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  1. Changed Report Status to Resolved
  2. Changed Report Status to Pending Resolution
  3. Changed Report Status to Resolved
  4. Player compensated 1250 fish per 50k limit.
  5. If you can contact me on discord @Scoob to assist me in locating the fish.
  6. Changed Report Status to Info Required
  7. @FR Could you please provide your vehicles license plate, your account ID and tell me which weapon it was?
  8. Rejected as per discussion with player.
  9. Hello, Please be patient while I look into this issue.
  10. In such a case you are free to submit a player complaint regarding such action. However, this kind of behaviour with tazers has been around for a long time with very few issues every raised. Regardless of how you view the scenario, I cannot reasonably conceive that if they had of not tazed you that they wouldn’t of killed or detained you another way. They could of shot or rammed you at many points during that chase and if they had of not tazed you they would of immediately hit you.
  11. Changed Report Status to Rejected
  12. Hello, After reviewing the footage you engaged in a police pursuit with the police. The entire pursuit consisted of you discharging a fire-arm at police. As defined in both state law and police standard operating procedures when the suspects engage in such behaviour it is acceptable to either kill the suspects or stop them in a variety of ways. Instead of shooting you, they chose to taze you, resulting in you falling off your bike and then getting run over by police. While it was indeed unsafe, they were within both state law and standard operating procedures to stop you in such a way. Thus, if acceptable by both state law and standard operating procedures we can conclude that it was in line with the spirit of the rules set out for the FiveM servers. Therefore your claim will be rejected as it did not raise a valid argument towards how either a server issue or another players misconduct resulted in a loss of assets.
  13. Changed Report Status to Pending Resolution