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  1. Welcome to v2.50 We are steadily working down our list of features and getting ready for more major changes to existing Frameworks, UI, Streamed Resources and more. The team has been busy bringing you these features as fast as we can, however more thorough testing procedures led to some delays. As always, please report any issues via /bugreport. Script Changes - New City Entry Screens! (Loading, Character & Location Selection) - New Physical Licenses! (Vehicles, Weapons, Hunting, Others) These can be purchased and stored on your character. Licenses can be requested, exchanged and returned. Wallets to hold these are also for sale at the government building. - Fixes for Job Missions and Chopshop Stream Changes - Lots More Inventory Items Added to support licenses and more... - Added 4 New Firearms (M4A1, M1 Grande, SCAR-H, Mossberg 590) - Added 2 New Melee Weapons (Tri-blade Knife, Reaper Machete) - More Clothing Updates and Optimizations. Vehicle Changes - Fixed Council Mixer Having a Siren (Sorry No more Rotating SACC) - Fixed LODs and Wheels for Job Hilux - Temporary Handling Fix for Widebody Mustang. (Will be tweaked) Map Changes - Lots more map fixes and updates. Other Changes As always the crew have prepared another Midnight Club Qualifier. Check your map for the new location. Car is the trusty R34 Skyline. Goodluck Racers. Known Issues - New Weapons do not show magazines or support attachments for now. - If you are holding more than 1 Licenses of the same type it will return the closest to the top of your inventory, or the first to be added etc. To avoid this make use of the wallets to hold your personal licenses. - Texture issues for stock wheels on Widebody Mustang - The new entry screens (loading, location, character) are more resource demanding compared to their predecessors. Please report any performance issues. Enjoy. FDG Development Team
  2. Script Changes Possible Fixes for vehicles spawning without Mods. (Please let us know if they spawn without mods. Do not store these vehicles. Alert staff and wait as patiently as you can.) Changes to Fuel Pump Speed. Fixes to some Chop Shop vehicle locations that were on locked properties. More fixes to some weapon mags. More Adjustments to the crossbow (Bolt speed increased slightly, can now be used for underwater activities. However needs to be unequipped once aimed or shot.) Added sharks to Hunting list. Can be shot with crossbow and skinned for items. Stream Changes Fixes to some clothing Items. Map Changes More Fixes around the Map, should reduce some lag spikes and crashes.
  3. Hi Everyone, Another sneaky Update. Enjoy Script Changes Fixed a small bungle in Reloading Messages. Fixes to Magazine Reloading. Stream Changes Fixes to Movement and Attacking for Addon Melee Weapons. Changes to Crossbow. (Lower Travel Speed, Headshot Multiplier Dropped, Sorry not Sorry.) More Melee Weapons Added. More inventory Images added for weapons, other. More Female Clothing Options. Some Gang Vest Updates Added over 300 Updated Textures for Default Female GTA5 Clothing (Hopefully no more checker boxes at least for the ladies.) More Tattoo Options Added Vehicle Changes Map Changes More Map Fixes & Updates
  4. Hey everyone, Here we go with another cheeky update. Hope you enjoy. Script Changes You can no longer write notes whilst Dead. Fixed some issues with Radio FX and Switching Characters Fixes to Police Radars Locking on Targets Fixes to Aircraft UI Fixes to GPS Fixes to Bug Report UI Shared Cars now clear correctly on change of ownership of houses. Job Status Screen moved to not block Aircraft UI. Fixes to Dr Phil Optimizations on Inventory System! Stream Changes More Fixes for Weapons Addon Melee Weapons now have correct animations and damage values. NOTE: Lightsabers now do a little bit of damage. Added Two New Weapons (Crossbow & Katana) Added new Gang Vests, In rust they trust! Vehicle Changes Updates to some Bikes Handling. Fixes for some vehicle LOD's Map Changes More Map Fixes Other Changes New MC Qualifier Race: Good Luck Everyone!
  5. Yep another wee patch. Enjoy. Script Changes - Last of the updates to Stage 1 of Weapons! - Fixed all broken recipes and names of Weapons/Ammo Items. I hope. - Tasers now have a 4 shot capacity and will then need a new cartridge to reload. Their recharge speed however has been buffed/lowered. - Throwable items now work again (Baseball, Flare, Smoke Grenade etc) - Hand to Hand Combat now does less damage. - AI Peds now have updated reactions meaning Local Gangs, Hillbillies and cops etc will no longer go hostile and attack on events. Also Peds are less likely to go crazy in cars when hearing gunfire. - Dirty Money Changes! - Drug Sales, Store Robberies and Banks now give clean money instead of dirty. As we are phasing out dirty money. - The cleaning services will be around for a while longer. Please use them. Stream Changes - Lots more inventory images for new Document System (Medals, Cards etc.) - New Magazine inventory Images to show full/empty. - More Drug related inventory. - Clothing Update - New Dresses. - New Jewelry. (Chains) - More Shirt Designs. - More Shoes. - Bandanas. Vehicle Changes - New Cars to be released on Australia Day (Tuesday 26th, Jan) - New Replacement Bike for the R1. Other Changes - We have added a some new Toys, one which can be used. Find out IC.
  6. So soon? Yep Bungle is on the warpath. Here is a list of what's changed for this release. Note: If you use firearms take note as the changes are important! Script Changes Stage 1 of Weapon Magazine & Ammo Changes! New Ammo Types (Bullets, Boxed Bullets) New Magazine Types (Some Shared, Most are Unique) **Guns will not accept the old magazines**. Use the mag first to receive the bullets and a new generation mag. This will give a generic mag to the class only and wont be usable by all the weapons previously. Sorry not sorry. Weapons now give back an empty magazine when reloaded. Magazines need to be full to be loaded into the gun. Weapons without magazines need at least a full chamber worth of ammo to reload. Empty Magazines can be reloaded with the appropriate ammo. Full Mags can be used to remove the bullets within. More Bug Fixes Stream Changes More inventory item images for ammo, magazines, other.. More crafting recipes to support loading magazines. Last of the Texture Optimizations! Yay, Celebrate! Some Clothing Fixes: Bug with the file structure for the Masks has been resolved the masks will move again today unfortunately, but this should now resolve the issue and we should now be able to add masks without upsetting the rest from now on. Sorry Gangsters Vehicle Changes Livery Updates & Handling Fixes Map Changes More Map Fixes. Other Changes New Midnight club Race - Check Map for Location. Car Required: Honda FK8
  7. Its been a while since our last patch notes, sorry not sorry... but we all hope you had a safe and productive Christmas/New Years. Some the below items have been in for a while but here is a rundown on what we have been up to whilst recovering from Ham/Alcohol Poisoning over the last few weeks... **Script Changes** - New Driving School Location and Driving Test. - Chopshop has expanded its Business and now has **two** locations in city and county. With Car Missions each must be returned to the location where you got the mission. - Inventory Changes - Stage 1 Testing of Food and Drink is back (Just consumes the item for now) - Stage 1 Testing of Items with "Meta Data". Polaroid Pictures, Business Cards Fingerprints and more. - Phones now can be used from inventory or hotbar (F1 still works) - Cigarettes packs can be purchased and give cigarettes when used. - Cigarettes can be used/consumed. - Cleaning Cloths come in packs and need to be unpacked before used. - More items added for crafting recipes (You will need to find these out) - Some crafting recipes have been changed or extended. - More crafting recipes added - Some more items can be used now to unpack the contents. - Stage 1 Testing of Drugs coming in different quantity packages, and unpacked/repacked with bags/gladwrap. You still need the normal version (bagged) like before to sell them. - Drugs can be consumed in their respected manner, some raw, some need instruments or papers etc to be smoked. - More drug based tools added "Oil" Glass Pipe etc. - Fixed players becoming dead when falling into water whilst cuffed. - Fixes to some chopshop part locations not triggering. - 4 Locations now for chopshop, 2 for City two for County. - Security can now access the Cops Interface with limited capacity. - Potential fixes for Doors not syncing and being unlocked/locked. - Painkillers no longer make you fall over when used, well they do. But on chance and they knock you down. But they are also more effective. - Smoking weed or eating gummies also now relieves pain like painkillers. - Smoking Opium does the same as weed, just hits you harder. - To smoke weed/opium it must be taken out of the bag (use) and then rolled into a joint or loaded into a bong. - More tools can be used to break into houses. - However lockpicks have been removed from hardware stores. - Lots of code optimizations and bug fixes. **Stream Changes** - More inventory item images added. - Some inventory item images have been changed. - Gang Clothing Updates - Phoenix Vest Updates - Added some civilian clothing items **Vehicle Changes** - Lots more texture optimizations and handling fixes. - New Bikes! - Indian Chief Dark Horse - Harley-Davidson Street Glide - Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883 - Harley-Davidson Softtail Deluxe - Dyna Clubstyle - Honda CBR 300R - Nagasaki Kunoichi - KTM 450SX Quad **Map Changes** Christmas Decorations have been taken down. More Gang Updates. Few more Civ Clothing items. More Map Fixes. **Other Changes** Slight Buff to bank lockbox item drops. The Marksman conversion has been completed. Meaning the range has been reduced. And also the penetration of armor has been aligned with other Assault Rifles. Its still a mean killing machine in the AR family, but not from across the map. Cleaned up map blips. - Removed Parking, Free Bikes (They are still there just not shown on map) - Changed B&E locations image - Separated active Midnightclub Qualifier Race Enjoy, The FDG Dev Team.
  8. I don't think owning the "Industry" would work. I think maybe try and make something of one first and then look to expand or add more to the Umbrella. We have Bahama Mamas West now open. (Just no Music) However that leaves options now to employ DJ's and vendors (Remove public blips and encourage RP Sale of Alcohol) (Cheaper than Public Markets) We also have the Comedy Club for something to expand to from there also. +1 From me if starts small.
  9. Might be possible in the future with massive vehicle handling/meta adjustment. I also agree here as someone who takes pride in keeping his vehicles as pristine as possible. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/realistic-car-damage-roadreaper
  10. +1 I think re-opening Benny's would allow for more variety. Now that this city is so large we need more mechanic options and Benny's is the Best LS has to offer. As the current Lessor I am happy to loose this to the team presented to create more mechanic competition and open up the map. Great CEO Choice and supporting group.
  11. Failed Paratroop Airdrop Number #1 - The team needs more practice...
  12. Just kicking it to some tunes from the Ganjabus...
  13. Just a shot of the city from on top of Galaxy Nightclub.
  14. Got a moody shot of the Police Department (Plenty of activity as always)

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