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  1. Lightning Auto Repair Daisy Blue and Yoshi Densuke's Application for Joint-CEO of "Mechanics" Full Name: Yoshi Densuke - Crazy, calm, collected enthusiastic Japanese from Kyoto, Japan! Daisy Blue - Hard working and spirited enthusiastic English lady of royal lineage! Occupation: Operations Manager Master Mechanic Applying for: Joint CEO of Mechanics Quote 授人以魚不如授人以漁/授人以鱼不如授人以渔 Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Mission statement: Our focus is to offer true job seekers a fair opportunity regardless of race, sex, or age and provide our customers with an enjoyable experience every time. Core Values: Reliability - with the staff scaling and response systems we were able to cover more efficiently Honesty - has been an open dialogue from us to the community Commitment - to all customers which includes all the communities in Los Santos Service Excellence - we believe is achievable with each team member well trained, confident, and ready to assist Communication - with the government, customers and staff members helps us advance Planned Staffing Structure: Expanded Existing , Add New Volunteer- These will be for a couple of hours for temp hires with restricted access for the sole purpose of assisting with large scale event repairs should the need exceed available staff at that point in time. Work Experience | Apprentice - Work Exp, once displayed enough know-how, get promoted based on consistent effort or time put in, to App rank Mobile - an applied-for position, introduced by the former CEO, that requires merit and multi-review, which primarily focuses on roadside assistance (giving an alternate path in the business for more experience delivery) Qualified - a general level modification mechanic that can perform excellent paint jobs and vehicle upgrades to a customer’s preference. Master - a rare limited slot modification mechanic position that is a level further than qualified but also requires merit, shows leadership, and few other prerequisites as well as acquires various other benefits. Manager - the main operations supervisors that act as both human resource and tactical oversight Board of Directors - well performed resigned CEO’s, reputable Directors, or other valuable resources handpicked by CEO or Board to serve as interim CEOs and assist new CEOs plant their feet comfortably within the company. They will act mostly off premises.The board will include titles such as COO, CXO, CFO, etc with COO being first option to serve as next interim CEO - The chief executive officer stands not only as the face or symbol of the company, but as an active oversight of projects, meetings, and crucial business decisions. The intended staffing structure is currently partially implemented and with scaling can be downsized or up-scaled as needed to meet the needs of the ever-so-growing economy. Business Plan: With our superb staff members we would love to continue to contribute available resources towards various city-wide meets and events where applicable. Taking a quick look at our first couple of months as work exp and how most underdogs were vaguely noticed for their hard work due to staffing structure and resources, we’ve made some modifications to solidify this and make it easier to track progress. While expanding on a few points for the duration under the prior CEO, we have implemented systematic functions that will allow all employees to be recognized, to be able to focus on what they would like to do, enabled quicker response functions within the company and towards our customers, and improved team communications. I have personally been making sure all new and upcoming employees have a way of being recognized since date of hire (and will continue to do so), enlightened them on pathways they may proceed on, as well as have been working on various communication strategies with all staff to adjust and evolve. I would like more gorgeous yet effective vehicle options added along the way to further reward higher achieved ranks for our employees as well as existing off-road options. From this and onward we want to also (outside the general public events) focus on more bi-weekly team building exercises as nice refreshers for our staff as they put in quite the work and deserve some team social time as well as outlets. Reason for Application: Our plans focus on expanding on the current structure implemented while showing growth both as a business and as a resourceful contributor to the community. Between us both, we have gained a substantial amount of experience in the Los Santos Auto repair business under different CEOs, listened to the public, and our fellow employees, which has already greatly influenced company structure in exceptional ways and will continue to do so. We feel it is important to provide a variety of customer experiences within the community while rewarding different mindsets working hard to provide an integral function of mobility to the community. We would like to continue this fantastic trend-set of exquisite service delivery to everyone of our customers as well as evolve while doing so.. For these reasons and more, are for which we are applying. How can you be of help to our Investment Group: With the growing economy will require a flexible mind to scale. In our case, two minds. With one mindset focused on increased profits, experience, and direction. The other will focus on social welfare, stability, and appearance. These two in tandem allow for a more stable and yet profitable business environment which in turn radiates to our society and other organizations conducting business with us. We will also be conducting some various currently to-be-announced projects that we believe will become a trendsetting action between organizations which focuses on increasing morale and rapport. We respect all of our beloved customers and staff whether they are new or old. We stride towards a unified front whether any may be in need of a stepping stone to progress in town, acquire social networks, or simply for the love of hands on grease wiping good times. Portfolio records of various progress and projects are available upon request to the investment group or government representatives that require such for investigations. Employment History: Mechanic - approaching 5 months Government run - March 2nd to March 31st (2019) Butler’s Customs - April 1st to April 30th (2019) Lightning Auto Repair - May 1st to present (2019) Delivery Driver - 1 week Mechanic - approaching 5 months Government run - March 2nd to March 31st (2019) Butler’s Customs - April 1st to April 30th (2019) Lightning Auto Repair - May 1st to present (2019) Delivery Driver - 1 week Criminal Record: None None In-Game/Steam Username: oewumi Calsiena SteamID64: 76561198019082458 76561198117277203 Discord: Stylish#5628 Azela#6736
  2. +1 Tracking him from his late transport days, he has definitely shown quite the quality team support, community interactions, and superb performances. I love the Mario theme embrace.

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