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  1. Department of Justice Business Approval - Application for a Private Security Company Licence Authorised under section 1 of the Private Security Act 2020 A - Applicant Details Name: Biggles Worth DOB: 15/03/1985 Phone #: 721112 Attach Criminal History Below: Speeding fine maybe ? Unsure if im quite honest B - Company Information Company Name: Gruppe6 Security Link to Business Application: List of intended activities: Bank Runs Item Transports Static Guard at contracted locations VIP events Money Transport Events Prison Transports Prison Guarding Assisting LSPD in Bank Robberies Assisting LSPD in Store Robberies Assisting LSPD in House Robberies C - Class R Weapon Licence Is a Class R Weapon Licence required? Yes List of Class R weapons relevant to the intended business activities: - Light body armour - Tactical helmet - Combat pistol - Baton - Carbine rifle - Pump shotgun Mk2 Explain how each of the weapons declared above are relevant to your intended business activities: These weapons will be the main protective drive force for the company. We will train each employee in the correct use of the Combat Pistol and Pump Shotgun MK2 and a ranged exam for the Carbine rifle that will be done in house under strict supervision and training. - Combat pistol - Baton - Carbine rifle - Pump shotgun Mk2 The use of light body armour will be use effectivly on bank runs and protection of VIPs to ensure if we do get shot at we are able to protect ourselves enough to counter the threat - Light body armour The use of Tactical Helmets will be used in the Counter Assault Team (CAT) during City Wide Events. - Tactical helmet D - Declaration 1. I understand that by filing this application , it does not automatically guarantee an approval 2. I understand that it is an infringement under the Judicial Procedures Act 2019 to falsify my criminal history or any statements made in this application 3. I understand that the holder of this licence must be the business owner of the private security business. Therefore the new owner must apply for pre-approval as well should a transfer of ownership takes place. 4. I understand that there will be a monthly licence fee of $100,000 payable to the Department of Justice to retain the privileges of this licence. 5. In the event that a Class R weapon licence is issued to the company, I understand that there will be a monthly import fee of $100,000 payable to the Quokka Airways Ltd for its freight services to import and restock Class R weapons.
  2. Honestly biggest plus 1, the people here know what they are doing and are some of the best roleplayers this city has and kripted has already shown he can run a business so smoothly. very excited to see this work and hopefully will work out !!
  3. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MT5jXuI2A2qitBn5G47KMF2poObF36Shzp_hnfEPdJA/edit?usp=sharing
  4. +1 Being in the server a long time alot of companies are either one or the other but seeing this idea really makes me want it to succeed to do both a bike dealership and mechanic workshop. Would be alot of hard work but i feel like tweaks would be up for it and think this new location which is away from the other two mechsand car dealers and this new idea could bring alot to the server and even give others ideas for mixed companies in the future or other ideas i might not be able to think of Biggles Worth Gruppe6 CEO
  5. Changed Report Status to Rejected Changed Service Category to LSLA
  6. due to the low amount of money lost from this comp claim we are unable to help you out. Very sorry $0-$25,000 Will result in no compensations being given.
  7. Hey There ! What are you looking to get from this compensation ?
  8. Changed Report Status to Info Required Changed Service Category to LSLA
  9. +1 i love the style of the whole rusted backend county theme. roleplayed alot with the members and they do very well for themselves. cant wait to see them out doing this. Biggles Worth Jnr [Senior Constable] Biggles Worth [Gruppe6 Captain / PD @ LSES Liason] Biggles Worth Snr [LSES Inspector]
  10. i think this is a great idea, would bring some different roleplay and more interaction for people buying firearms and gives comapanies who use firearms actual use their money that just commonley sits in their bank accounts Gruppe6 Captain/Gruppe6 Management LSES Station Officer LSLA T-Mod
  11. OOC Info Steam Username: Mr Bigglesworth Account ID: 4763 Discord#9999: Mr Bigglesworth#3149 Would like to keep Gruppe6 lead if not will need to change charcter for CEO IC Info Personal details: Full Name: Biggles worth Occupation: Gruppe6 Captain Employment History: Gruppe6 Criminal Record: N/A Applying for: CEO of Los Santos Entertainment Inc Business Plan: Proposed Business Plan: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zjFHkHuzdNolOGljuZ6egRXtkboVRitoWeFvUxqVyvY/edit?usp=sharing How will your proposed business help the economy of the State: To bring more use of nightclubs and being able to boost the alcohol use and tax on it Feasibility Analysis: All realatable information can be found in google doc Proposed Organisation Structure: All realatable information can be found in google doc Residency Period: How long have you lived in Los Santos for? 6 Months Government logistic support requests: All realatable information can be found in google doc Confirmation: I acknowledge that falsifying details in this application may render a permanent blacklisting from future applications. Yes I acknowledge that the Government's acceptance of this application does not automatically grant me a business to run. Yes I acknowledge that this is a multi-step process in order to start a business, and I am currently on step 1. Yes I will not nudge, bump or message a Government official to enquire on the status of this application. Yes I acknowledge that the registration cost of my business will be expensive (Millions). Yes I acknowledge that I will be subjected to the Corporations, Contracts and Labour Act and corporate provisions of the Crime and Corruption Act upon registration of my business, and I will comply with such laws. Yes
  12. No Thanks id rather qualified and licensed securirty for the venue
  13. The vanilla unicorn was a staple of alot of role play and trouble in the city. in my mind it would be silly not to re-open the VU with heavy adjustments and the right way to make sure its a safe place for all to role play. The Vanilla unicorn will be organised in a way where both male and female performers are welcome to come and work and display their performing skills. The aim is we hire a bartender or two for drinks and have them control how much alcohol is consumed so no one gets drunk. There will be performers both male and female which if requested and they accept can be taken to private rooms for private performances. The security will be with Gruppe 6 and to maintain that nothing will get out of control and all cars are stored in the garage. The pay for performers will be $1000 every out of game hour plus any tips they earn plus bonuses. The Pay for Bartenders will be $500 every out of game hour plus any tips they earn plus bonuses. Gruppe 6 will also be paid accordingley to their pricing. Entry fee would be $1500 per person and private performances can range from $5000-$10000 The location of course will be at the vanilla unicorn. The Ceo of the business would be: Mr Bigglesworth. There will also be a spot for a manager and assistant manager. Dancers would be interviewed and hired if succesful. Security will be Gruppe 6. we will not tolerate any violence or any gang activity around vanilla unicorn so as long as gang memebers dont do any activities or cause trouble or do buissness inside or around the vanilla unicorn they will be allowed in and any issues will be passed onto PD if needed.

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