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  1. Department of Commerce Business Ownership Contract Authorised under section 1 of the Corporations, Contracts & Labour Act 2018 A - Applicant Details First Name: Richy Last Name: Jay Phone #: 145455 Link to Business Application: B - Tenancy Agreement Landlord: The Crown in right of the State of Los Santos c/o Department of Commerce Company Name: Benny's Customs Premises Address: Alta St somewhere Premises Name: Benny's Customs Premises Inclusions: Benny's Customs garage; and Surrounding parking spaces; and Electronic gates. Term of Agreement: Inclusive between 01/07/2020 and 1/01/2021 Business Licence Cost: $20,000,000 Payable through: $10,000,000 upfront; and $10,000,000 payed at the end of each month, discounted at 2% per month. Rent: $1 (Per month) Payable on the 1st day of each month) Method of Payment: The payment of rent must be paid via: a. Cash to person b. Automatic, pre-authorised deductions from the tenant's nominated account to the landlord's nominated account. c. Other - Specify C - Business Ownership Terms D - Signature Signature of the Department of Commerce Representative Full Name: Travis Forstman Role: Office staff Signature: Travis Forstman Date: 03 July 2020 Signature of the Prospective Business Owner Full Name: Richy Jay Company Name: Benny's Customs Signature: Richy Jay Date: 03 July 2020
  2. Hello Mr Soloman, Thank you for applying for this business, however a prospective owner has been chosen and at this point this application will be rejected/archived. Don't let this discourage you from applying your entrepreneurial skills elsewhere. Kind regards, Travis Forstman Department of Commerce
  3. Hello Mr Jarret, We appreciate your application for this business. However, this application has been unsuccessful. Kind regards, Travis Forstman Department of Commerce
  4. Hello Mr Coolsby, We appreciate your application for this business. However, this application has been unsuccessful. Kind regards, Travis Forstman Department of Commerce
  5. Hello Mr Jay, At this time the Department of Commerce wishes to advise its intent to provide you the sole license and ownership of "Benny's Customs', conditional on a few internal processes on our behalf. If everything is in order your tenure would be from the 1st of July, 2020 to the 31st of December, 2020 with an allowance for you to begin before the start date. We will be in contact soon regarding the next steps in this process. Cheers, Travis Forstman Department of Commerce
  6. Hello Mr Maselli, We appreciate the effort you have both put into this application and also into running Los Santos Customs for the past few weeks. The Department of Commerce wishes to advise its intent to license you as the sole owner of Los Santos Customs. There is still some degree of administrative work the DoC must undertake before finalising this and if that is successful your tenure would begin on the 1st of July, 2020 finishing on the 31st of December, 2020. However, you may assume the role before this start date if the process is quick. We will be in touch shortly with a couple of arrangements, including the financing options available. Cheers, Travis Forstman Department of Commerce
  7. Dear "Chocolate Frappe", The Government of Los Santos appreciates the effort you put into this application, after all small businesses are the backbone of our economy. However, I am writing to advise you that your application has been unsuccessful for "Benny's Customs". Don't let this discourage you from further developing your skills as a keen entrepreneur. Kindest regards, Travis Forstman Department of Commerce
  8. Hello, After reviewing this registration application I am happy for the business "Sprunk" to become a registered entity under Section 1A of the Corporations, Contracts & Labour Act (2018). This registration may be terminated at any time by the Department of Commerce. Upon a review of your performance in the future we may offer to incorporate the business. Kind regards, Travis Forstman Department of Commerce
  9. Part A - Your Info: Steam Name: Scoob Discord Name with #Identifier: Scoob#6181 Account ID: 5417 Part B - Application What can you bring to the whitelisted server: A whitelisted server is substantially different to the non-whitelisted servers I have always played upon. I'd consider myself a rather seasoned FiveM player, being on FDG for nearly a year now and in that time I've learnt to be pretty creative and entertaining in my roleplay. I often try to bring a different perspective to interactions, often through my cop character who takes a much stricter approach than a lot of other cops will. One aspect I have really begun to appreciate is the uniqueness each character can possess and I always wish to stray away from any metas or generic, cliche ideas but instead create my own scenarios that others can equally enjoy. What skills should a good roleplayer bring to a whitelisted server: Everyone is different and I'd say it's quite difficult to lay out a set of skills roleplayers should need; instead it's easy to produce a few guidelines that they are expected to follow. In my opinion they would be: Willing to be creative and engaging with all players on the server, prioritising ensuring that everyone is enjoying themselves at all times. Willing to let others lead the roleplay scenario but also being comfortable enough to lead it yourself. Being respectful to everyone. People also like to say that people should "learn to lose" and such, I probably don't agree with that as I really love winning. However, I've easily allowed myself to not see it as a competition at all and just let events flow through, even if I'm being completely stomped on. Each player will have a unique perspective on that so in general I'd say that players need to ensure they aren't ruining others experiences for their own enjoyment. The server will be a non-actively staffed server, are you willing to record/screenshot gameplay as necessary for the purpose of lodging complaints on the website in accordance with the evidence requirements in the complaint guidelines: (Y/N) Yes, however, I'd like to see a whitelist bring an attitude of "role play over rule play" as continually posting complaints is a waste of everyone's time. How long have you been playing in our community: 11 months. Any additional info about yourself that we should take into consideration: I've served as a staff member for over 6 months and actively look to engage with problems our server has faced, whether it be issues with rules or general ideas and initiatives that contribute to a fun community. I will strive to ensure the police department prioritises fun roleplayer, especially when the criminal side wishes to have a good time as well. Hometown: (Timezone Purposes) AEDT. Part C - Additional Info Provide 3 current server rules and your interpretation on each of them: Unrealistic roleplay: One phrase I have begun to dislike is "would you do that in real life?" Of course not, I'm not going to risk my life and rob the biggest bank in the city. We are playing a game and while we roleplay as real people, we need to allow a greater degree of fun and enjoyment that is sourced through semi-unrealistic scenarios. Things like roleplaying crashes and such is still vital to ensure balance but silly little events like police impersonation can genuinely be very fun. Community respect: Just don't be an idiot. It astounds me how many players I deal with that are willing to say really quite vile things to one another. I have a life and I certainly don't log onto the server to have abuse hurled at me. Powergaming: I think the definition of powergaming has been warped a bit too far. In general, if it's going to completely alter the RP with no way for the opposing side to counter it, don't do it. If it's not a game mechanic and it's hard to enforce through roleplay, it's probably powergaming (e.g chaining doors up). Provide a min 1 player reference to support your roleplaying skills: Crossy, Crimmo, River, Panda, Kstylez, Inferno for police roleplay. Polak, mbro, Amdy for civilian roleplay. Kripted for EMS roleplay Provide a back story for your MAIN character: Charlie Trudy, the hard hitting, absolute tank of a cop, often said to be "too smart to be a police officer". Armed with both a profound knowledge of the legal system and a strong, moral sense of justice, he is relentless in ensuring that criminals are held accountable, willing to go to great lengths to preserve order and peace. Accountability is big for Charlie Trudy, ensuring he holds any other police officer to a high standard, willing to look beyond friendships to ensure that the police department is held to the high standard it has been built around. He probably always has something to say, often playing devil's advocate and loves a good heated argument discussion. Gang members and such probably hate Trudy, just as much as he loathes their existence, willing to strongarm them into compliance and often push the boundaries on the amount of force and tactics used against the vile scum that plague the city. However, he enjoys working in a team and gets along well with his fellow officers, ensuring that he leads by example and bolsters his reputation as the best police officer to ever serve in the LSPD. Part D - History Provide a list of staff interactions you've had, such as your warnings, kicks or bans. Not in the last 6 months. Your application will be considered and when a decision is made, you will be notified of the outcome on your application Failure to organize an interview once your application is in "pending interview" stage for 7 days will result in the application being denied and you will need to reapply
  10. Changed Report Status to Resolved
  11. Changed Report Status to Resolved
  12. Changed Report Status to Resolved
  13. The cadillac vehicle has been fixed and thus your storage is all returned. The 488 is still being worked on and will hopefully be fixed soon.

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