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  1. The intention was to only communicate via the store front so weed would never actually be on the premises, we would organise that behind the scenes delivery of weed etc, the store front would serve as a contact point/interview place for potential buyers. Also meaning there would be no reason to attempt robbery of store front agent as they would not have anything on them (but still allow for taken hostage situations etc) and harassment from police wouldn't really happen since weed wouldn't be in/around the premise as it would be handled elsewhere. The store front would simply serve as a location to interview/meet potential buyers/contacts. We would also have our own armed security whenever operating (legal carry license).
  2. What we offer: We supply bulk weed at the best price. Why is this beneficial: It allows for a more face to face interaction and bringing more ease into the purchase of the weed getting rid of half the risk for you while also offering the ability to pre-purchase Weed in bulk before 5 cops are online etc. Who runs it: The operation will be run by the Drug Monkeys. Happy to discuss further if approved.

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