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  1. Here are our winners, congratulations to all the winners. Contact me through discord to organise your winnings. First: @Moama Second: @trig Third: @FreezeGreezer My discord is: Kade#6969
  2. @FreezerGeezer Very nice shots. Exactly the stuff im looking for. Keep up the good RP screenshots
  3. Hey everyone, DrDre and I are going to be holding a screenshot competition. Objective: Capture the best moments of RP on FatDuckGaming Servers. (e.g. events, parties, general hanging out) Rewards: $100,000 for 1st place. $75,000 for 2nd place. $50,000 for 3rd place. Rules: 1) The photo must be taken on a Fat Duck Gaming Server 2) No sexual/sexually suggestive content 3) Must not break any of the server rules while being taken Besides that feel free to post any photos in the comments of this post. Please refrain from general chatter here, and don't forget to REACT to your favourite screenshot posted here. Competition Ends: 14/06/2019 Tip: Press ALT+H to remove your HUD. Best of luck Kade Graphics Designing Team
  4. IG Name: King Kade Discord Name (with #xxxx): Kaade#1337 Title of The Bug: Using /sit to teleport How do we reproduce the bug: Find somewhere to sit, do /sit. Press X to get off the seat and leave the area. Do /sit in the middle of nowhere. It will bring you back What outcomes does it reproduce? (List each in new line): Teleports you to the last place you sat at. Any videos or images to help us visualise it? (List each link in new line): https://gyazo.com/ba209834e19f18a2c1be25581af2266a Any additional information to provide? I put this at medium because it can be exploited.
  5. IG Name: King Kade Discord Name (with #xxxx): Kaade#1337 Title of The Bug: Hunting Job Spam Bug How do we reproduce the bug: Spam E on the Vehicle Spawner at the Hunting Cabin What outcomes does it reproduce? (List each in new line): Spawns multiple mobs for every time you've spawned in a bike. The mobs don't move until you've gone in a certain range. So running them over will kill them all. (Also animation canceling works on these mobs) Any videos or images to help us visualise it? (List each link in new line): This will have to do: Any additional information to provide? The marker down south in the City has no use because you just return to the bike spawn area to return your loot anyway.
  6. +1 i like this, but maybe don't request people to call phone numbers. Because with so many people playing on every server and phones aren't connected cross server its going to be a mess. Just contact through discord would work better. Or a better idea , that maniac brought up once, was a phone app up that people can post listings on.
  7. I love the idea, but whats going to happen is people are just going to use boats as get away vehicles. Police should need a method of tazing, tackling, arresting or dragging on water.
  8. Agreed, Throwback to SWAT-13 smacking me in the back of the head during breach
  9. We're ganna need police prosecutors too love the rp behind this +1
  10. I believe devs are currently working on a casino already, plus i think it'll be hard getting betting organised without a script properly done. Imagine the number of people who are gonna be involved. I like the idea but i think it'll work better being automated with scripts.

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