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  1. Changed Report Status to Resolved
  2. Governor-General of Australia EIIR\OUT\2020\01\10-SYN OUTLAWRY ORDER DISTRIBUTION: Commissioner of Police @Alec Deputy Commissioner of Police @barbar. CITY (Through: Superintendent CITY) BCSO (Through: Sheriff BCSO) SWAT (Through: Superintendent SWAT) SB (Through: Detective Superintendent SB) @Scoob LSES (Through: Director LSES) PURSUANT to s13 Law Enforcement (Powers & Responsibilities) Act, the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, on the advice of the Commissioner of LSPD, has approved an outlawry order against the organisation "The Collective" for a period of 7 days over a series of drug and weapon related crimes, criminal threats, disorderly conduct, assaults, aiding & abetting and violent crimes such as manslaughter and murder. The outlawry of The Collective will result in arrests on sight against members identified to be part of, or affiliated with the aforementioned organisation. The LSPD is allowed to enter the property in Vinewood Hills on the intersection between Portola Drive & West Eclipse Boulevard at anytime during this outlawry order but are not permitted to perform any type of asset search or seizure. Members found to be associated with the organisation will face a minimum of 10 months imprisonment, members found in accompany of any individuals in association with the organisation will also be imprisoned for at least 10 months for consorting in accordance with s16 Crimes Act. Citizens are advised to avoid being in contact with this organisation, as you may be liable to mandatory sentencing if found to be in company of members associated with The Collective, or within the vicinity of their headquarters. LSES Staff found providing medical services to The Collective members without police presence or consent may be arrested and may be liable for additional sanctions imposed by the Government against supervising LSES High Command members. Citizens wishing to seek further information may request for Freedom of Information in a separate enquiry. Expiry: 18 Jan 20, 0000h AEDT By His Excellency's command, Phil Oakey Official Secretary to the Governor of Los Santos for The Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia
  3. Changed Report Status to Resolved
  4. The cadillac vehicle has been fixed and thus your storage is all returned. The 488 is still being worked on and will hopefully be fixed soon.
  5. Changed Report Status to Rejected
  6. Hello, You submit a compensation claim that clearly demonstrates a loss of items due to an issue on your end. As per MudcrabWarrior's announcement on the 17th June 2019, "Compensations will only be handed out for legitimate server issue, not client side crashes...". Unfortunately, you did not lose your items (fish) due to a legitimate server issue and thus no compensation will be handed out.
  7. Changed Report Status to Resolved
  8. Changed Report Status to Pending Resolution
  9. Changed Report Status to Resolved
  10. Player compensated 1250 fish per 50k limit.
  11. If you can contact me on discord @Scoob to assist me in locating the fish.
  12. Changed Report Status to Info Required