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  1. Are you tired of having to wait in line just to have a quick respray of your car? Or maybe you have been in trouble with the law and need your Rego Plate screwed onto the back of your R6, Maybe you have been sideswiped by some of the young local yahoos hanging around and need some panel work done, Well you’re in luck, pop on down to Staunch Detailing and check out some of our expert services to get your car back on the road Services include: Repairs Tune ups Panel repairs Paint work Visual tuning (Visual customisation) Tow services Insurance We would like to be given the opportunity to run a visual mod shop out of Benny's and possibly the garage in Paleto bay. We would like to be able to do vehicle repairs on site only and offer a tow service for all crashed vehicles. We would also like to be able to carry out visual only mods (no performance mods). I think we could bring life to an awesome Building in the city as well as a legit business to Paleto bay, While providing a healthy competition to the current mechanic business while still ensuring they are needed by customers. Staff Makeup CEO: Ned Kelly ($2000 Salary) Paint/Visual Manager::Jeffrey Dahmer ($1500 Salary) Tow/Repair Manager: Bruce Benton ($1500 Salary) Accounts/Insurance Manager:Rata Macue ($1500) Positions to fill Car Artist: Performs all paint and visual mods (and below) ($1250 +15% commission) Spanner Man: All Towing to impound/workshop And In House Repairs ($1000 +15% commission) Things we would require F6 menu Repair option to work only in shop Boss Menu Tow Truck City and County locations Uniforms (TBD) Business account City Meeting to discuss pricing Edit: Change of locations after finding out Bennys is taken l
  2. +1 Jack seems decent in my dealings with him. Goodluck
  3. Good idea being executed well. Good work mate
  4. +1 Dave was pretty fair when i worked there even when i got fired for crime.
  5. IG Name:Fraxton Benton Discord Name Boonkins#1272 Title of The Bug: Car mods did not save How do we reproduce the bug: What outcomes does it reproduce? (List each in new line) Any videos or images to help us visualise it? (List each link in new line) Any additional information to provide?

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