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  1. +1 I think re-opening Benny's would allow for more variety. Now that this city is so large we need more mechanic options and Benny's is the Best LS has to offer. As the current Lessor I am happy to loose this to the team presented to create more mechanic competition and open up the map. Great CEO Choice and supporting group.
  2. Failed Paratroop Airdrop Number #1 - The team needs more practice...
  3. Just kicking it to some tunes from the Ganjabus...
  4. Just a shot of the city from on top of Galaxy Nightclub.
  5. Got a moody shot of the Police Department (Plenty of activity as always)
  6. +1 Chow would run a great 18+ Environment. And deep down we all want more bobs and wangs.
  7. A form from in-game to Discord would be great, to stop people replying directly. Car: Price: Low - High Registration ID: OOC (Discord ID): IC Name: Date/Time and Info is handled of-course automatically when posted. Even having a custom "Sold" emoji the seller can apply would be great.
  8. What about a Towing and Repair only Branch of the Mechanics? Based out of another LSC Site? This one is deserted and not far out of the city hub on the east side. Near Tailoring Factory and a Car Parking Garage. Or there is another one down near the airport that is a replica of the current LSC City Site. During County AOP they could move over to Paleto Bay and assist also.
  9. Hi Sly, I am available most days, just throw me a message in Discord and we can have a chat. Not to sure why I need to chat with a Developer? Unless there is some sneaky phone advertisements needed? Or Billboards? I was happy with just forums/discord ads but I am happy to work on all for Businesses as I am sure once it takes on more artists will pop up for work. Bungle.
  10. Hmm well I didnt need OpenIV to install them for one. That might be whats going wrong here. You arent modding GTA5 you are modding FiveM.. You just need to copy the .rpf files from the package and paste them in a new folder called addons. Not my video but he explains it.. be it horrible but yeah. To install the map addon you just need to follow the readme/install guide included. Also be sure you do as he says and re-copy the files as I found for some reason they do not replace on first attempt.
  11. Hmm maybe you installed it in-correctly? If you need any help or a guide I can perhaps write one up...
  12. I drafted up another Free-bee for Ms Elle since she put on such a great show the other night. Also because I am waiting in hopes to be accepted before charging any fees. All shots were in-game and candid once again with no posing required so it really tells the picture. I hope however I am ok with using their images without consent.

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