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  1. Changed Report Status to Resolved
  2. Thank you for your application. We will not be accepting this comany at this time REJECTED
  3. Thank you for your application. At this time the company will not be accepted. REJECTED
  4. Accepted! Your organization will be on trial. Congrats
  5. Accepted LSES thanks you for your service
  6. The Pump Organisation The organisation was founded by Mr. Robert Pump, a young man in Sweden. The organisation did own a large brand in the cansioworld in Sweden. But arter having that big brand in Sweden, the organisation made the call to expand to over sea. At last they came to Los Santos. Here they have more than just gambling in mined. In Los Santos they are looking to expand to more types of business, like stores, and other kineds of business. The Organisation works whit gambling and events. The oppertunity to gamble on raceing, fights and more. The organisation will host bigger events in the state of Los Santos What are we doing for the pepole of Los Santos? We want to create mote jobs for the pepole that live in Los Santos. We want to create events that will make pepole happy and that everyone can see. So who can work for this Company? Everyone! We do not think that people that has been arrested and jailed are bad people. We like to give people a new chanse. We will have openings for people with all different backrounds. Roles that we have atm: CEO: PumparN (Full access) (invoice perms) General Manager: Oznat, BAZ (access to bank and all vehicles) (paycheck 1000) (invoice perms) Eventworker: (Access to Rumpo) (paycheck 500) (invoice perms) What are we asking from the state? We ask for the Casino and tracks located north of the city, the constructionssite in Paleto next to the gasstation and the dirttrack in Sandy. If possible we want some vehicles: (all vehicles painted Pure Gold, whit the company logo if possible) Pounder (Truck) Dashound (Bus) Rumpo Trail (Van) Dubsta (Car) Swift Deluxe (Helicopter) Spawnpoint at the casino Bank Account Discordchannel

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