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  1. Good Evening @Cody Brody, At this time your Gang Appication has been REJECTED. This is due to members having recent server rule breaches as well as continuing to RP as a gang even after being told multple times to stop. If you would like more information, please contact myself or any members of Gang Staff. Regards, Me
  2. Hey All The last week has been dedicated to performance, including resolving bugs that we have had for a while that we have been able to fix. Queue Changes The queue has been changed to reward good roleplay and also further punish poor roleplay. The following will now happen; A Commend+ given out by an admin will bump your priority up within your Tier. A Timeout will push you further down within your Tier. A Ban will push you further down than a Timeout. Script Changes Created check to ensure that phone numbers being added are legit Fixed people needing to die twice before they are dead Fixed chop shop car location behind locked gate Finally fixed Vehicle Mods & Cosmetics Disappearing! Fixed money not depositing into house / apartment Fixed license taking money without starting script Added new mag to fix 7 bullet mag being used for 12 mag gun Fixed reloading using multiple mags Fixed issue where players could teleport using the object spawner and first person Added ability to check arms in clothing blip Fixed issue not clearing operator when changing characters Fixed being able to shoot when dead Fixed being able to use emotes to clip through walls Added 10,000kg limit to fuel tanker Fixed holster 146 disappearing when you pull gun out Fixed being able to get in RC Cars after losing connection Fixed being able to search players, and give them their items back after they respawn Fixed (hopefully) issue that causes people to fall through the map on spawn Fixed verified menu - force in boot Fixed scoreboard not showing hours and minutes for server uptime Fixed Special Carbine MK2 not showing injuries Fixed players getting stuck in carry animation when someone respawns whilst being carried Fixed duplicate map blips Fixed auto-helmet on bike Fixed house items being deleted if player didn't have enough storage Fixed Pump Shotgun MK2 not showing any injuries Fixed issue causing reloading a shotgun to use all 8 mags, rather than how many it actually needs Stream Changes Fixed Xbow bolts too slow after change Fixed crossbow not working underwater Fixed Septum Decal 8 Not appearing Added Mutiny MC Vest Added Gang Tattoos Added hot bar images for some more animations Updated UF Female Vest Vehicle Changes Fixed Hellion Spoiler being bulletproof Fixed Kia Stinger - Dashboard see through. Map Changes Fixed issue causing crashing at pier
  3. Script Changes Spike strips are now an inventory item and have an animation when placing Fixed paychecks not coming from company accounts Fixed being able to open boots whilst on motorbikes, causing invisibility Fixed being able to drop items whilst dead and pick up later Fixed an issue with the incorrect account being debited for jobs Fixed being able to use the boot while in/on a car/bike Fixed exploit with dropping items when respawning Added sounds back for car locks as a test Enhanced traffic management script Other Added more log tracking features (we can see everything you do :D)
  4. Hi All! Here are the patch notes for last weeks (6/09/2019) content update/fix.. Additions The ability for PD to able to Search for bolos now. New Bank Robbery system Functionality for a new weekend event based on drug sales. - More information to be released closer to the event date. Added LSES Stretchers & Wheelchairs Landlords (They automatically evict you if you don’t pay for your rent) Added Commends (For Staff) New jail. (Breakouts coming soon) Changes Blip interaction key is now G. Mechanic mod menu now appears on the top right of the screen. Chimera Motorbike can now be modified at the mechanics. Lockpicks are now needed 100% of the time to lockpick cars. Took away the auto announcements ingame. Redid the instance script, you will no longer hear footsteps, see doors swinging and you can now shoot within instances (Apartments / Clubhouses) Jobs off/on duty now saves when you log in/out (Eg. If you log out while off duty you’ll login off duty) Removed the Safe zone around LSC. /me 3D text no longer goes through walls. MRPD Got a makeover. Removed interaction mode Restyled Radar ALPR Removed stream weapons…. Glock coming back soon™ Removed the 4PM restart. General Bug Fixes Kill logs now fixed. Fixed staff bugs, including a complete redo of the logs Pressing ‘A’ on XBOX controllers no longer opens the phone. All areas of the phone now default to English. There should no longer be an issue of phone numbers being #0. Futo Mods line up with the car now. ATM transfers now work as intended. Clothing store circle should no longer fully heal after use. Carrying deceased players will no longer have a chance to revive them. Deceased players can no longer carry other deceased players. Respawning when in the boot of a car will no longer put you back into the boot. Transport job employees can now invoice players again. Assigning uniforms to employees should now work as intended. Accessing previously submitted applications should now work. Fisherman job clothing blip works again. Hunting Deer should now work again. Toggle duty should now work as intended, and saves between sessions LSES and G6 vehicles no longer trigger automated speed cameras. PD Heli cam shouldn’t disable vehicles anymore. Fixed AOP and tweaked loot tables for Petty Theft Fixed Petty Theft Jail no longer makes your screen black. Fixed facial animations Gang Changes Clubhouse exits should spawn players in the correct locations. SubjobChat should work again. LSPD & LSES Changes Paleto PD vehicle blips now work as intended. Marking vehicles for seizure now works as intended. Creating manual bolos works again, and you can now search. MRPD Dirty money storage circle now works. Revived players will remain in cuffs. LSES phone application now reliably calls LSES. LSES callsigns and show ID function now work as intended. LSES can now use the 10-99 panic button function. Moved a few blips around for both LSES and Gruppe6
  5. Planned: 29 Nov 18 Bug Fixes: - Fixed Transports Phone not working New Additions: - Added Route 68 Mechanic back in - Dealership moved location - Christmas Tree in Legion - Speed Humps in Legion Garage - New Civilian Bikes, go see the dealers - New Tattoos Tweaks: - Vehicle Damage Script toned down - Further Weather changes (still testing) - Changed the UI menus a little - Character Swapping has been disabled (for now), please relog to change characters I think that was all, don't hurt me if I missed stuff, peace

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