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Everything posted by jarrod

  1. Part A - Personal Info Name: William Stroker DOB: 30/10/1969 Phone Number: #337030 Discord: jarrod#0001 Part B - Job Application Job Title: Aircraft Mechanic Employment Type: Part Time (Sub Job) / Casual Qualifications: Recreational Pilots License A/H Commerical Pilots License A/H Private Pilots License A/H Single Engine A Multi Engine A Single Engine H Multi Crew Gruppe6 security training Employment History: Job 1 - Gruppe6 Officer - 1 month Criminal Record: Why do you want to work with us? I'm looking to help out on a part time basis when I can to help bring more life to the airspace side of things, as I have a hobby for aeroplanes as well as helicopters, I have had experience as an auxilary at Gruppe6 Inspecting the vehicles before General Duties and enjoy pulling things apart and making sure everything works up to a high standard. I love the quokka branding and the image it has in the city, and would love to be apart of the team. What can you bring to this team? Dedication. Honesty. Experience Flying Aeroplanes/helicopters. Friendly personality. An experience with mechanical equipment and a basic understanding as a vehicle mechanic.
  2. Ran Into these guys a couple times, great interactions with them, hopefully see you guys around more in the city in force.
  3. +1 Great Application, Great Bunch of People, Antonio has ran multiple business's before he is great.
  4. +1 Love the location and Idea.
  5. Love this Business Idea, would be great to have this added. Especially with Cutups background this would be perfect.
  6. Great Location, more competition for Benny's and the LSIS, also very trusted members of the city. +1

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