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  1. Introduction Tailor Gang is more of a family rather than a traditional gang, starting as orphans on the street and living out of the slums of the Los Santos aqueduct system. We were taken in and grew up in the care of Aunt Mary, beginning as cotton chippers on her farm and living out of Darnell Bros which was previously an orphanage. Once we started to grow of age however Aunt Mary started her very own tailoring business with the Darnell Bros land and taught us all that she knew. Tailoring has since been a major factor in the early success of all members whilst we have always been looking to expand beyond the factory and the dreams of a humble old lady. Whilst Aunt Mary lives on in our thoughts we promised to take care of her humble farm and factory. Prospects are still Tailoring to this day which helps pay for its future non-for-profit events. In which we offer protection of the area and advice/assistance on getting started. Family members have ventured into other industries such as Real Estate, Mechanics, Lumbering, Pool Washing and Garbage Pickup and some other shady activities which we will not discuss. This led us to buy our very own Building, from which we would like to run our business. Family Members Co-Founder: Carter Westshore (Dhungala) Co-Founder: Dazza Whipass (Horizon) Co-Founder: Tony Park (Wanye Kest) Members: Sum Ting Wong (Bungle) Members: Jimmy James (Spare Him) Members: Jaun Deway (Cydea) Members: Tyrone Woods (The Gaijin T.TV) Prospects Hang Lowe (FizZe) Jules Winnfield (Spahawk) Expanded business plan available for Development Team/Community Managers.
  2. Can we add this car please https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ford-focus-rs-2017-add-on-replace-tuning-template-multi-livery

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