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Mohammed Abdul

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Everything posted by Mohammed Abdul

  1. Rejected as the backstory has not been amended.
  2. @BrotherHoodLaks Can you please amend your application so it shows the players ID.
  3. Hello two of your members have administrative actions in the past month, i will evaluate this application in 3 weeks.
  4. @Sutho_04 Can you please provide the account ID's for Diego D'angelo and Phil James.
  5. Hi @FallenIsEvil Your gang application has been DENIED due to lack of effort in responses. I would suggest carefully filling out the details before submitting your application.
  6. @Wooza Can you please include all the player ID's in you application.
  7. @Harzz Can you please include the account ID's
  8. Changed Application Status to Approved
  9. Changed Application Status to Approved
  10. Changed Application Status to Pending Approval
  11. @ScoobyWitDaDooby Can you please edit your gang application to include the Player ID's of all members Regard's Gang Staff
  12. Hi there @Bbondy Gang staff has reviewed this application and has found that several members in your gang has significant recent staff actions and therefore your gang application will be on hold until further notice. I would suggest that you and your members read up on the rules and familiarize yourself to maintain a clean 1 month history. Regards, Gang Staff
  13. Changed Application Status to Approved
  14. Changed Application Status to Rejected
  15. Unfortunately your verified application has been unsuccessful.
  16. Changed Application Status to Info Required
  17. @WhiteBacon Can you please edit your application so that it follows this template below. Application Guidelines - Verified Menu App - Fat Duck Gaming Community
  18. Changed Application Status to Rejected

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