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  1. If you are reading this that means you are in dark theme change to light theme to read lel So I don't usually come out and make forum posts but I feel the need to address some issues in the server to see if I am not the only one who feels this way. Anyone with opposing ideas and feelings is welcomed to join in and express their opinions. This is me just venting/expressing the current environment of the server. So I began to notice a couple of things within the server that has been taking away some fun from the server these key issues involved. -Respect -Hostile RP -Locking NPC Vehicles Respect During the time playing in Fat Duck Gaming discord as some people may notice I don't hang around with groups of people I don't like associating myself with groups because I want to refrain from having a biased mentality towards people vs people who RP. What I mean by this is I don't want the way someone behaves in a video game to affect my attitude towards anyone. Being around I would examine behaviors within the game and it is hard to distinguish whether people are using their RP positions to bring other people down or if it is part of their character there needs to be a fine line where people understand if the person role-playing or the person is not just becoming plain disrespectful to an individual. This creates a server where people have this mob mentality such as "If you aren't a friend of mine I am going create this bias mentality not knowing who you are and label you as an enemy". This needs to stop because this creates a hostile environment where people bully each other to where it can become personal within the server. I come on the server to play a video game to escape the stress from my IRL things that I go through it brings great irony to tell my self I have something to worry about when hopping on a server. Now you may ask how does this happen? Well, I do role play as two Characters that have opposites to how people treat them. Through my experiences people may know Polpa and Rosa, I found it very interesting to how people treat them differently either I do a good job at differentiating personalities or people just have preferences in people. Rosa is a character that I made in another server that I brought over to this server, to my surprise I found that everyone adores this character and treats this character with so much respect as for Polpa he gets the opposite treatment I have seen this character gets pushed away and bullied(By all character roles and I do not conduct in many hostile or disrespectful actions with this character) to where some of the things I have encountered it did not feel like RP it just feels like something personal. Granted it is RP/a video game but some people do not make it feel like that. Perhaps because Polpa is not in a high position maybe that is what makes him vulnerable? I only put that in there because I found it interesting with how these characters get treated. Aside from that to sum this part up There is always 2 sides to the story and I don't want you guys to look at my perspective and say "Yes this is it" assume that there is more to this. I just want everyone to understand each other and not give negative attitudes towards each other (yes there are trolls and some people that are annoying but don't waste your energy on them remember to keep calm and just keep it simple make it easier for ourselves and staff). Aside from that if anyone has anything they want to add or oppose feel free to discuss people and how they treat each other in the server. We want to set an example for newcomers who are interested in finding a new server and want to RP. Hostile RP This is the part where I contradict myself. I've noticed the formula for hostile RP. I am going to tell you how it goes in three simple steps. 1. Offend someone 2.Guns Out 3.Get shot. I am pretty sure this happens in the majority of servers but in general, this is something that I get tired of. Depending on the context I don't conduct in hostile RP as much because it happens ALOT. Hostile RP in this server isn't even hostile RP in this server it feels like something people use to justify their actions because they feel offended so instead of keeping it up it just becomes personal attacks between two individuals. Thus we have this repetitive toxic environment of hostile RP that spreads towards everyone in the server. It just feels like a virus at this point and people begin to take each other seriously. People who have conducted in hostile RP with me can barely take me seriously because they can't in all honesty. Most of it is just roasts and a story that begins to develop between two characters where they begin to challenge each other in ridiculous scenarios I am not saying to stop this kind of RP but it would be nice to see hostile RP conduct out differently. RP is subjective of course everyone has their way of having fun but I just want people to remember it is RP and not to take themselves seriously too much when playing a video game. Locking Locals Vehicles (This is just me crying lol so 50/50 on taking this seriously) So I tell myself this every day on the server but I think the server is in a good position to start locking NPC vehicles the number of people that go around VDMing and no effort to driving realistically in the server. It is getting to the point where I can't I can't tell you how many times people steal vehicles and just go around crashing into other people or use them as easy to access mobile giant weapons. I don't want to sound negative saying this but what is the point of having free bikes if people can just steal cars. NPC vehicles need to start getting locked so randoms who come into the server can start learning how to play in the server at a slow process. Perhaps have tour drivers teach these people how to play the game. With the number of people that are in the server and the number of people that have access to cars I think it is safe to say we can lock the vehicles. Pls, we need safety locks: cry emoji: In conclusion Having this said maybe someone reading this might relate or not relate but let's all remember what we are here for. I may not speak for everyone but I am here to interact with others and have fun with others the best way I can. People want to hop on the game and not have to worry about playing a game its important for us to treat each other and manage ourselves when interacting with people we may not agree with. Helping them understand and doing our part showing others we are not a hostile community and we are people that just want to play a video game. Aside from the things that were said don't let what I say ruin your immersion and your experiences with this server out of all the servers I have been in I enjoy this server a lot because of the scripts and interactions I have with certain individuals and remember its just a video game at the end of the day. I want to thank the devs for being able to give us the chance to hang out in a place like this I feel like the amount of work they put in, people take for granted sometimes and the staff that manage the people in the community helping people out out of all the servers I have been in this staff team has been the most enjoyable in my experiences and lets not forget the people who put in the time playing in the community we should all take acknowledgment to that and be grateful for that. Aside from that hope you all have a wonderful day and keep it simple. Cheers All thanks for reading Who wants to correct my grammar now :kappa: ?
  2. Ooooh another good place for bennys would be that gas station over at Alhambra drv the one near the sandy shores airfield, For when the government sets the area of interest in County I know that place can be opened up. The only con i see is that gas station being to close and people driving like idiots exploding that gas station near it. Here is what the shop looks like when its opened up https://gyazo.com/b3c58b4e24196e66c5f47eca52f342fd It would be nice to see mech shops compete against each other as well create some business rivalries and more options for job openings. I give this a +1
  3. Being in this community I have had alot of fun providing transportation for others and learning the ropes of how it works but after a while I find it becoming much harder to engage with people when majority of what people do is just run in the middle of the road and steal a car. From experience I myself can see why transportation is a tough job as well as the Airline business. If we want these businesses to flourish and be up and running again we would need to consider locking NPC vehicles. I know this one might not be a popular opinion but I feel like this would enhance Transportation RP and Airline RP better and would enhance immersion. I've noticed with people would steal vehicles from NPCs It really does take away from other potential rp people want to do. This would include people who want to be in the transportation business and the Airline business (I know this business is dead but that can change). People that look at the transportation companies, they look at the companies as a liability because it is sooo easy to steal a vehicle. These two Businesses die out because they tell themselves "Why pay for an uber when i can just steal a car, why take a plane to blaine county when i could just steal a car?". It is unfortunate to see people not want to engage in the rp when that resort to this are also denying the potential rp of others that want to work in the business, thus you have businesses dying out. I find it engaging with how the car dealerships work to where the only way you can get a vehicle is if you meet up with a car dealer. People seeing this would say to themselves "Man now I have to actually go to someone and talk to them and like purchase a vehicle from them?". But it works and it makes being a car dealer very useful now if you apply this to transportation and Airlines we would have two running businesses On Idea I do have to solve the stealing vehicles solution is why not have people purchase lock picks from gangs or mechanics and making them expensive for their value. We have to make sure these are not easy to obtain for reasons as well. Making them hard to obtain would decrease the amount of VDM that happens in the server. They would also increase the use of transportation, stated as before. I have posted a video with context that is related the topic above, it doesn't touch upon all issues but it can give you an insight of what i am talking about I would love to thank my employee Neil for participating in this video as well I hope you guys enjoy https://streamable.com/dkuws To sum up what I have been talking about rping is fun for all of us that stick around the community but it inst fun when rp is limited to things people want to do in the server because of loop holes other people can do. I hope you guys can reflect on this forum and consider sharing this and giving your own thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to read this

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