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  1. Steam Name: SkirmishX Character Name: Dole Ufasele Discord Name (with #xxxx): Agentmns#0558 Title of The Claim: Lost around $26,200 due to a server crash last night (Tuesday night) Description of the claim: I had done a chop shop sell and had gone back to deposit my money into the Route 68 bank, after I had completed that, I went back to continue my chop shop and the server crashed, rolling back my money I had previously just made Details of Claim: The $26,200 to be added to my bank account Any videos or images to help us visualise it? https://youtu.be/3zf5lYulQ9E Any additional information you wish to provide?: Possibly check logs unless they also disappeared with the server crash, additionally, I had lost a pistol ($10k) and a pistol magazine worth of ammo - I have attempted to ask for a refund (this was caused due to switching characters or simply connecting to the server), I had previously had this issue and have been reimbursed for those encounters.

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