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  1. Scoob

    Lost Opium

    @Burch| I can see the withdrawal but unfortunately it is very difficult to verify this. Do you have any further screenshots or videos to provide more evidence for your claim.
  2. Scoob

    Lost Car

    Changed Report Status to Rejected
  3. Scoob

    Lost Car

    Player failed to update claim following the correct format.
  4. Changed Report Status to Info Required
  5. @iiioool1997 Can you add me on Discord Scoob#6181 so I can see this video. Also approximately what time did this occur?
  6. Changed Report Status to Info Required
  7. @jumpin jax Approximately what date and time did this occur. Next time I'd encourage you to at least screenshot your fish so this can be much easier next time.
  8. Changed Report Status to Info Required
  9. @not hypo Are you sure that screenshot is of your boat? Is that nuimberplate WORK808? I'm having trouble finding any interactions with you and this boat.
  10. Changed Report Status to Rejected
  11. Be more patient with the button next time. We cannot compensate issues of this nature due to an inability to prove grievances.
  12. Changed Report Status to Rejected
  13. Unfortunately we cannot verify claims of this nature. Therefore compensation will not be given for issues regarding lost or unpaid wages. Please wait for it to be fixed by the developers.
  14. Changed Report Status to Pending Resolution

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