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  1. Steam Name: Public Defender Account ID: 5264 Character Name: Ned Griffin Discord Name (with #xxxx): Rabbit#9477 Title of The Claim: Duplicated plate numbers resulting wrong car & bike model Description of the claim: My jester3 became futo. And my nightblade became shotaro. they have a same plate number againts each other. Details of Claim: just want my jester3 and my nightblade turns back to normal and change the plate number for me please Any videos or images to help us visualise it? https://imgur.com/gallery/Wp28ZMF Any additional information you wish to provide? nope
  2. you should try to be an ems and see how they work. for example you are being reckless and dont care about your character life because somehow you knew there is EMS available in the city. and after they treated you and telling you guys to not get injured more but later you "fucking around" again ? seems fair ?