes of how it works but after a while I find it becoming much harder to engage with people when majority of what people do is just run in the middle of the road and steal a car. From experience I myself can see why transportation is a tough job as well as the Airline business. If we want these businesses to flourish and be up and running again we would need to consider locking NPC vehicles. I know this one might not be a popular opinion but I feel like this would enhance Transportation RP and Airline RP better and would enhance immersion. I've noticed with people would steal vehicles from NPCs It really does take away from other potential rp people want to do. This would include people who want to be in the transportation business and the Airline business (I know this business is dead but that can change). People that look at the transportation companies, they look at the companies as a liability because it is sooo easy to steal a vehicle. These two Businesses die out because they tell themselves "Why pay for an uber when i can just steal a car, why take a plane to blaine county when i could just steal a car?". It is unfortunate to see people not want to engage in the rp when that resort to this are also denying the potential rp of others that want to work in the business, thus you have businesses dying out. I find it engaging with how the car dealerships work to where the only way you can get a vehicle is if you meet up with a car dealer. People seeing this would say to themselves "Man now I have to actually go to someone and talk to them and like purchase a vehicle from them?". But it works and it makes being a car dealer very useful now if you apply this to transportation and Airlines we would have two running businesses On Idea I do have to solve the stealing vehicles solution is why not have people purchase lock picks from gangs or mechanics and making them expensive for their value. We have to make sure these are not easy to obtain for reasons as well. Making them hard to obtain would decrease the amount of VDM that happens in the server. They would also increase the use of transportation, stated as before. I have posted a video with context that is related the topic above, it doesn't touch upon all issues but it can give you an insight of what i am talking about I would love to thank my employee Neil for participating in this video as well I hope you guys enjoy https://streamable.com/dkuws To sum up what I have been talking about rping is fun for all of us that stick around the community but it inst fun when rp is limited to things people want to do in the server because of loop holes other people can do. I hope you guys can reflect on this forum and consider sharing this and giving your own thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to read this

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