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  1. Steam Name: Character Name: Barney Von Morger Discord Name : barnzor#7132 Title of The Claim: Removing extra property Description of the claim: I purchased another property with one of the property dealers and he has advised me that someone from property management will remove the old property so i do not get charged double the rent, the rent from the new and old property i purchased. I have visted the Property dealer again after almost a week and he has advised me that he will notify Management again to resolve this. Details of Claim: I seek compensation from extra payments charged to me on a daily basis of (over $4000). I believe this has been going on for more than and a half. Any videos or images to help us visualise it? A Property dealer (unsure of his name) has advised me he has sent multiple requests to property management. Any additional information you wish to provide? No
  2. General Information. Everyone loves a well oiled, tuned up machine, Especially of the Japanese kind. Back to when they were just boys the LBs would save those paychecks from burger shot to just afford a set of new rims on their first Japanese import and meet up at their mamas house to show off to each other. Now they are older and somewhat wiser they plan on opening a shop for all imports not just to fix and tune cars but also share their passion of imports to everyone. LB's JDM Garage offers vehicle enthusiasts a second home where they can share stories of how much blood sweat and tears they have sacrificed to get their car to what it is today. Racing is the language and bragging rights is the reward. The Eccentric Leader of the Lbs goes by the name Barney Von Morger. Ever since he was young he will never wear lower apparel, to this day that stays the same. His passion for vehicles is as strong as his refusal on not to wear any pants and only a hooded trench coat. Members. Head Tuner: Barney Von Morger Co Tuner: Lucky Dieu 10 year Apprentice : Johny Sins Apprentices: Currently Hiring. Garages/Hangout. Bennys best place to show off your ride Lucrative Activities. Drivers that can be hired for "Activities" Racing (Races for different categories) Hosting drag wars. (locations are closely guarded and revealed on the day) Non Lucrative Activities. Car Cruises Car Shows Competitions for best Car for different categories Uniforms/Clothing. The Lb's tend to wear blue whether that be clothing or on their vehicles. Vehicles. Often the Lb's will be seen with vehicles of the imported japanese kind, but they will not discriminate with any other import. What seperates other vehicles with Lbs is the darkblue colour of the car with possible blue neons. Equipment Required: (only given to High level Tuners) Repair Kits F6 Mechanic Menu Possible Ability to Mod vehicles only at workshop. (specific Mods for japanese domestic market Vehicles and other import cars)

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