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  1. Steam Name: Pytix Character Name: Larry Smith Discord Name (with #xxxx): Pytix#2031 Title of The Claim: Negative balance in bank Description of the claim: Logged in earlier today and have negative -18m in cash. I had around 3.8m in clean cash on 14/05/2019 when I had logged in for a few minutes. Details of Claim: Just after the cash I had before the bug occurred. https://gyazo.com/452794e6097e4370b7b46d92a2ba4721 (Taken from a shadowplay clip on the 27/04/19 when the servers were going to absolute shit which was the last time I had logged in to play.) Any videos or images to help us visualise it? https://gyazo.com/788e6aedfdd7674030597a76bd7f94f7
  2. +1 Love running into these guys, great to have some friendly banter with and they are very active.
  3. +1 Always look forward to running into Dave when I am at the shop, he has things running smoothly all the time and is great to talk to. Look forward to seeing what else he can bring to the business since the Insurance plan was a great idea.

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