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  1. @Reykr The laws are in effect as it is now. There is currently a major overhaul with the legal system and the process of which convictions are done. If you believe the police are charging or issuing sentences against the letter of the laws, you are welcome to file an IC complaint in the Application Forms on the top of the main navigation bar. https://www.fatduckgaming.com/index.php?/player-complaints/
  2. @kn0pee Then the bug would be INV+ shares the same priority value as FDF. Console printq indicates someone with INV+ is assigned 20 (same as FDF), and so they get stuck in the queue with FDFs instead of ahead of them. I'd say assign INV+ 19 if you can, likewise probably +1 for INV to go behind T2
  3. PINV+ Conflicts with FDF If an FDF is subsequently awarded PINV+, they retain FDF Priority while dual-hatting both roles on Discord. Potential conflicts may arise if a T1 gets awarded PINV Recommended queue script be amended to take the lowest number (highest priority) that a member is entitled to based on the collection of their roles on Discord.
  4. Changed Report Status to Resolved
  5. Changed Service Category to LSLA
  6. Once again Moogle has regained ownership of release notes. Beta Features (For Beta Testers Only) Property Script Overhaul 1. Properties are no longer shared between your 3 characters in a single steam account. 2. Each property on the map has a unique postal address. 3. All motel rooms on the map are now rentable 4. You can now have roommates in your property (i.e permanent access to your home and access to the same house inventory) 5. Each house has their own unique inventory 6. Individual properties will no longer be purchsable. However you may purchase a block of properties as their landlord upon initial release. 7. Initial Release: Each character may only rent 1 apartment (map-wide) just so our 250 concurrent player base gets a place to live (Resolve this by getting married and move in with them) 8. Renting an apartment: a. Look for a house icon on your map: b. Walk in the blue blip c. Pick an apartment to rent, or buzz an owned apartment to visit someone: d. Press E again after renting a property to manage it: Add Balance: Tops up your rental balance up to 7 days of rent in advance File Complaint: Usage: .sachhi on Discord (on a serious note, it won't be there on release) Cancel Contract: Cancels your rental contract. Any existing rental balance will be forfeited. You will be given a confirmation message before you proceed (as follows): 9. Utilising the Apartment a. After renting your new home, look for the green blip that corresponds to your apartment: b. Look for the little wardrobe with the text "Room Menu" hovering on your screen: You now have 4 options: i) Invite People - Same function as the previous apartment script, you get to invite people into your apartment temporarily ii) Mail - SoonTM iii) Roommates - This is where you add your bride or siblings or cousins and any other pals to share the one bed with (Unlimited roommates at the moment). iv) Storage - Where you store over the counter pharmaceutical products: "Put/Get Money" supports cash and dirty money c. When you walk into the wardrobe, you get to change into your existing saved outfits from clothing stores: 10. Becoming a Landlord a. At the blue "apt options" blip where you get to rent an apartment, you may instead purchase the entire block and become its landlord: b. Prices vary between different apartment blocks, expect them to cost millions of dollars. c. Upon becoming a landlord, the blue blip menu will come up with extended options such as: i) Evict a tenent who has an outstanding negative balance. ii) Adjust rental prices for individual vacant motel rooms up to 50% of the upkeep/cost price. d. Landlords are expected to advertise, manage and offer additional services to their apartment block as if they're a business CEO. However they're not bound by Business CEO rules. 11. SoonTM stuff for Property Script a. Introduce standalone houses in addition to more motel rooms b. Introduce different storage sizes for different types of properties c. Introduce more garages at apartment locations 12. Transition Period A transition period of 2 weeks will be implemented starting from when this script is out of beta testing, when both property scripts will be run concurrently to allow players to transfer items to their new apartments before the old script will poof for life. During the transition period, real estate business will be defunct and no properties may be purchased or leased under the old script. During this time, no rent will be deducted from properties using the old script ------------------------------------------ Public Release (For errrrryone) Phone Stuff 1. All phone numbers and existing contact lists will been reset/nulled/void/poof'd (wiped?). 2. A new phone number will be allocated to your character the next time you log in, and they will from now on be character-bound, not account-bound (i.e your 3 characters no longer share the same number). 3. Phone numbers are now made up of 6 digits. 4. Contacts no longer go missing randomly 5. When adding contacts, your phone will automatically close after entering a new contact. Flip your phone out again for your new contact to show! 6. Phone no longer rings indefinitely ATM Stuff 1. ATM/Banking UI has been redone 2. Money transfer between players enabled at ATMs/Banks with an interaction animation Boat Stuff 1. 3 Places on the map where you can rent boats for a price. 2. There are 7 boats to choose from Fixes and Optimisation Stuff 1. Lots of back end stuff optimised 2. Hands up won't bug out now 3. Tattoos don't cross over between different characters 4. Fixed missing weapons from loadouts 5. FDG Branding/Water mark changed 6. Combat log script now reminds you why you are dead upon logging in 7. AOP now randomises when server restarts 8. Fixed infinite range car boots 9. Removed animation when showing ID 10. AFK kicker is fixed 11. Fixed a bug where you can see other people inside your apartment 12. UI adjusted to suit different resolution monitors Police Stuff 1. POLAIR Spotlight disabled. Every other POLAIR function is still there 2. Changed the UI for dispatch calls 3. Added new County uniforms 4. Some AFP stuff in the underground labs 5. Added the wanted menu for cops - relevant laws will be implemented soonTM a. If a character logs on with outstanding fines for more than 3 days, and in excess of $10,000 outstanding, PD will be alerted that your character is "in town". 6. PD can now seize a vehicle for 1 day up to 14 days. (No more car-dy crush) Car Stuff 1. New animation to lock and unlock your car. (Apparently it goes beep) 2. GPS now marks the closest location of interest (e.g closest car dealership) 3. Car Dealer managers can accept trade ins 4. EMS Vehicles were changed (a while back) to be in line with Australian theme. Misc Stuff 1. PD, ES and Staff may now use /wheelchair command to spawn a functional wheelchair in. X to exit animations. 2. Added the FDG Hoodie 3. Rewritten framework to remove Steam dependencies| 4. Minor update to EUP
  7. Topic Tag has been amended to work in-game. 10REP has been rewarded for promoting roleplay/assisting with this community.
  8. FDG Other Games Rules Effective Dates For other games Discord v1 - 01 Jan 18 - 22 May 19 For other games Discord v2 - Current (Since 23 May 19) NOTE: This rule set has been tailored to our FDG - Other Games Discord server. Game specific rules for all mini-projects may be found in their dedicated channels or in a separate post. #1 - Fair Play 1.1 - Usage of cheats via scripts or exploiting in-game bugs/vulnerabilities to provide an advantage over other players are not permitted. 1.2 - Usage of alternate accounts as a mean to circumvent a ban is not permitted, this includes the period when a ban appeal is being reviewed. 1.3 - Accounts that are found guilty to have breached any server rules will render the owner of the account liable for punishments, regardless of who was using the account at the time of the offence. 1.4 - Accounts terminated due to breach of server rules may have all their character data wiped from the respective game platform where the offence was carried out. #2 - Community Respect 2.1 - Harassments, spreading hatred, sending threats and insults are not permitted. 2.2 - Be respectful to all other players on the server. Keep in mind that this community has many members of varying ages and backgrounds. 2.3 - Discrimination, be it sexism, racism, one's gender preference or religious faith is not tolerated. 2.4 - Adult content must not be shared within this community or to any members who can be reasonably identified as a minor in our community. #3 - Interaction with Staff Team 3.1 - All development related issues should be logged via a bug report on the website and not by tagging Developers on Discord. 3.2 - Staff decisions are non-negotiable. However if the decision appears to have been made in error, or procedural fairness was not observed, the dispute should be handled via a staff report or administrative appeal on the website. 3.3 - Lying or falsifying statements to a staff member or forging evidence to support a complaint or an appeal will result in an instant removal from the community. #4 - Discord 4.1 - Members are free to subscribe or unsubscribe from individual game channel families. This is an opt-in system where staff will not force a specific role onto a member. However by subscribing, the member must acknowledge any relevat policies and guidelines and comply with them. 4.2 - Advertising of any kind is not permitted in this community. Content creators wishing to promote their channels should sought permission from a Community Manager first. #5 - FDG Website
  9. hye mate do you have a link to all the mods you use?


  10. DONATION AND PATREON SUBSCRIPTION GUIDELINES i. Funds collected by Fat Duck Gaming (FDG) via our web donation platform (on Paypal gateway) or via Patreon are goodwill transactions that support our current and future operations of FDG as a whole (and not a specific game server), thus it includes, but are not limited to our FiveM flagship servers. Donations may, and will be expensed by the Community Owner at his sole discretion, on goods and services with the sole intention to enhance our user experience when playing on FDG branded services. Whether for operational upkeep of our hardware, software licencing, branding or any IP rights. ii. At the discretion of the Leadership Team as a whole, donators and patreon subscribers may receive benefits in recognition of their support, which may come in many forms such as community-wide titles or designations, or aesthetic benefits such as early access to new contents or exclusive access to in-game plugins. These benefits may be modified or withdrawn as necessary, at the sole discretion of the Leadership Team for any or no reason at all, such as technical limitations. iii. Donation and subscription benefits are to be interpreted as a privilege, or a token of appreciation from the FDG Leadership Team, and are not to be intepreted as goods and/or services purchased. The only contratual obligation that FDG has to our donators and subscribers is solely, to put all funds collected from the mediums aforementioned in point i. into the upkeep and sustainability of our community. iv. Donations and patreon subscriptions do not entitle a player to receive priority or preferential consideration in the management nor development team, nor the entitlement to be immune from any adverse administrative actions, which may include permanent, community-wide ban during the course of an active patreon subscription. v. It is therefore important for users to understand that all donations and patreon subscriptions made on FDG and third party platforms are entirely optional and voluntary with the sole purpose to support the current and future operations of our community, and not for any potential perks one may receive from a donation/subscription. vi. Finally, refunds may only be made on a case-by-case basis under compassionate grounds.
  11. WARNING: If your issue is caused by a bug, please ensure a bug report is also filed. Please select the service category above Please ensure the following information is answered in your application: Steam Name: Character Name: Discord Name (with #xxxx): Title of The Claim: "Summarise the issue" Description of the claim: "What happened" Details of Claim: "What compensation(s) are you seeking" Any videos or images to help us visualise it? "Proof of your claims" Any additional information you wish to provide?
  12. @AREiHEATHEN | Chad Skyler Should be able to now, sorry.
  13. No problem, thanks for pointing it out, I will have it fixed.

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