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  1. Department of Justice (Criminal Syndicate Branch) EIIR\OUT\2019\07\02-SYN OUTLAWRY ORDER DISTRIBUTION: Commissioner of Police @Chippo Deputy Commissioner of Police LSPD (Through: Captain LSPD) BCSO (Through: Sheriff BCSO) SWAT (Through: Captain SWAT) LSES (Through: Director LSES) PURSUANT to s13 Law Enforcement (Powers & Responsibilities) Act, the Administrator of the Commonwealth of Australia (in the appointment as Acting Governor-General), on the advice of the Commissioner of LSPD, has approved an outlawry order against the organisation "LOST MC" for a period of 7 days over a series of assault, attempted murder, kidnapping and violent crimes with or without illegal weapons against the LSPD. The outlawry of the Lost MC will result in their headquarters being targeted to a series of raids*, arrests on sight against members identified to be part of, or affiliated with the aforementioned organisation. Members found to be associated with the organisation will face a minimum of 10 months imprisonment, members found in groups of more than 3 will be imprisoned for at least 10 months for consorting in accordance with s16 Crimes Act. *HQ raids does not include seizure of assets Citizens are advised to avoid being in contact with this organisation, as you may be liable to mandatory sentencing if found to be in company of members associated with Lost MC, or within the vicinity of their headquarters. LSES Staff found providing medical services to Lost MC members without police presence or consent may be arrested and may be liable for additional sanctions imposed by the Government for High Command members. Citizens wishing to seek further information may request for Freedom of Information in a separate enquiry. By His Excellency's command, Phil Oakey Official Secretary to the Governor of Los Santos for The Administrator of the Commonwealth of Australia on the 9th day of July, 2019.
  2. DISTRICT COURT OF LOS SANTOS Magistrate Harsh, P Cumberdale v Century 21 Ltd [2019] LSDC 2 C2/2019 JUDGEMENT 1. The original hearing was postponed from Monday 10 Jun 19 to Saturday 15 Jun 19 on request from both parties, to be held at a socially acceptable and reasonable time for all parties to attend. 2. I am extremely disappointed at the applicant for his failure to attend the subsequent hearing and had therefore indirectly wasted the time and resources of this court and the respondent. 3. I therefore see no reason to further proceed with this case, as the applicant forfeits his rights when he failed to appear before this court. ORDER 1. No appeals permitted. 2. The court orders that the applicant is to pay $100,000 in court fees, $250,000 in legal fees for the respondent's attorney, as well as $50,000 for the respondent's lost income. Case Reference
  3. Classified State of Los Santos - Governor of Los Santos DIRECTIVE EIIR\OUT\2019\06\01-LSPD LSPD (through: Commissioner - Los Santos Police Department) @Chippo For Information: AFP (through: Commissioner - Australian Federal Police) POLICE PROCEDURES ON LEGAL REPRESENTATIVES AND GRUPPE6 1. His Excellency The Governor is particularly aware of a recent directive from COP-LSPD issued in 09 May 19 with regards to permitting citizens to act as legal attorneys of suspects detained at LSPD processing cells. 2. On the advice of his aides and discussions with relevant Federal Government departments, and subsequent investigations launched by AFP officers, the Governor issues the following directive. 3. The Governor's position is that the directive issued by COP-LSPD is inconsistent to s10g of Police Force (Judicial Procedures) Act, of which lawyers, solicitors or barristers who are not officially registered in the State of Los Santos are permitted to represent their clients as "lawyers", by simply showing their foreign qualifications. 4. The purpose behind officially recognising legal practitioners in the State of Los Santos is to allow suspects to be defended, or to have their rights recognised and accorded to even when they are being convicted. While the LSPD can still efficiently and effectively process suspects, and to get back on patrol shortly afterwards. 5. However since the issuance of the May 2019 directive, AFP officers have been investigating the LSPD's criminal conviction efficiency and have noticed as of late, that all cells are often found occupied for more than 30 minutes with no resolution. Sometimes there were even >50% of the entire LSPD that were on duty at the time standing in the processing area negotiating with "lawyers". 6. It is therefore important that this directive is to be issued in lieu of the current LSPD directive, that suspects may be represented by a legal representative that do not require legal qualifications in accordance with s6 Police Force (Judicial Procedures) Act, however the purpose is only to witness procedural fairness, provide comfort and ensure that suspects are questioned free from duress, and may plead for a reduction of sentence if such consideration is deemed reasonable. 7. The Governor also recognises that some of the laws may be obsolete and may not reflect the most up to date development in the State of Los Santos. Therefore the Governor is in the process of leading a task group in the biggest legal reform in 2 years history since the founding of the State Government, with the aim to provide a balance between LSPD's rights and responsibilities and civil rights of all of our greater population. 8. Furthermore, this directive serves as a reminder that LSPD do have right to enforce laws over the private securities (or hereafter as Gruppe6). AFP officers as of late had noticed that some LSPD officers have been confused with their rights and responsibilities over Gruppe6 officers. 9. As a general reminder, LSPD officers may arrest, detain and prosecute Gruppe6 officers who act outside of the bounds of the laws. Gruppe6 officers may protect a property or money transport with lethal weapons, but does not provide grounds for actively shooting at passerby. They may also detain suspects to be handed over to LSPD, but does not provide grounds for imprisonment on their own. 10. This directive is effectively immediately. By His Excellency's Command, PR Oakey Aide to the Governor 03 Jun 19
  4. Dear applicant, Your applicantion has been rejected due to lack of: Sponsoring authority Aviation medical check records Flight Crew Licencing Office
  5. Rejected Please refer to application guidelines: The current state of Airlines business is defunct, pending re-development.
  6. UNCLASSIFIED To: Max Nelluc @Macu Dear Max NELLUC The Aviation Licencing Office has processed your application for a security clearance. Requested licence endorsements have been issued, with an expiry date of 30 Apr 2021. The application fee of $750 is payable by the Airline busines Your Aviation Reference Number (ARN) is 1110686 Yours faithfully Department of Justice - Flight Crew Licencing Office
  7. Good evening Ms Brennen, The Board of Directors of the Los Santos Investment Group is pleased to offer you a contract for the position of Chief Executive Officer - Vanilla Unicorn. Please find attached CEO contract in your email account. You will be officiated in the new post upon receiving your signature of acknowledgement and compliance to its terms. Any questions may be directed to us. Kind regards, Phil Rich Secretary of Commerce (Los Santos Investment Group) Attached: CEO_Contract.pdf
  8. Dear Applicant, We are pleased to appoint you two as dual CEO of the Real Estate Business. Please kindly arrange a meeting with a Department of Justice representative for your briefing and CEO contracts. Kind regards, Secretary of Commerce
  9. Dear Applicant, We are pleased to appoint you as the CEO of the Airlines Business. Kind regards, Secretary of Commerce
  10. Governor of Los Santos For Information: Department of Commerce Department of Justice (Syndicate Branch) Ever since the implementation of the new Business CEO guidelines on 15 Dec 18, the Government had noted discrepancies with the business transaction account of all businesses in the State of Los Santos, especially how funds were being withdrawn from the business account to personal accounts, notably during the end of a CEO's tenure. After consultation with the Federal Government and the Governor-General, the Governor of Los Santos has pardoned all business CEOs who have been withdrawing from business transaction accounts in the past for personal purposes. However from this point onwards, any CEOs found withdrawing from business transaction accounts for personal purposes, or to receive personal income from the business accounts disproportionate to their salary and bonuses agreed upon on their employment contract, shall be liable to offences under s4 Crime and Corruption Act, which may result in instant, and permanent ban from executive positions of any businesses registered in Los Santos, and any other fines and mandatory sentencing in accordance with our laws. The Government's position is to tightly control the flow of currency, and to closely regulate businesses registered in the State of Los Santos, and therefore the Los Santos Corporations, Contracts and Labour Act has been passed with immediate effect, concerning our businesses, regulation of contracts as well as protection of our work force. In addition to the directives above, the following administrative actions will take place this week: Real Estate CEO and other executives' employment will cease tonight. During this transition period, Government administration will take over the business with immediate effect, until the new CEOs have been formally appointed and briefed. The Governor, on the advise of his counsels, is delighted to formally appoint Mr. Jersh Campbell and Davo Defiant as the incoming CEO of Real Estate Business. Their appointment will take place at the end of the Government administration. All enquiries may be directed at Secretary Phil Oakey via email ((Forums PM)). By His Excellency's Command, Phil Oakey Private Seretary to the Governor of Los Santos
  11. UNCLASSIFIED To: Carlos Gomez @Razi ♛ Dear Carlos GOMEZ The Aviation Licencing Office has processed your application for a security clearance. Requested licence endorsements have been issued, with an expiry date of 31 Mar 2021. The application fee of $750 is payable by the Airline business @Booschem Your Aviation Reference Number (ARN) is 1718580 Yours faithfully Department of Justice - Flight Crew Licencing Office

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