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  1. to help us create a new Community FAQ that covers all things FiveM and Fat Duck Gaming! What is this for? As the server continues to grow, so too does the requirement for documentation that ensures all community members are able to have the best experience possible! Our goal at the end of this competition is to have all the information required to make a comprehensive FAQ that will cover questions asked by new and seasoned Fat Duck Gaming and FiveM community members. Why do you need me? Each person reading this will have different ideas and different experiences on our servers. By getting your feedback, we are doing our best to ensure that we create a FAQ that is relevant to the requirements of our community at all levels! How do I help? By going to the link below and filling out the questionnaire. Take your time and think as cash prizes will be rewarded for every question that is selected in the final piece of documentation! Click here to start!
  2. +1 I like the idea, it is unique with some great execution via the uniforms and vehicle choices. I have had some good interactions with many of these Families around the city and they have always operated on a show respect, get respect mentality. I look forwards to welcoming them into the community as a trial family should they be accepted!
  3. "Thanks to your ongoing support and the growth of our Community we will be moving to a New Dedicated Server with our inital eta being the 25th of May, this will allow us to run 4 x 60 slot servers reducing the wait time to get ingame."

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